BenQ TH671ST Review, Pros & Cons – 1080P Short Throw Projector

In BenQ TH671ST Review, I will explore key features, pros and cons of this projector. Well, to give you a rough idea on this projector, I will say that it is one of the highly popular gaming projectors that has received good reviews from its users. In this projector, you will find many good features and capabilities that may not be available in other similar projectors. The gaming projector has good short throw capability, good 1080p resolution and good 3000 lumens brightness.

BenQ TH671ST Review, Pros & Cons – 1080P Short Throw Projector1

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A Good Gaming Projector

BenQ TH671ST is highly popular as a gaming projector because it has a low input lag and an impressive refresh rate. Therefore, the unit delivers smooth gaming performance. Users are able to connect their gaming machines such as Xbox One, PlayStation4 and other devices as it delivers charming gaming experience without motion blur and other similar problems. Well, now is the time to take video games to a big screen.

Therefore, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you will be able to enjoy the smooth gaming experience on a large screen powered by FHD and 1080P capabilities. The machine is capable to project up to a 300 inches image for the superb gaming experience.

Key Features & Specifications – BenQ TH671ST Review

Product name BenQ TH671ST
Connection ports HDMI, USB, VGA
Brightness 3000 lumens
Native resolution 1080P
Screen size Up to 300 inches
Short throw YES (100” screen @ 5 feet distance)
Warranty 3 years on parts and labor
Weight Approx. 6LB
Display technology DLP
Zoom function YES (1.2x zoom for a large screen)
Brand name BenQ
Model name TH671ST
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The key features and specifications are a part of BenQ TH671ST Review. You can see it has good features like 3000 lumens brightness, 1080P display resolution, DLP display technology, and 3-year warranty, short throw capability, up to 300 inches screen and more.

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The Display Attributes

In any projector, display features are very important because if the display quality is not acceptable then it is useless. In case, the built-in sound is not too good, you have the option to connect an external speaker but if the display quality is not good, you don’t have an alternative. Therefore, I say that the display features are very important.

In BenQ TH671ST, you find good picture attributes such as FHD 1080P resolution, 3000 lumens brightness and 10,000:1 contrast ratio. More importantly, this projector is based on a DLP technology so a DLP projector is highly popular for the gaming related stuffs. Therefore, now is the time to enjoy the nature-like visuals and games.

Connections and Warranty – BenQ TH671ST Review

Well, for the connection related things, BenQ TH671ST is not awkward because it has input ports such as HDMI, USB and VGA popularly used connection ports. With the help of these connection ports, you will be in a good position in regards to the device connectivity. Undoubtedly, the BenQ projector is compatible with devices like gaming machines, media players, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets etc.

When it comes to the warranty, the projector comes with a 3-year of limited warranty on parts and labor. Therefore, you do not have to be worried from any issues that come from this projector. Additionally, a highly professional customer service team is available to help you out if you are in a technical trouble. Well, I see that BenQ offers US-based customer service that is great. >>> Check Price <<<


  • The fan gives a little noise.
  • A user reported that it has rainbow effects.

In BenQ TH671ST Review, pros and cons have been mentioned. Seeing the pros and cons of this projector, I can say that it is really a good gaming and movie projector. It has good brightness, sound and picture quality. The warranty and customer service are also good so this becomes the best value for the money.

The Short Throw Capability

As per BenQ TH671ST Review, users are able to watch movies and play games on a large 100-inch screen from a short distance of just 5 feet. However, the maximum projector size is up to 300 inches. Well, personally, I liked the amazing short throw capability of this projector. Apart from the impressive short throw capability, this projector is an award winning unit as it has been appreciated by some of the institutions.

FAQs – BenQ TH671ST Review

Does it look good on a white wall?

Yes, it delivers good display performance on a white wall too. However, you need to adjust the setting as per your choice.

Does dust enter into the projector and distort the image because some BenQ projectors have this issue?

No, in BenQ TH671ST, you will not experience such problems. In case, you get such problems then think of replacing the bulb as well but I am sure you will not experience such problems.

What would be the appropriate distance from the ceiling to get a 110-inch screen?

For the best answer, please follow the user manual. The manual contains distance and offset values that may be helpful to you. Also, you need to be very accurate in regards to the measurements because the projector does not have a vertical or horizontal lens shift.

How is the fan noise performance?

According to some users, the fan has noticeable noises that you have to consider before you buy this projector. Please research more on this to get an accurate answer.

In BenQ TH671ST Review, important questions and answers are mentioned. I am sure these questions and answers will be very helpful to the future buyers and existing users. In this section, you will be able to get answer related to dust entering into the projector, white wall projection, projection distance, ceiling mounting and the fan noise. >>> Check Availability <<<

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Conclusion – BenQ TH671ST Review

At the end of BenQ TH671ST Review, I will say that this projector looks awesome from all sides. The price is appropriate, the brightness is good for a daylight projection. It delivers impressive color performance and it has great display features including the 3000 lumens brightness, 1080p resolution and 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

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