Amazon Fire TV 65 inch Omni Series Review

Amazon Fire TV 65 inch Omni Series Review

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Before you buy a TV, please read Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series Review. I am sure the review will be helpful to you to take the buying decision. In this Amazon Fire TV, you will be able to find almost all the features including a 4-year protection plan. For most users, the protection plan is quite helpful because it covers many things such as product breakdown during the normal use and mechanical and electrical failures.

The TV manufacturer says that this 65-inch Omni Series TV is quite good for the cinematic 4k entertainment. Of course, this is the TV to enjoy the nature-like picture quality and brilliant colors. In fact the Amazon Fire TV has many good display features including Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, 4K UHD display resolution and Dolby Digital Plus. With all these display features, you are going to receive the best quality picture just like the picture seen in a cinema theater.

Since the display includes Dolby Vision, it is capable to show you the picture that ha impressive clarity, contrast, rich colors and brightness.

And, did I say anything about the hands-free operation? It features Alexa as it has the built-in microphones, which can be used to control the TV. You will be able to perform many operational tasks by using your voice.


I checked various reviews and I found that most users are quite satisfied with the picture quality. It shows sharp picture, which is good for most of its users. However, some users complained about its audio capability. They said that the volume is lower than expected.

A user said that he watched several movies on Blu-ray, he had to turn up the volume a lot to just hear the sound. This user tried various adjustments to the sound quality via the remote control, the difference was not very impressive. Therefore, despite the low volume, the TV works perfectly. And, it is a good 65-inch Amazon Fire TV for the price. Read more…

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