ROVOMKO Bluetooth Projector Review

ROVOMKO Bluetooth Projector Review

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In a low price, it is a decent projector. Please read ROVOMKO Bluetooth Projector Review to know more. The projector is capable to deliver a good quality picture and sound. It has many advanced features in such a low price. More importantly, it is a wireless projector, so you have multiple ways to connect a device.

Additionally, it is a great outdoor projector because it has a small size and wireless functions so you can easily operate it outdoors. Apart from the outdoor use, you can use it has a home cinema projector too because it has native 1080p resolution, 4k support resolution. It is capable to deliver the best quality picture just like a cinema-grade picture.

Please note that this projector comes with some optional accessories that you can get by paying some extra money. You have an option to get a Bluetooth speaker, projector screen and a tripod.

Also, the ROVOMKO projector is advertised as a Bluetooth projector. Why? It is a Bluetooth projector because it has bidirectional Bluetooth connection unlike other projectors that have just one-direction Bluetooth connectivity option. And, please do not forget that it has dual-band Wi-Fi connection feature too. The Rovomko projector has 2.4G & 5G connection, so it can be a great portable projector to connect with a wide range of devices over the air. Of course, the wireless connection will give you a high transmission speed because it has the latest 5G & 2.4G Wi-Fi connection. Not only this, the projector features several physical connection ports such as HDMI, USB, VGA, AV and audio ports. Read more…

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