Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review – 200 ANSI Lumen Brightness, Smart Portable Projector

I am going to write Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review because this projector has gotten good popularity recently. In this review, you can expect information related to its actual capability, characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and more. Most of the information is taken from users’ reviews. Actually, I want to let you know from the existing users’ perspective.

I read the product description and I found that it has just 720P display resolution and just 200 ANSI lumens. These two properties didn’t convince a lot to me but I am happy because its most users are very happy.

Anyway, Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review is also available on many popular websites like WhatHIFI, PCMAG, LifeWire, YouTube, GadgetReview and many other popular websites. This means that this product is highly popular and the popularity is totally on the positive side. Which means it is really a good product.

Well, the main reason of the popularity is that it is made in a unique design. It has a shape of can, which looks very nice. Most importantly, the unique design makes it a portable projector too. You can easily grip it in your hand.

Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review

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Lumens & Display Resolution

As per the product description, Anker NEBULA Capsule II has 200 ANSI lumens brightness. It is good for low-light or dark environments. I wish it could have more lumens for the better visibility for the daylight environment.

Well, the manufacturer says that it delivers radiant viewing experience because it is based on the latest DLP technology and has 720P native display resolution.  This projector has a powerful lamp that lasts up to 30,000 hours. I can see the 30,000 hours are a long life without any doubts.

Multiple Connection Ports

As per Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review, it comes with all the ports that are available in most devices. It has USB Type-A port, which is used to connect a USB flash drive. Other ports are AUX-out, type-C for PD charging and HDMI 1.4 for 1080P input. So, you can see most of the connection ports are available in this device. The projector also has Bluetooth and Chromecast connection flexibilities.

Audio Capability – it has an 8W speaker that gives clear sound. More importantly, for a good quality audio experience, it uses Scan-Speak transducers that help deliver the utmost audio clarity.

Android TV 9.0 – the projector has Android TV 9.0. Therefore, you have the greatest level of flexibility to watch entertainment channels. Moreover, the manufacturer says that it has more than 5000 apps including the popular ones such as Hulu, YouTube, Twitch and more. >>> Check Price <<<

Features & Specs

Product name Anker NEBULA Capsule II
Display resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
Connectivity options USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Chromecast
OS Android TV 9.0
Built-in speaker Yes (8W built-in speaker)
Display technology DLP cutting-edge display technology
Brightness 200 ANSI brightness
Lamp life Up to 30,000 hours
Aspect ratio 16:9
Throw ratio 100 inches screen @ 2.94 meters distance
Focus adjustment One-second autofocus
Projection modes Front, rear, front ceiling, rear ceiling
Bluetooth BT4.0 dual mode
Item weight 26.1 oz
Item dimensions 5.9 inches by 3.14 inches
Model number D2421
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Some of the main specifications are mentioned in the table above. Reading the table will surely help understand the projector very well. You can see the projector has rich specifications including the Android TV 9.0 OS, 30,000 hours lamp life, 16:9 aspect ratio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, built-in speakers and more.

Anker nebula pocket size projector

Perfect for Home Use

As per Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review, users say that this is a great home projector because it keeps them entertained at home. It is capable to deliver a large 100-inch display, which is sufficient for the home use. Users can watch movies, kids can participate in the online classes; they can play even a video game, watch cartoons and more.

Watching in Backyard – it can be the best projector to watch movies and entertain the kids with their favorite content in the backyard. Therefore, you can take your kids for an adventure outside and have fun with your favorite movies, sports, video games, music and much more.

Chromecast Does Not Support Netflix Content – to watch Netflix content, the users need to download the app called Nebula Manager from Google Play. Using this app in your phone, you would be able to watch Netflix content on this portable projector. >>> Check Price <<<

Hardware & Software Look Good

Hardware – the projector is based on A53 Chipset quad-core CPU and Mali 450 GPU. It has DDR3 2G RAM to run the internal system at a reasonable speed. You can expect a good operating speed from this projector.  It has 8GB space, which is not too bad; it is fine in such a small size projector to store all of the apps and configuration. The projector has a powerful 9700 mAh battery that holds charging for a long time to watch movies for hours.  Other hardware elements such as an 8W speaker, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (2.4/5 Ghz dual frequency), BT4.0 Bluetooth and less than 30dB fan noise look impressive to me.

Software – Anker NEBULA Capsule II has Android TV 9.0 OS, which is highly popular today. It supports Google Assistant, Chromecast, OTA and Dolby audio. More importantly, it has Google Play app store to download your favorite apps. Further, it has impressive video playtime capability which is 2.5 hours in battery mode and 2 hours in standard more. It accepts power input 15V or 2A and has 2.5 hours charging time.

Video file formats – .mkv, .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .dat, .avi, .mov, .iso, .mp4, .rm, .and, .jpg and more.

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Audio file formats – MP3, WMA, FLAC, RM, Ogg

Display Properties

Main purpose of writing Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review is to give you as much information on the product as possible. Now, I would talk of the display specifications of this Nebula projector. It has 0.3-in HD DLP display technology with 1280 x 720 pixels display resolution. The projector has 200 ANSI lumens brightness and 30,000 hours lamp life. It has +/- 40° auto keystone correction and it supports various projection modes like front, rear, front ceiling and rear ceiling.

Apart from the above mentioned display specifications, the throw ratio looks very impressive to me because you can get a 100-inch screen from just 2.94m distance. More importantly, it has 100% offset capability.

You can see that all the display properties look impressive. You would be in a better position when viewing your preferred content because it is sure that you would be receiving an impressive picture quality.

FAQs – Anker NEBULA Capsule II

Why cannot I find Amazon Prime, Netflix and other apps in this projector?

You can install the Nebula app from the Google Play Store. After installing the Nebula Manager app, you will be able to view most of the popular app or you can install your desired app as well. Some users solve this problem by using a file explorer to load these apps

Which one is better Anker NEBULA Capsule II or Capsule Max?

I would say Anker NEBULA Capsule II is better than Capsule Max.

Can a USB source video be looped without seeing any controls or text?

Yes, you can play videos through a USB drive but for this, you need to install the File Explorer app to read the USB drive. Moreover, you can install a media player such as VLC or Kodi to play the videos as well.

What is the main difference between Anker NEBULA Capsule II and Nebula Capsule Max?

Well, portability is the main difference. Many users say that Anker NEBULA Capsule II will also be relevant in future because it comes with the USB Type-c charger hook-up. However, the Nebula Capsule Max has a DC cable hook-up. Therefore, if you want to use an external charger, you can easily do with this Anker NEBULA Capsule II projector.

Does the internal speaker support mono sound, stereo sound or surround sound?

The built-in speaker supports mono sound. To get a stereo sound, you may need to use Aux jack as well. Sadly, you may not enjoy a surrounding sound even with the Bluetooth transmitter.

Some of the relevant questions have been answered above. These questions are taken from new as well as existing customers from various shopping places. Therefore, it is advised to read the FAQs to get an overview on the Anker NEBULA Capsule II projector. >>> Check Price <<<

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  • It has Android TV 9.0, which is good for the full entertainment.
  • Impressive audio quality from the 8W built-in speaker
  • Auto-focus and Keystone-correction work expectedly.
  • A portable projector
  • Good brightness considering its capacity and price
  • Full-size HDMI port
  • USB-c charging capability makes it more portable.
  • It is a good device for travelers
  • Super crisp and clear picture
  • It works with gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PS4 very well.
  • Google Assistant for the added control flexibility


  • The price is a little higher than expected.
  • No 3D support
  • It is easy to fall from a table so please be careful to it.
  • No lens cover

The above mentioned pros and cons are a part of Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review. Reading these pros and cons can be very helpful to understand the product deeply because these pros and cons are taken from the existing users. On the positive side, the projector has many good things to offer. These good things are a clear picture capability, Android TV 9.0 platform that is a great way of entertainment, it delivers an impressive audio to its users and it has many other good capabilities that may not be available in other projectors in the same price range. On the negative side, this projector does not have a 3D support. Some users say that the price is a bit high

Conclusion – Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review

In short, Anker NEBULA Capsule II Review is about main capabilities from the users’ point of views. The portable projector is highly popular because it carries good features which are valid for the years to come. The projector has the capability to deliver impressive brightness, picture quality and sound. It offers various connection options so that you can easily connect with your devices.

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