Othoig 17 inch TV Review – Pros & Cons

othoig 17 inch TV,Small Widescreen LED TV

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Most customers liked this 17-inch TV because it has the decent display resolution. However, the colors are not the best. Well, some users set their own color profile because this Othoig TV gives you the option to set the color profile, so that you would have a personalized color experience. The display settings can also be changed as per your liking. Also, as per most users, the TV has a glossy surface, which was liked by these users. Therefore the colors look quite impressive with the glossy screen surface compared to others.

Since it is a 17-inch basic TV, some users bought this TV for their parents because this TV is very simple to operate, so an elderly person can easily operate it. And, most customers are quite happy with the overall performance of this Othoig 1080P TV. Also, it is quite easy to setup. Read more…

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