WeMax Vogue Pro Review – 1600 ANSI Lumens, 1080P FHD Projector

If you are looking to buy a good projector in an affordable price, please check WeMax Vogue Pro as well. The projector is buyable at a good deal because it is made by the Chinese WeMax brand. And, WeMax may not be as popular as Epson, BenQ and Optoma etc. Therefore, this projector comes at a good price with rich features. Please keep reading the WeMax Vogue Pro review to understand its features in details.

Well, if you read the product description on Amazon, you will say that it is a feature-rich projector. It has 1600 ANSI lumens brightness, 1080P FHD display resolution, 4K input support, up to 200 inches screen and auto keystone correction.

WeMax Vogue Pro Review - impressive visual and audio outcomes

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Brightness, Display Resolution and Colors

1600 ANSI Lumens Brightness – in any display device, brightness is an important property. Therefore, we should aim to buy a display product that has a good level of brightness. In WeMax Vogue Pro, you get 1600 ANSI lumens brightness. Additionally, the WeMax projector is based on a 4-channel LED technology, which is very helpful to enhance the brightness by 20-percent. With the 1600 ANSI lumens brightness, the viewers will be able to experience a brilliant image, which is totally free from common issues like muddiness, blur and other brightness defects.

1080P native display resolution – WeMax Vogue Pro projector has 1920 x 1080 pixels display resolution and it is based on the popular DLP technology. Therefore, you will get clear and crisp picture. You will be able to watch movies and other type of content in an FHD 1080p resolution.

Nature-like colors – WeMax Vogue Pro has up to 125% rec. 709 color profile and more than 85% NTSC color gamut. Therefore, the projector is capable to offer vibrant images for most of the content types. As per the product description, the WeMax projector is capable to give lifelike images with good color accuracy. >>> Check Price <<<

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Key Features & Specs – WeMax Vogue Pro Review

Product name WeMax Vogue Pro
Brightness 1600 ANSI lumens
Display resolution 1080p
Built-in speakers 2x 10W speakers
Screen size 40 inches to 200 inches
RAM & ROM 2G RAM and 32G ROM
Display technology DLP
Lamp LED
Color profile Up to 125% Rec. 709
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Item dimensions 7.87 x 7.87 x 5.83 inches
Item weight 8.82 lbs
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The spec table is a part of WeMax Vogue Pro Review. You can see the projector has many good specs such as 1600 ANSI lumens brightness, DLP display technology, LED lamp, 200 inches maximum screen size and more.

Audio and Screen Adjustment

Audio – the WeMax Vogue Pro projector delivers a good audio performance because it features 2 x 10-watt speakers that support DTS decoding and Dolby. Therefore, the users will enjoy the greatest level of audio quality to enjoy a home theater experience. Further, for a dynamic sound performance, it has a suitable 60Hz frequency.

Easy screen adjustment capability – the WeMax projector has powerful auto-calibration technologies such as 4-point keystone correction, TOF focus, screen alignment and obstacle avoidance. Therefore, the screen adjustment related tasks can be very easy.

Key features – 2G RAM, 32G ROM, auto focus, auto keystone correction, 4K supported, 8K at 40Hz supported, smartOS, Dolby speakers (10W), 200 inches maximum screen size, 1080 display resolution and 1600 ANSI lumens brightness.

FAQs – WeMax Vogue Pro Review

Can I project vertically on to a ceiling?

Yes, WeMax Vogue Pro has a wire interface on the back of the projector. Please know that you have to raise the projector properly. It has side projection function and keystone distortion correction that can make the projection vertical.

What is the refresh rate?

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It has a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Is the projector lamp replaceable?

No, the projector lamp is not replaceable. If the lamp is not working properly, please contact the manufacturer for the solution.

Does it support 3D devices?

No, WeMax Vogue Pro does not support 3D devices.

What is the contrast ratio?

It has FOFO contrast ratio of 400:1.

Does it support 110V or 220V?

It supports 110V.

Why does the wireless sound have a small delay?

As per the manufacturer, the wireless sound may be affected from the distance and environment interface. Therefore, it is recommended to place the speaker closer to the projector.

Where can I get a user manual?

You can access the user manual from the projector. Please power on the projector and look at the top of the screen, you will see a launcher icon on the left and right next to the icon is the user manual icon.

Does the projector run hot?

WeMax Vogue Pro does not produce much heat. It operates at 32 and 104° F. Moreover, the projector features a low-noise cooling fan to suppress the heat.

If you are a new customer of WeMax Vogue Pro Projector, please read the list of FAQs, which are written above. The FAQs contain useful questions and answers related to Bluetooth connection, temperature, contrast ratio, voltage and more.

The pros and cons of WeMax Vogue Pro will answer most of your questions. Therefore, it is highly recommended to read the pros and cons to get an overview from the users’ point of views. >>> Check Availability <<<

Conclusion – WeMax Vogue Pro Review

At the end of WeMax Vogue Pro Review, I will say that it is one of the good budget projectors. It has many good features that simplify the projection. In a projector, audio and visuals are the main aspects. Luckily, both audio and visuals are fantastic. Numerous users have written in their reviews that the WeMax projector delivers a good picture and audio performance.

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