Nell Zimi 60 Inch Portable Screen Review

Nell Zimi 60 Inch Portable Screen Review

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There is no harm in buying a low price projector screen because it will give a better picture than what you see on a plain wall. Please read Nell Zimi 60-Inch Portable Screen Review, if you need a foldable screen in a low price.

This product review is written based on what users said in their reviews on various selling platforms. The review has a pros & cons section, which is an important part of this review, so please read the pros and cons carefully, to understand Nell Zimi 60-Inch Portable Screen very well.

As per the product description, the Nell Zimi foldable screen is made of premium-grade polyester material, so you may not see wrinkles and creases. However, I read various users reviews and found that the screen has some creases as well.

As appose to what reviewers said, this projector screen is advertised as an anti-crease and wrinkle-free screen, which is great for indoor and outdoor movie watching experience.

Nell Zimi 60-Inch Portable Screen supports 160° viewing angle and 1.1 gain, so the viewers are capable to view the screen from approx any angle. And the 1.1 gain is great for increasing the picture brightness. Therefore, if the room has a good amount of ambient light, it would deliver a clear and bright picture. Read more…

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