ViewSonic M2 Review – 1200 Lumens LED 1080p Portable Projector

You are reading ViewSonic M2 review. In this review, I will try to cover most of the aspects of this product. The first thing is that this product is made by ViewSonic, which is a popular brand name of a wide range of electronic products. Therefore, a ViewSonic product means buying a quality product at a reasonable price.

Well, ViewSonic M2 is a portable projector. It is also known as a pico projector, which is highly liked by its users. The projector has received good appreciations from its existing users. It is a solidly built product that also has an excellent sound quality. Many users say that the sound comes from the ViewSonic M2 projector is far better than the sound comes from a cheap smart TV.

ViewSonic M2 Review - 1080P Portable Pico Projector 1200 Lumens Brightness LED

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ViewSonic M2 Portable Projector

Such Viewsonic projectors are perfect for those users who often travel with a projector. The full HD projector comes with both impressive power and performance in a portable design. Of course, it has gotten a premium design, which is perfect for work and play.

The 1080P small-size projector is an LED projector that is very convenient for entertainment on any place.

Short throw capability – the 1080P ViewSonic projector has an impressive short throw capability. The users can receive a 100-inch screen from just approx. 9 feet distance.

Good quality audio – ViewSonic M2 features built-in speakers (Harman Kardon), Bluetooth speakers. From these speakers, you can expect an impressive sound. Please note that the Bluetooth capability is for the speaker connection only.

Streaming capability – users can watch Netflix, Disney+ and other premium channels by using a dongle. Therefore, it is really a great way to watch sport events and other entertainment content. Users may have to buy a dongle because the dongle is not included.

1080P Display Resolution

Well, a display resolution plays an important role to deliver clear picture. The Viewsonc 1080P projector has 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, which is perfect for ultra-sharp image quality. Of course, users can view full HD content operating this slim-size projector.

Key Features & Specs

Product name ViewSonic M2
Brightness 1200 LED lumens
Keystone H/V keystone
Built-in speaker Yes (Dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speakers)
Connection ports HDMI, USB C, USB A and Micro USB
Display resolution 1920 x 1080
Maximum screen size Up to 100 inches
Color technology SuperColor+ (125% Rec. 709 color accuracy)
Built-in storage 12BG
Easy setup Auto focus and H/V keystone correction
Item weight 2.9 lbs
Item dimensions 8.8 x 2.9 x 2.8 inches
Device support iOS, Android and Windows and MacOS devices
Shipping Box Contains M2 projector, power cable, usb-C cable, remote control and start guide
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ViewSonic LED Projector

It has an impressive brightness capability. According to the product description, the ViewSonic M2 has 1000 LED lumens. Moreover, the LED lamp has approx. 30,000 hours life. Therefore, the lamp will last for many years to come.

More importantly, the manufacturer says that it comes with a cutting-edge LED technology that is perfect for impressive brightness and sharp color. This LED technology integrates red, green and double blue LEDs to deliver the best color and luminance performance. >>> Check Price <<<

Bluetooth Audio Output

Users can enjoy a Bluetooth connection to connect their external speakers. They can easily connect to Bluetooth headphones and enjoy great sound anywhere they want. Please note that the Bluetooth capability is only for the audio connection, you will not be able to transfer photos and other content. To give you the premium quality audio, the projector features built-in dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers that deliver room-filling sound.

Premium Audio – any projector needs to deliver good sound. The Viewsonic portable projector features dual 3W speakers to give clear sound for a good listening experience at any places.

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant – users can enjoy the voice control flexibility because the projector works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. These smart capabilities are good for controlling the projector: the sound, the power button and others.

Vivid Colors (SuperColor+ Technology)

The portable projector is based on a SuperColor+ technology that delivers vivid colors to the viewers. This color technology has 125% Rec. 709 color accuracy and HDR content support. Therefore, the projector is capable to give natural colors for the impressive viewing experience. From this projector, you get highly accurate color that means you receive high quality pictures, which look natural to the human eyes.

Good for business presentations – since it is made in a portable design and it works with a power-bank too so you can easily use it for business presentations anywhere you want. The manufacturer says that it delivers impressive audiovisual performance on the go.

cinematic colors viewsonic m2 projector

Screen Mirroring Capability

The ViewSonic M2 projector allows wireless casting from Smartphone and other devices with a wireless feature. Therefore, the users are able to view content from their mobile phones onto a large screen wirelessly. You do not have to use a cable, which is really a good capability in this portable projector. Please note that you will not be able to cast copyrighted channels such as Prime Video, Netflix and others. >>> Check Price <<<

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FAQs – ViewSonic M2 Review

Can I wirelessly connect to my iPhone?

Yes, you can easily connect to a device that supports a wireless connection. After successful connection, you would be able to mirror content from your mobile phone onto a projector screen.

Is someone experiencing issues with the focus knob? Actually, I find it hard to fine tune and sometimes it falls out of focus.

Some users have a little problem with the focus know. For them, it is a bit inconvenient but once set it doesn’t lose focus. If you are having a problem related to the focus knob, please contact the technical support time for the help.

Why cannot it turn on even plugged in?

Other users do not face such problems. If you are facing this problem, please replace your power cord. If changing the power cord does not solve the problem, mother board may be problematic. Please contact the tech support for the assistance.

Does it support 240V power?

Yes, ViewSonic M2 portable projector supports voltage ranging from 110V to 240V.

Does it have Bluetooth and WiFi functions?

Yes, it has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. Please note that some of the copyrighted channels may not be accessed through the Wi-Fi features. On the other hand, the Bluetooth feature is only for sound configuration, you will not be able to transfer pictures and other data.

The above mentioned FAQs are very helpful to understand the product deeply because the answers given here are directly from existing users. Therefore, if you plan to buy this projector, please read the list of FAQs to understand it very well. The FAQs section has questions and answers related to power cord, Wi-Fi capability, input voltage, focus knob and many others.


  • Good control over projection properties like keystone
  • The fan is reasonably quiet.
  • The rubber feet are very good.
  • Produces great images
  • It has good brightness for light-on viewing.
  • Well designed menu for easy navigation
  • The auto-focus feature is perfect.
  • Remote feels high quality.
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Easy setup


  • The Aptoide UI does not support all apps.
  • Remote control does not work with all of the apps.
  • Some users are not able to view Netflix properly due to wrong aspect ratio.
  • The projector has a little image blur issue.
  • The built-in speakers are not very good; they need improvements.
  • Price is a bit high.
  • A user complained that the microSD card doesn’t read 64GB cards or higher.
  • Some users mentioned that it has unbalanced colors.
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The pros and cons on ViewSonic M2 projector are written above. You can see it has many pros along with some cons too. The projector delivers good quality picture and it feels sturdy. It is also very easy to setup. It can deliver quiet operation because the fan is not very laud. On the negative side, the projector price is a little higher than expected. Some users complained that it has image blur issues too. And, the remote control does not work very well with some of the apps. >>> Check Price <<<

Conclusion – ViewSonic M2 Review

In short, the ViewSonic M2 review tried to give an overall picture of the product. The projector has many good things to appreciate. These good things are portability, good color accuracy, Bluetooth speaker connection, Wi-Fi mirroring capability, SuperColor+ technology to deliver natural colors and more.  Many users said in their review on Amazon that this is a highly portable projector that can easily fit into a small carry bag. It feels sturdy and it has many good features for the easy projection. On the downside, the price of this projector is a bit higher than expected.

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