ViewSonic PX706HD Review 1080p Short Throw Projector with 3000 Lumens Brightness

ViewSonic PX706HD Review will surely tell you the truth, please keep reading. In this review, I will try to cite an overall picture of the product.

First thing is the brand. You know ViewSonic is a popular name for a wide range of NexGen projectors and other devices. Therefore, if you decided to go with ViewSonic, I admire your decision.

Coming to ViewSonic PX706HD 1080P Projector, the overall performance is good.  The projector has many capabilities that keep it apart from the crowd. It has a short throw projection distance, 3000 lumens brightness, DLP display technology, HDMI & USB-C connection ports and a low input lag. I tried to write the main capabilities above. Now, you would have an overall view on this ViewSonic projector. Well, I see that this projector is very popular on the internet and the customers have given good positive ratings. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy from my side.

ViewSonic PX706HD Review 1080p Short Throw Projector

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ViewSonic PX706HD Offers Cinematic Colors

I am sure users will like the color capability of this projector. In fact, the manufacturer says that ViewSonic PX706HD is based on a special color technology that has a wide color gamut for the nature-like image production in nearly any environment.

SuperColor technology – it can deliver natural color images in both night and day environments.

Picture Clarity – users love the crystal clear pictures that come from this ViewSonic PX706HD projector. More importantly, the users love the FHD 1080P resolution, which is very good for the clear image production and enhanced viewing experience.

5 Feet Distance for 100 Inches Image – ViewSonic PX706HD features a short throw lens, which is perfect for projecting a picture from just 5 feet away. Therefore, if you have even a small room, you will not find the difficulties. >>> Check Price <<<

Features & Specs

Product name ViewSonic PX706HD
Display resolution 1080P
Display technology DLP
Contrast ratio 22,000:1
Throw distance 100-inch screen from 5 feet away
Brightness 3000 lumens
Connection ports USB-C, HDMI & VGA
Lamp life 15,000 hours lamp life
Box contains ViewSonic PX706HD projector, power cable, VGA cable and remote control
Input lag 16ms reduced input lag
Color technology SuperColor technology for a true color projection
Max screen size Up to 300 inches
Item dimensions 8.66 x 4.53 x 11.53 inches
Item weight 5.95 lbs

The important features as well as specifications have been mentioned in the table above. You can see it has rich features like 3000 lumens brightness, 22000:1contrast ratio, SuperColor exclusive color technology, 15,000 hours lamp life, various connection ports, 1080P display resolution and more. Reading the table above will be very helpful to understand the product.

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300 Inches Maximum Image Size

ViewSonic PX706HD Projector is very good for large-size movies and games. Of course, users will enjoy a cinematic experience in full HD resolution on up to 300 inches screen. It has 1920 x 1080 pixels full HD display resolution. Apart from offering a big screen, the ViewSonic projector gives you 3000 ANSI lumens brightness, which is perfect for bright picture even in a daylight environment. >>> Check Price <<<

Big savings compared to a TV – the short throw projector produces image size up to 300 inches so you would be paying less than a TV for a much bigger screen.

Perfect for gaming – ViewSonic PX706HD projector has a low input lag, which means perfect for gaming related stuffs. Users will be able to run attack scenes at an impressive speed because it has just 16ms input latency.

ViewSonic PX706HD projection distance

Multiple Connection Options

With ViewSonic PX706HD projector, user will enjoy the greatest connection flexibilities. It has VGA, HDMI and USB -C connection, which can be perfect for connecting a wide range of devices to this ViewSonic projector. It can work with most media players, gaming machines, laptops, personal computers and mobile devices.

USB Type-C – with the USB -C connection method, users can play mobile games and watch movies by just connecting to the projector’s USB-C port. Please know that this connection method is only good for those devices that support video streaming over USB Type-C connection. In case, you are an iPhone or iPad user, you may require an Apple Authorized Lightning to HDMI adapter.

Highly Versatile

ViewSonic PX706HD’s users enjoy powerful projection versatility because it is compatible with most streaming dongles like Roku, Fire TV stick, Chromecast for the best picture presentations for education and business.

What is in the box? – The shipping box contains a ViewSonic PX706HD projector, power cable, VGA cable and a Remote Control.

15000 hours long lamp life – this projector has Eco Mode that is very helpful to increase the projector lamp by up to 15,000 hours. This means the users will be able to run this projector for the years to come.

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Ear-pleasing audio quality – it features SonicMode that delivers good audio to its users.  Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the best class audio using the SonicMode of this projector. >>> View On Amazon <<<

ViewSonic PX706HD Review - 3000 Lumens Brightness

FAQs – ViewSonic PX706HD Review

Does it support 3D glasses?

Yes, it is a 3D compatible projector. Many users are enjoying the 3D content that is produced by this projector.

Does ViewSonic PX706HD projector have a split-screen feature?

No, ViewSonic PX706HD does not have a native split-screen feature but you can do it with the help of other tools. Please contact the ViewSonic tech support for the help.

At what projection distance can I get a 100-inch screen?

According to the product description, you need to have a 5 feet distance to get a 100-inch screen.

Does it have an international warranty?

No, according to ViewSonic, the product warranty is for the US and Canada only.

Is it possible to mount this projector hanging from the ceiling?

Yes, you can hang this projector from a ceiling as well. Many users have done it so there should not be the problem.

Does this projector come with a bulb?

Yes, it comes with a bulb so you do not have to buy it separately.

How does it perform in a daylight environment?

In a daylight environment, ViewSonic PX706HD performs well as it has high 3000 lumens brightness. It is perfect for both dark and daylight environment.

What is the input lag in this projector?

It has a low input lag, which is 16ms. Therefore, the projector is very good for gaming.

Does the Viewsonic refurbished projectors have a warranty?

Yes, the refurbished projectors come with a 90-day warranty too.

Can it be a good projector for PowerPoint presentations?

Yes, ViewSonic PX706HD projector is good for a PowerPoint presentation because it is highly recommended as a business or education projector. It also has HDMI and VGA connection ports to connect with computers and laptops.

Can I connect my iPad Pro device to this projector via the USB-C port?

No, to connect with an iPad or iPhone, you need to buy a separate adapter.

Some of the main questions have been answered in the FAQs section. Please read the questions and answers to have a practical edge on this projector. These questions and answers are taken from various selling platforms where existing users ask questions and write answers. The FAQs can answer questions related to connectivity, compatibility, usability, installation methods, brightness, picture quality and more. >>> Check Price <<<

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ViewSonic PX706HD Review low input lag for gaing


  • Impressive picture quality
  • Good brightness
  • Great, natural colors
  • Easy on-screen menu
  • The remote control works very well.
  • Great zoom and focus capabilities for easy adjustments
  • Clear picture on each corner
  • Auto keystone feature saves time and effort.
  • 3 years warranty
  • Impressive throw distance for a small size room
  • 3D capability


  • The price is a bit high.
  • Defective item is sent to some users.

The prime pros and cons have been written above. You can see the projector deliver a good performance in regards to picture quality, brightness, connectivity and compatibility. It also has a 3D capability to watch 3D movies and play 3D games. The brightness is very good for both dark and daylight environments.

Conclusion – ViewSonic PX706HD Review

In short, ViewSonic PX706HD review tried to give you answers on various major aspects such as display resolution, screen size, connection ports, warranty and other special features. To me, it looks fine from most of the points. However, if you want to buy this projector, please read reviews on other websites to know it very well.

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