LG HF85LA Review – DLP Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

As per the LG HF85LA review, it is one of the popular LG projectors in the CineBeam line. The projector has good spec numbers so users can get the outcome as per their expectations. Well, what are the unique things in this projector? To answer this question, I will say that HF85LA has many unique things that may not be available in other projectors.

It has a unique design, which keeps it apart from the crowd. In fact, the design is liked by most of the users because it has a tall shape compared to wide-shaped projectors on the market.

Key features – the LG HF85LA projector has many good features compared to others in the same price line. First of all, it is from the reputed LG brand. Second, it is a short throw projector. And, third, LG HF85LA has the latest DLP technology.

LG HF85LA Review - DLP Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

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Display Capabilities (1080P Resolution, 1500 ANSI Lumens Brightness)

1080p resolution – in a display device, the 1080p resolution is a standard resolution. At this level of pixels resolution, you will not complain about its display capability because everything will look clearly. Therefore, it would be wise to buy a 1080P FHD projector than others. Please know that the projector has a DLP display type for the best viewing experience.

1500 ANSI lumens brightness – a projector with 1500 ANSI brightness is enough for any lighting environment, be it dark or bright. I checked users’ reviews about the brightness and most of the users are happy with it. Therefore, you will not complain about its brightness capability. You will be able to operate this projector even in a well-lit room and enjoy 120 inches screen to have a cinema-like watching experience. In fact, the manufacturer says that it produces natural-looking images and vivid colors.

Key Features & Specs – LG HF85LA Review

Product name LG HF85LA
Contrast ratio 150,000:1
Connection USB, HDMI and Bluetooth
Display resolution 1080p
Brightness 1500 ANSI lumens
Item dimensions 13.9 x 4.7 x 7.5 inches
Item weight 6.60 lbs
Screen size 90 inches to 120 inches
Display type DLP
Lamp life Up to 20,000 hours
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Important features and specifications are in the list above. Please read the spec table to understand LG HF85LA very well. As per LG HF85LA Review, the projector has the brightness level as mentioned in the product description. It also has a good contrast ratio capability and various connection ports to connect with a wide range of compatible devices. >>> Check Price <<<

LG webOS Platform & Short Throw Capability

LG webOS smart TV platform – for the easy access to various entertainment channels, the LG webOS platform is very good. It provides an easy navigation as the projector comes with Magic Remote. More importantly, users will be able to enjoy the wireless ease as they can wirelessly stream sound if they have a Bluetooth based audio device.

Ultra short throw – in fact, an ultra short throw projector is very useful as it requires less space in your room. Users can place this projector near the screen and they can enjoy a large image that is enhanced with good colors and brightness capabilities. Therefore, the ultra short throw property of this projector keeps it apart from the conventional projectors. In case, you need to enlarge the screen, you can move the projector further away from the wall.

LG HF85LA Review - DLP Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector - internal speaker

Lamp Life, Wireless Screen Share and Contrast Ratio

Lamp life – users of LG HF85LA Projector can enjoy a long lamp life as the projector has up to 20,000 hours of lamp life. Therefore, the projector will continue to serve for years with its good performance, brightness and picture quality.

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Wireless screen share – well, a screen share feature is a demanded feature in a display device. Luckily, LG HF85LA has a wireless screen share capability. Therefore, you will be able to view pictures and other favorite content directly from your devices like computers, Android phones, tablets and other supported devices.

Contrast ratio – LG HF85LA has 150,000:1 contrast ratio, which is amazing. In fact, contrast ratio plays an important role to deliver detailed picture to the viewers. You will be able to enjoy good colors and detailed images from this projector.

FAQs – LG HF85LA Review

Can the image be smaller than 80 inches?

The manufacturer says that an image less than 80 inches may not be possible as you will have to place the unit very close to the wall. You will not be able to keep it very close or attached to wall.

Can I mount this projector to a wall?

Please know that this is a short throw projector, which is very suitable for placing on a table.

How much heat does it produce?

As per many users, it does not produce much heat.

Does it come preinstalled with SlingTV?

No, SlingTV is not preinstalled in this projector. More importantly, it is not available to download and install in this projector.

Can I stream content from my iPhone?

To stream content from an iPhone, you need to hook a ChromeCast or an AppleTV device.

Some of the main questions are answered in the FAQs. Therefore, it is advised to read the FAQs to understand this projector very well. The FAQs contain questions and answers related to installation, device compatibility, image size and more.

Important pros and cons are written in LG HF85LA Review. Please read the pros and cons of this projector to understand it well. I see the projector has many pros related to picture quality, brightness, setup, menu navigation, startup time and more. On the downside, it only has manual keystone and focus adjustments. And it does not have a 3D capability. >>> View on Amazon <<<

Conclusion – LG HF85LA Review

At the end of LG HF85LA Review, I will say that this projector is liked by most of the users. It has a good brightness capability and it delivers a clear picture with vivid colors. The projector has 150,000:1 keystone correction capability which is very helpful to produce detailed images. Overall, the projector looks very impressive from many points like design, brightness, picture quality, wireless capability and more. From my side, it is highly recommended to buy. I hope LG HF85LA Review was helpful to you.

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