Epson EX3280 Review – 3600 Lumens 3LCD XGA Projector

Epson is a big name for many electronics. Well, if Epson is a big name then it does not mean that every Epson product is good. Some of may not be very good. It also depends on many factors such as the price you pay, the level of tech knowledge you have to operate an electronic product and more. In the Epson EX3280 review, you will learn about its key characteristics, pros and cons. Please keep reading to understand this Epson projector very well.

If I summarize the key features of Epson EX3280 then I can say that the projector has 3600 lumens brightness, 15,000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI connection, built-in speaker LCD display technology.

Epson EX3280 Review – 3600 Lumens 3LCD XGA Projector

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Image Performance and Brightness

Image performance – as per the manufacturer, Epson EX3280 has an XGA resolution that delivers crisp text and images. Therefore, this can be a good projector for videos as well as a business presentation. Well, it is written in the product description. What users say about the features, I will talk later?

The brightness – well, 3600 lumens brightness in a low-price projector is not bad. As per the product description, Epson EX3280 has 3600 lumens brightness (color and white). Therefore, it would be the best projector for displaying large-group presentations, office files, watching videos in multiple environments such as bright and dark.

Connectivity Options & 3LCD Display Technology

Connectivity – as per the manufacturer, Epson EX3280 has versatile connection options. It has an HDMI port so it will be used for connecting various streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV and more.

3LCD technology – the Epson EX3280 projector features true 3-chip 3LCD display technology. Therefore, the projector is capable to display good RGB color signal for every frame. The projector is capable to deliver high color accuracy and it maintains the color brightness very well. The manufacturer says that it does not have the annoying rainbow effects of other color related defects. >>> Check Price <<<

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Key Features & Specs – Epson EX3280 Review

Product name Epson EX3280
Brightness 3600 lumens
Contrast ratio 15,000:1
Display resolution XGA
Light source Lamp
Built-in speaker Yes (2W speaker)
Wireless capability No
HDMI port Yes
Product dimensions 11.8 x 9.3 x 3.2 inches
Item weight 5.2 lbs
Display technology LCD
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The features and specs will be helpful to understand the products. As per the specs list, the projector has an impressive brightness capability of 3600 lumens. The 15,000:1 contrast ratio is also not bad. It has an XGA display resolution and an LCD display technology.

Epson EX3280 Review projector at a glance

Contrast Ratio and Setup

15,000:1 contrast ratio – Epson EX3280 projector gives you 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. With this level of contrast ratio, the users will be able to get crisp and detailed images, videos etc. In fact, contrast ratio plays an important role to make or break a picture. Therefore, the 15,000:1 contrast ratio in this projector is not bad.

Setup – as per the product description, the projector is very easy to setup as it has a built-in speaker for the setup ease.

Integrated picture skew sensor – well, in Epson EX3280 projector, the picture skew sensor is an advanced feature. This feature is very useful to analyze the picture and correct the vertical keystone automatically. This way, the users will be able to receive square image without making any effort.

Warranty & customer service – on this projector, Epson provides reliable tech support and standard one-year limited warranty. Well, “full unit replacement” was mentioned in the product description but I am sure there should be some limitations to it. To clarify more, please contact the Epson customer service team to get more information on this.

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FAQs – Epson EX3280 Review

Does it have a Bluetooth capability?

As per the manufacturer, Epson EX3280 does not have the Bluetooth support. When it comes to the connection ports, the projector has VGA, HDMI and a power port. Well, you may be able to use the Bluetooth capability by utilizing a third party tool. For more information on the same, please contact the tech support.

Can I connect this projector to a computer?

Yes, you can do this by suing the HDMI port.

Does it support a ceiling mount?

Epson EX3280 projector is compatible with Universal Projector Mount. You may have to buy the Universal ceiling mount kit for this purpose. For more information on the same, please visit the Epson official website.

Will it be a good projector for photo based slideshows?

Yes, it is a good projector for slide show, business presentations etc. It is even great for colors and graphics.

The FAQs will answer some of the questions, you might want to ask. There, please read the questions and answers which are written in the FAQs section.


  • Bright picture
  • HDMI connection works well.
  • Easy setup
  • Many users say that it is a great product for the value.
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • Low price


  • The display resolution is not good for text.
  • The focus is a little imprecise.
  • It is not very good for educational programs.
  • It lacks a thumb drive and the Bluetooth capability.
  • The fan is very loud.

If you want to buy Epson EX3280 projector then please read the pros and cons which are written above. These pros and cons will be very helpful to understand the product from the users’ point of views. To me, the projector looks like an average performance projector because it has both pros and cons equally. However, many users loved the picture quality it delivers. >>> Check Availability <<<

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Conclusion – Epson EX3280 Review

In short, it is a low price Epson projector. Therefore, your expectation should also be according to the price you pay. I am sure, you will not complain about its picture quality because countless users say that the projector deliver a good picture. It can also be good for dark as well as bright environment. This projector is very easy to setup. I hope Epson EX3280 Review was helpful to you.

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