BenQ MW632ST Review, Pros & Cons – 3200 Lumens, WXGA Projector

In case, you are looking for a short throw projector with many advanced features, BenQ MW632ST Review will be helpful to you. The key features such as 3200 lumens brightness, 1.2x zoom and 10W speaker will surely attract you. Most importantly, it is from BenQ. Therefore, you are going to buy a high quality projector without any doubts.

BenQ MW632ST Review, Pros & Cons - 3200 Lumens, WXGA Projector

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Perfect for Any Environment

Such projectors are perfect for any lighting environment. It can work well even in a bright room because it has 3200 lumen brightness and good contrast ratio. Therefore, users are able to enjoy vivid color and excellent picture quality anywhere they want. Well, to be honest, it works better in the dark but it also delivers a good performance even in a well-lit room. More importantly, the users are able to experience pure clarity as it has the finest crystal glasses.

With the addition of the advanced and high-class lenses, BenQ MW632ST is capable to give you the crystal-sharp clarity. The projector glass and lenses are very helpful to reduce chromatic aberration to deliver the best quality image with the impressive clarity.

A Business-Class Projector – BenQ MW632ST Review

Well, BenQ says that it is an executive quality projector because it comes with WXGA display resolution. Such projectors are capable to give twice of the SVGA projectors. Therefore, it is perfect for pictures, videos and business presentations. You can see that this projector has the capability for the business presentations with impressive colors.

Key Features and Specs

Product name BenQ MW632ST
Brightness 3200 lumens
Display resolution 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution
Mounting type Tabletop
Wattage 305 watts
Lamp life 10,000 hours
HDMI ports YES (dual HDMI ports)
Max screen size Up to 300 inches
Aspect ratio 16:10
Contrast ratio 13000:1
Brand name BenQ
Model name MW632ST
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The important features and specs are mentioned above, which are a part of BenQ MW632ST Review. You can see the projector has good brightness of 3200 lumens and it has 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution. It has lamp life of 10,000 hours to last for many years. >>> View on Amazon <<<

The Short Throw Lens

According to BenQ MW632ST Review, the projector has a short throw lens design, which is very helpful the presentation related things.

Extended lamp life – this BenQ projector has an impressive 10,000 hour lamp life. You will be able to enjoy the good performance of this projector for more than ten years if you operate it two hours daily.

Dual-HDMI Ports – an HDMI port is really a powerful connection method because numerous devices have an HDMI port. Therefore, you will be able to connect to all those devices that support an HDMI connection. More importantly, the HDMI connection is good for both visuals and audio transmission. Therefore, by using just one cable, you will be able to watch movie and listen to the audio too.

Image size – it has clear image size of 60 inches to 120 inches, which is recommended to watch visuals very clearly. However, it has the maximum image size up to 300 inches.

FAQs – BenQ MW632ST Review

Does it really work in a lit room?

Please know that it works better in the dark. You are able to see it very clearly in a well-lit room.

Does BenQ MW632ST come with ceiling mount options?

It can be mounted from ceiling but it does not have the mount option. You can buy the universal mounts from Amazon as well.

It shows 16:10 native aspect ratio, will it work with a 16:9 projector screen?

Yes, it will work. BenQ MW632ST supports 4 x 3 or 16 9 aspect ratio manually. In case, you are not comfortable with it, you can go for the BenQ 1080P projectors that have 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

Is it 220V compatible?

Yes. This model comes with a 100 to 240 volt AC power requirement so it will work with 220V very well.

The important Q&As are written above, which are a part of BenQ MW632ST Review. I am sure these questions and answers would be helpful to you. You can find answers related to AC power supply, ceiling mounting, aspect ratio and brightness.

The pros and cons are a part of BenQ MW632ST Review. You can see this projector is capable to deliver clear picture in any lighting environment: dark or bright. You can hear clearly from the built-in speaker and it is a perfect projector for the PPT presentations and other office presentation related tasks.

On the down side, BenQ MW632ST has various cons. Users have reported that it is big and bulky and it has 60Hz refresh rate so it may not be very good for gaming. The projector doesn’t come with a carry bag and it has limited output options. >>> Check Availability <<<

Conclusion – BenQ MW632ST Review

At the end of BenQ MW632ST Review, I will say that if you want to buy a projector for the business presentation, you can go for it. The projector has good brightness so you will be able to see clearly in a well-lit room. The built-in sound is OK. Please note that this projector lacks horizontal and vertical keystone options.

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