Optoma ML1050ST+ Review – 1000 Lumens Brightness Mini Projector

For good performance projectors, Optoma is a trusted projector brand. In the past, it has made numerous projectors and acquired outstanding popularity in not only USA, but also the international countries. Therefore, seeing the Optoma brand credibility, for a short-throw projector need, please read Optoma ML1050ST+ Review as well.

Many capabilities of Optoma ML1050ST+ look impressive to me. That’s why, I decided to write all those things which are mentioned by its users in the reviews. I read reviews on various places including Amazon, other shopping websites, blogs as well as forums.

Optoma ML1050ST+ Review

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If I listen to the manufacturer then I will say that this projector is good for the gaming and business related things. But, it is more than a gaming projector because it has many advanced features that you may not see in an ordinary projector. Please keep reading the review to get acquainted with this projector from the users’ point of views.

Small Size and Lightweight

Optoma ML1050ST+ is very famous for the lightweight and small-size profile. Users are very happy with this projector that easily fits in their palm.

The low-weight projector (under one pound weight) is perfect for the frequent travelers because it can easily be put in a small briefcase or a travel bag.

Not only this, a lightweight and small-size projector is very useful for the entertainment enthusiasts, business personals and gaming needs.

Key Features and Specs – Optoma ML1050ST+ Review

Product name Optoma ML1050ST+
Connection ports HDMI, VGA, USB, micro SDXC slot and headphone out
Light source RGB LED light source (30,000 hours life)
Throw distance 120-inch screen from 6.8 feet distance
Brightness 1000 lumens
Contrast ratio 20,000:1
Installation flexibilities auto-focus and auto-keystone
Color profile REC.709 (HDTV color quality)
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Key features and specs are mentioned above. You can see Optoma ML1050ST+ has 1000 lumens brightness, 20,000:1 contrast ratio, WXGA resolution and many other great features.

1000 Lumens Brightness and LED Light Source

Honestly, the 1000 lumens brightness is not very enticing but it is good for a low-lit room, dark places, rooms with shades and closed windows. Personally, I wish it would have more brightness lumens because buying a branded projector requires a considerable investment therefore every capability should be as per the users’ expectations.

LED light source – in a projector, the LED light source is fine because it is a standard light source that has less visual problems compared to other light sources. Users don’t experience a rainbow effect from an LED projector. This can be the biggest advantage of owning an LED projector.

In this projector, the LED light source has a long life of up to 30,000 hours. The LED light source is based on the popular RGB color combinations.

As per the Optoma projector manufacturer, the LED lamp will last for more than 16 years if it is used 5 hours daily on an average. >>> check price <<<

Optoma ML1050ST - dlp technology - optoma projector review

Micro SD Card and USB Storage Devices

As per the Optoma ML1050ST+ review, this projector is very good for viewing various documents directly from a microSD card or a USB storage device. This way, you use the projector for the business related requirements without needing a personal computer.

FAQs – Optoma ML1050ST+ Review

What can be the projection distance to get a 100-inch screen?

As per some users, you need around 4 meter distance to get a 100-inch picture.

How much input voltage do I need to operate this projector?

This projector has voltage ratings ranging from 100V to 240V (50/60 Hz). The projector requires 1.7A current. Therefore, this projector can work anywhere in the world.

For the easy installation, does it have auto-focus and auto-keystone settings?

Yes, Optoma ML1050ST+ has both auto-focus and auto-keystone settings for the easy image setup.

Can I know about the connection ports located on this projector?

Optoma ML1050ST+ Projector has various connection ports like HDMI (input and output), VGA, USB, micro SDXC slot and headphone out.

How much contrast ratio does this projector have?

The Optoma short throw projector has 20,000:1 contrast ratio, which is acceptable by most of the users.

In the FAQs section above, key questions are answered. Please read the questions and answers carefully to understand this projector very well. In the FAQs section, you will find questions and answers related to input voltage requirements, contrast ratio, projection distance, image size and the setup ease. >>> Check Availability


  • Impressive short throw capability (75 inches screen from 3.5 feet distance)
  • Automatic keystone and focus
  • Fast response and low input lag
  • It is good for business presentations
  • Very easy to setup
  • Small and lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Great picture quality at the WXGA resolution


  • It does not have a wireless dongle
  • The projector does not have a battery option.
  • The color accuracy is not very good.

Key pros and cons are written above. From the list of pros and cons, I see Optoma ML1050ST+ projector has many good things like good picture quality, low input lag, good price and it is a great business projector. The short throw projector has many other pros, please read the pros and cons to know it very well. On the down side, the color accuracy is not liked by some users. The projector does not have a wireless dongle and a battery option.

Conclusion – Optoma ML1050ST+ Review

At the end of Optoma ML1050ST+ Review, I will say that it looks good from many aspects such as picture quality, throw ratio, image size and the installation ease. The price is also very good. I read various reviews on this projector and I found that most of the users are very happy with the purchase. You will love this projector because it is designed very well in a small size and a lightweight profile. I hope Optoma ML1050ST+ Review was helpful to you.

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