WiMiUS P60 Review – Native 1080P Portable Wireless Projector

In case, you are looking to buy a good specs projector in a low price then WiMiUS P60 review is for you. Well, WiMiUS is a popular brand for low price projectors and other electronics. I love this brand name because it gives a quality product at an affordable price.

Coming to this WiMiUS P60 projector, it has 1080P native display resolution and 4K support resolution. It is an upgraded 2023 model that comes with many good features in a low price. For the wireless related stuffs, WiMiUS P60 is a very good projector because it has Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi to connect devices.

Other important features are 500 inches screen size, 4P / 4D keystone correction, 50% zoom function and 200,000 hours lamp life. You know? All these capabilities are available under $200 price. Therefore, it is really a fabulous projector from many points of views. More importantly, the projector is highly rated and positively reviewed on various selling platforms.

WiMiUS P60 Review – Native 1080P Portable Wireless Projector
WiMiUS 2023 Upgrade P60 480 ANSI Lumens Native 1080P Projector

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Fast Wireless Transmission Capability

WiMiUS P60 4K projector comes with an advanced 5G WiFi chip and Bluetooth 5.2 capability. Therefore, the projector can give a stable signal for faster transmission and greater connection reliability. Users are able to enjoy smoother video by connecting their devices such as iPhone, Android phones or PCs. Since the projector gives you a way to connect most of the devices wirelessly because it is a highly portable projector. And, using the Bluetooth 5.2 feature, you can easily connect Bluetooth speakers and other audio devices.

A Unique Design

The special outside design of the WiMiUS P60 projector will surely impress you. More importantly, it is an affordable dust-proof projector, which is designed very carefully keeping users and portability in mind.

The projector looks modern and it can greatly prevent dust. More importantly, it delivers a good picture and sound performance. Therefore, it is highly popular among the projector enthusiasts. Again, I am saying that it is a low-price projector because in a small price, it has native 1080P display resolution, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many other great features. >>> Check Price <<<

1080P Native, 4K Support Resolutions and High Brightness

The WiMiUS P60 projector is based on an advanced German LED lamp. It has a 15000 lumens brightness level that will surely impress you. The contrast ratio is 20000:1. Therefore, with these numbers, the users can enjoy watching movies in various lighting conditions such as dark or bright. And, the 1080P native resolution gives you 4x more details than other similar projectors on the market. You can use this projector for many purposes such as watching movies, playing games and projecting in parties.

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Key Features & Specs

Product name WiMiUS P60
Brightness 15000 lumens
Display resolution 1920 x 1080p native resolution, 4K support resolution
Contrast ratio 20000:1
Lamp life 200,000 hours
Wireless functions 2.4G & 5G WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1
Keystone correction 4P/4D +/-50° digital keystone correction
Zoom function 100% to 50%
Input voltage 100V to 240V
Noise level 42dB
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Important features and specs are written in the table above. You can see the projector has many impressive capabilities including 15000 lumens brightness, multiple connection ports, 200,000 hours lamp life, 1080p native resolution, 4K support resolution and 20000:1 contrast ratio. I hope WiMiUS P60 review gave you the detailed explanation on this product.

Keystone Correct, Zoom Function and Screen Size

Using this projector, you can enjoy a screen size ranging from 50-inch to 500-inch. Therefore, I will say that it is really a great capability in this projector.

The projector has 100% to 50% zoom function. Users will be able to minimize the image to 50% at a fixed distance. Therefore, it can be the best projector for a movie night with friends and family.

As mentioned above, WiMiUS P60 has 4P / 4D keystone correction. You can use this feature to adjust the angle at a +/- 50° angle.

Low fan noise – users get a low fan noise from the WiMiUS P60 4K projector. According to the product description, the projector has  42dB noise, which is much lower than other similar projectors on the market.  The low noise projector will not let you distract from watching your preferred content.

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Connection methods – the WiMiUS P60 projector comes with multiple connection ports, which are popularly used in today’s devices. The projector features dual HDMI ports, USB port, AV, Audio 3.5mm ports. Therefore, the projector can work with various external devices like TV Stick, Crhomecast, DVD player, PS5, personal computer, mobile phones and other USB and HDMI enabled devices. >>> Check Price <<<

FAQs – WiMiUS P60 Review

Why do these WiMiUS projectors sell at lower prices than others?

WiMiUS is able to sell these projectors at low prices because it has been in the market for more than 10 years. Most of the WiMiUS projectors are very nice and they worth every penny.

How can I connect a Bluetooth speaker for a louder sound?

The Bluetooth speaker connection is very easy. Please refer to the provided user manual or visit the Amazon product page to get instructions on such general questions.

Can I use this projector with light on?

WiMiUS P60 has 15000 lumens brightness so it is brighter than other similar projectors. Yes, you will be able to watch even in daytime with curtains down as many users are doing this.

Can I know the step by step guide for the iPhone connection?

As soon as the projector is connected to a WiFi network, please select iOS Cast menu -> Settings – Wi-Fi. Now, please open “control center” on your iOS device, select the screen mirroring function and connect the iOS cast receiver named WiMiUS P60 Projector. It is easy to connect. For a more detailed explanation, please visit the Amazon product page, where you can find a detailed guide on the same.

The FAQs section will be very useful to those who are new to this projector. The section contains many general questions and answers related to projector operation, brightness capability, Wi-Fi connection, external audio configuration and more.


  • A user faced issues related to image size adjustment when it was ceiling mounted.
  • As per a user, the projector is not capable to play a Dolby sound signal.

Pros and cons have been written in the above lists. If you are a future buyer of this projector, please read WiMiUS P60 review and the pros and cons section. These pros and cons are directly taken from users’ reviews so you will get to know about the projector from the users’ points of views. >>> Check Price <<<

Conclusion – WiMiUS P60 Review

At the end of WiMiUS P60 review, I will say that the WiMiUS projector is a great value for the money because it comes at an affordable price. It has a wide range of good features that may not be available in the same price projectors. Most importantly, WiMiUS has more than 10 years of experience in the projector industry so it is capable to offer these projectors at good prices. The projector performance is very good, be it brightness, noise level, picture quality and setup as well.

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