QXK Projector Review – 7500 Lumens QXK Mini Projector

According to the QXK projector review, it comes from a new brand, which is QXK. Well, the new brand name may seem awkward to some people but the unit has a fair proficiency in regards to picture quality, sound performance, price and the portability. One thing, I would like to clarify here is that the native resolution is not mentioned in the product description. It says 1080p supported. Which means, I assume it has a 720p native resolution. Well, the users do not have a problem with this level of display resolution. It is OK for them. Therefore, you can expect a good performance from this projector in regards to the native resolution.

You will see that it is a full-feature projector that has multiple connection inputs, 7500 lumens brightness, a 100-inch screen is included and it can be the best HD video projector for the indoor and outdoor entertainment.

QXK Projector Review - 7500 Lumens QXK Mini Projector
QXK Projector Review

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Perfect for Home and Outdoor Entertainment

As per the QXK mini projector review, it has been upgraded to provide more brightness then before. Many new features have been added to give you the best projection experience. In its upgraded version, it has increased connection options. You can see the projector has multiple connection ports like HDMI, USB, SD and AV. Therefore, the users of QXK projector, will be able to connect with a wide range of electronics anywhere and anytime. You can undoubtedly buy this feature-rich projector to watch movies, play games and enjoy the happy moments with your family and friends.

Max 170 Inches Screen & Easy Smartphone Connection

Well, 170-inch is a large size screen. It can be the best projector screen to play games. Playing games on a large and clear screen is a wonderful experience for most gamers. You can buy this low-price projector for the game related stuffs and save money spent on buying an expensive TV.

Apart from the large projector screen size, you can connect this projector to a smartphone with the help of a lightning to HDMI/USB adapter. Please know that the Android phone users need to buy a USB-c adapter to connect to this projector. Of course, you have to buy the USB-c adapter on your own as the adapter is not included with the purchase of this QXK mini projector. >>> Check Price on Amazon <<<

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Key Features & Specs

Projector name QXK QK02
Brand name QXK
Model number QK02
Brightness 7500 lumens
Contrast ratio 3800:1
Support resolution 1080P
Connection ports USB, HDMI, VGA, AV and secure digital card
Max display size 176 inches
Lamp life 50,000 hours
Light source LED
Display technology LCD
Screen included YES (100-inch screen included)
Built-in speakers Yes (dual stereo speakers)
Mounting types Ceiling, tripod
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The key features and specifications are a part of the QXK projector review. You can see the unit has rich features and specifications. It comes with an impressive 7500 lumens brightness, 3800:1 contrast ratio, multiple connection ports, 100-inch projector screen is included. The LED lamp life is of 50,000 hours and it supports max screen size of up to 176 inches.

3800:1 Contrast Ratio, 7500 Lumens and HD 1080P Supported

The QXK projector review says that the contrast ratio of this projector is very good. Therefore, you will not find an issue related to the contrast capability of this projector. A good contrast ratio will help deliver detailed and clear pictures. It has 3800:1 contrast ratio, which is not bad. Users do not complain about the contrast capability of this projector.

When it comes to the brightness capability, you can see it has good brightness of 7500 lumens. With this amount of picture brightness, you will not have an issue to view pictures in different lighting conditions. However, by the manufacturer, it is recommended to use this projector in a dark environment for the best brightness performance. In the product description, it is written that this upgraded model comes with 50% improved brightness. Therefore, the users will be able to see brighter pictures on a large screen with their friends, relatives, family and the children. With this level of brightness (7500 lumens), this unit becomes the best movie projector without any doubts.

Please know that the native resolution is not mentioned in the product description. You will be able to see the support resolution which is 1080P. I assume most projectors that have 1080p support resolution, they have 720p native resolution. >>> Check Availability <<<

According to the QXK projector review, pros and cons, the mini projection device is capable to deliver the best visual and audio performance. It produces a high quality picture. The unit is very easy to setup and comes at a great price. A projector screen is also included.

The Audio and Projection Size

According to the QXK projector review, it comes with two built-in stereo speakers. These speaker will deliver the great sound quality at the time of watching movies and playing games.

The screen size is supported from 32-inch to 176-inch at the projection distance of 1-meter to 4-meter. From the manufacturer, the recommended projection size is 120-inch in a dark environment.

Multiple mounting options – users are able to mount this projector on ceiling or any tripod stand. Therefore, the projector will work indoor and outdoor because it comes with multiple mounting methods. It will be a great projection device to enjoy movies, play games and go with it outside wherever you want.

Professional technical support – a dedicated technical support is available to help if you got a problem. From the technical support team, you can expect a timely and professional response anytime you want.

The package contains 1 x QXK mini projector, 1 x 100” projector screen, 1 x 1.5m HDMI cable, 1 x remote control, 1 x power cable and 1 x AV cable.

FAQs – QXK Projector Review

Is this a slide projector too?

No, this is only a video projector.

Does it accept CDs?

To view CD content, you need to connect to a DVD player using the provided HDMI cable that can be helpful to play CDs, DVDs and other multimedia contents.

Do I need a device or does it have built-in Apps?

It does not have the integrated Apps, you will need the devices such as Apple Fire TV or Chromecast etc.

How can I rotate the screen when mounted on the ceiling?

To rotate the screen, go to the projector’s MENU then OPTION then rotate to change the projection mode.

Is the projector bulb replaceable?

No, it is not replaceable but it is an LED bulb so it will last for years. The chances of burning out is slim or none.

The FAQs are a part of the QXK projector review. In this section, the key questions have been answered. Therefore, if you are an existing user of this projector or you are a future buyer of this item, reading the questions and answers will be very helpful. >>> View the price! <<<

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Conclusion – QXK Mini Projector 7500L

In short, this is a basic projector that comes at a low price. Many customers have appreciated the performance and the low price. It supports a wide range of connection and mounting methods. The projector can be good for a dark environment. According to the QXK mini projector review, the built-in stereo speakers deliver good audio performance. However, if you need a loud sound, you are free to connect an external speaker of your choice as an AV port is available for the external speaker configuration. I hope the QXK projector review answered some of your questions.

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