Visoud Outdoor Movie Projector Review

Visoud projector review

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I read a review of a user, who said that it was his first projector. Actually, he was looking for a projector that costs less than $200, so he purchased this budget projector as it costs less than $200. He said that he was fully satisfied with this Visoud 1080p projector. He said that it also came with a 120-inch projector screen, so he was quite surprised with this. Along with the 120-inch projector screen, he got various projector accessories such as the HDMI cable, AV cable and many other accessories.

Most users said that the build quality was quite impressive. The remote control was also very good. This is a great lightweight and easy to carry projector. The picture quality is very good and clear, has good contrast and brightness. However, for the best performance, you need to use this projector in a dark environment.

However, the sound quality is a bit basic, but it is good for the purpose. Since it is a low price projector, you can’t complain about such minor things. In case, the sound quality is not very good, you are free to connect your own speaker as well. It has the Bluetooth option, so you can easily connect an external speaker as well. Read more…

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