LG HU710PW Review, Pros & Cons

LG HU710PW Review, Pros & Cons
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According to the LG HU710PW review, it has many good things that may not be available in other projectors. It gives you real 4K resolution, up to 300-inch huge projection size, DCI-P3 color gamut, 2000 ANSI impressive brightness, WebOS 6.0 and wireless capability.

3840 x 2160 Real 4K Resolution

The 4K resolution in LG HU710PW is four times more than FHD so this projector is capable to deliver unbelievable detail to produce nature-like pictures. With such level of brightness, this is the latest projector on the market offered by LG. Therefore, you are going to enjoy a home theater experience without a doubt. You will be able to view your favorite content on an immense screen just like Movie Theater. Such projectors are perfect for scenes such as adventure, action and drama.

Up To 300-Inch Large Screen

To make sure you enjoy cinematic experience, the LG 4K projector gives you screen size of up to 300 inches. Therefore, it is perfect for movies and shows as you will be able to view your favorite channels on a large size screen.

Well, the large screen is further supported with advanced features like lens shift and ZOOM. Therefore, the users can adjust the screen size utilizing these zoom and lens shift features. You would have a perfect screen size as per your demand. Thanks to the screen adjustment features of this LG home cinema. >>> View on Amazon <<<

Impressive Color Gamut

According to the LG HU710PW review, it has DCI-P3 color gamut, which is perfect for the digital cinematic experience. As it gives you vivid shades so you will be able to enjoy cinema-like visuals without a doubt. Apart from the impressive color gamut, the LG home theater gives you laser and LED hybrid light source. Yes, the light system is composed of 1 laser and 2 LEDs to deliver the perfect illumination to the visual contents.

The 2000 ANSI Brightness

Hey, it is not 2000 lumens but it is 2000 ANSI. You can think, how bright the outcome would be. Of course, you will be able to watch anytime and anywhere. It will produce, clear images even in a daylight condition. Well, people say that you can’t tell the difference whether the picture is produced in daytime or nighttime.

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More importantly, it has an IRIS mode. It is for optimizing the brightness. Therefore, the users will be able to choose the optimal setting the natural lighting conditions. Overall, for the brightness related things, the LG 2000 ANSI projector wins without a doubt.

Key Features & Specs

Product name LG HU710PW
Brightness Up to 2000 ANSI
Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Screen size 40 to 300 inches
Lens shift 60% vertical, 24% horizontal
Light source Hybrid (laser + LED)
Throw ratio 1.3 to 2.08
Built-in Speaker 10W (5W + 5W Stereo)
HDMI / USB Port 3 / 2
AirPlay 2 Yes
Magic remote Yes
Smart Feature LG webOS 6.0
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The Wireless Capability

According to the LG HU710PW review, the projector works with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. Therefore, the users have a wireless control over this LG 4K projector.  Moreover, the users will be able to mirror the content from any iOS or MacOS devices. This projector supports both mirroring and casting. You can also cast your preferred content from your Android based devices onto a large projector screen utilizing the built-in screen-share feature.

WebOS 6.0 – the projector lets you enjoy the content from the built-in streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV+ and many other channels. In fact, the WebOS feature is very useful for accessing content from the popular channels. >>> View on Amazon <<<

FAQs – LG HU710PW Review

Can I use for 200-inch screen in outdoor?

Yes, you can use it for up to 300-inch screen. You can use it outdoor as well but it is not advised to use for a long time. According to a person, for a 200-inch screen, you will need projection distance from 227 inches to 367 inches.

What type of tripod can I use with this projector?

You can buy a tripod from any brand. Well, the main work of a tripod to strap in the projector to keep it secure and stable. However, the tripod should support the dimension: 10.2-inch wide, 4.8-inch high and 15.3-inch deep. And, it should bear a weight of approx. 15lbs.

Conclusion – LG HU710PW Review

In short, the LG HU710PW 4K projector looks awesome as it is a feature-rich unit. It has good brightness of 2000 ANSI. With such level of brightness, it will work in any lighting environment: dark environment or light environment. It has many advanced features to deliver the superb entertainment experience. You can see it comes with LG’s webOS 6.0 that has a wide range of streaming apps. Well, according to the LG HU710PW review, this projector is new on the market so it hasn’t attracted so many reviews but overall it has good quality. It comes at a competitive price too. >>> View on Amazon <<<

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