VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline Motorized Office Presentation Screen

The VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline Motorized Office Presentation Screen (VBMSLUST120H) is a high-tech option for anyone looking to create a sleek and functional projection screen setup. This screen is designed to be ceiling mounted and unfurls electronically with the included remote control. The remote uses both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) signals, so you can control the screen even if there are obstacles in the way. For additional safety and to prevent accidental operation, the screen has separate switches for power and lowering the screen. There’s also a built-in buffer time after the screen starts to lower to avoid any surprises.

VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline Motorized Office Presentation Screen

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This VIVIDSTORM screen is compatible with 4K ultra short throw laser projectors, making it ideal for presentations or creating a home theater experience. An additional perk is a projector trigger dongle that can be used to synchronize the projector’s power with the screen, eliminating the need to manually turn on the projector each time. The screen also features a locking height adjustment mechanism, so you can set the perfect viewing position and lock it to prevent accidental changes. Finally, to enhance safety for children, the screen can be turned off after it’s lowered, reducing the risk of pinching or damage. Read more…

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