SAMSUNG 86 Inch UHD TV Review

SAMSUNG 86 Inch UHD TV Review

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If you want to buy a large-screen TV, you can check this Samsung 86-inch TV as well. It has many good features that may not be available in the same price range TV.

First of all, the 86-inch screen size is huge. The Samsung 4K TV can be a great part of your theater room for the best entertainment experience.

The Samsung 86-inch TV uses a powerful 4K processor, which has a good processing speed, and it is capable to deliver the best quality 4K picture. Additionally, it has a 240 motion rate, which is quite helpful to minimize the motion blur to give you a smooth and crisp picture.

Please know that this Samsung TV uses Tizen OS, so you may not be much familiar with it but it works well. Since it is a Tizen OS based TV, so it has many unfamiliar apps. However, it also contains the next gen apps of your choice. This TV is quite easy to control too. Of course, you are going to enjoy the best watching experience and gaming experience. As per the product description, the Samsung 86-inch TV has Real Game Enhancer, which is a great gaming feature in this TV. The TV and a gaming console will work together to give you a smooth TV operation and gaming experience. Of course, it has reduced lag and the picture quality is phenomenal. Read more…

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