Hisense 40 Inch Class H4 Series LED Roku Smart TV Review

Hisense 40 Inch Class H4 Series LED Roku Smart TV Review

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Smart TVs are quite popular. You can read the Hisense 40-inch smart TV review, if you are looking to buy a good smart TV, which is affordable too.

Well, the main capabilities are already shown in the video title. It is a large-display 40-inch smart TV with the Roku integration. To access several premium services, you don’t have to use a separate device because it has the built-in Roku service, which is both free and subscription based.

Users of this Hisense 40-inch TV don’t complain about the picture quality because this LED TV is capable to deliver the best quality picture (vivid colors and detailed images). It has FHD 1080p display resolution, which is very good to show sharp and detailed images.

The Hisense LED Roku TV has many great features including the Roku platform, Wi-Fi and advanced technologies. Such smart TVs are perfect for the entertainment and gaming needs. It is good for many purposes like streaming, satellite signals, cable and gaming.

You can control the TV with your iOS and Android devices via the Roku TV remote app. It facilitates the voice assistant feature too. Therefore, you can use your voice to perform many actions including switching on the TV, search shows and more. Please know that you have to purchase an Alexa-enabled device for the voice commands.


I read a user’s review who said that he was not aware of the Roku TV because he didn’t hear it before. As per his experience, this Roku TV is quite inexpensive as he was able to get it in below $250. After the purchase and seeing the picture performance, he was quite delighted.

It works impressively. This user tested it with a cable box and a DVD player, it worked wonderfully. Since it is a Roku integrated TV, it works on its own. The picture quality and sound are impressive. The Hisense Roku TV is quite easy to setup. Read more…

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