Artograph Flare 450 Review – Digital Art Projector

An artist has to view image-based arts from different angles and prospective. Therefore, they can read Artograph Flare 450 Review as well. The art projector has many good features to offer in a small price. Personally, I liked its wide varieties of connection options. The Artograph projector offers connection options such as mini-VGA, composite A/V, HDMI, USB, micro SD card connection and more.

Artograph Flare 450 Review - Digital Art Projector

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The key features – the portable Artograph projector is a compact and portable unit. It has 1920 by 1080 pixels maximum display resolution. The projector has manual focus and keystone adjustment capabilities. Most importantly, the projector has 12 grid patterns (built-in grid patterns). For the operation, users can use the touchpad or the provided remote control as per their convenience.

Included accessories – power adapter, remote control, HDMI cable, USB drive, nylon carrying case

Size and weight – Artograph Flare 450 Projector measures 6-inch (width) by 3.5-inch (depth) by 1.25-inch (height). It weighs just 1 lb.

Mounting hole – the projector features a standard 0.25-inch mounting hole for mounting on a tripod.

Key Features & Specs

Product name Artograph Flare 450
Connection ports HDMI (TF / micro SD card), USB, mini-VGA, A/V, digital input
Display technology LED
Image brightness 420 lux
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Item dimensions 4 x 6 x 2 inches
Item weight 2 lbs
Included accessories nylon carrying case, power adapter, remote control, HDMI cable and USB drive
Brand Artograph
Color white
Grid patterns 12 built-in grid patterns
Speaker Yes (built-in speaker)
Image size 10 inches to 120 inches
Throw ratio 1.2:1
Aspect ratio 16:9
File support TXT, JPG, BMP, GIF and AVI
Keystone correction vertical keystone adjustment
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
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Some key features and specs are written in the table above. As per the table, Artograph Flare 450 Projector has 1920 x 1080 display resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and 1.2:1 throw ratio. It supports multiple image / video files such as txt, jpg, gif, bmp and avi. The projector has 1000:1 contrast ratio and 420 lux brightness.

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Image Size, Throw Ratio and File Support

Image size – it supports image sizes ranging from 10 inches to 120 inches.

Throw ratio and aspect ratio – it has throw ratio of 1.2:1 and aspect ratio: 16:9.

Audio and video file support – as per the product description, the projector works with many type of audio, video and text files such as .txt, .jpg, .bmp, .gif and .avi. >>> Check Price <<<

FAQs – Artograph Flare 450 Review

How do I get my images to appear on the projector?

You can easily upload jpg images from Photoshop to Artograph Flare 450 via the thumb drive that comes with it. For many users, it worked as advertised. You can try an SD card as well.

Can I know a suitable tripod to use with this projector?

Some users are using Artograph Digital Projector Table Stand. For them, it is more compact than a regular tripod. Additionally, this stand comes with a nifty device for holding a camera or phone.

How does the Artograph projector project an 8 x 10 image?

Please know it is a digital projector. Therefore, the photo must be converted into a digital format to project it.

Do I have multiple ways to charge the battery? Can I use the USB connection for the charging?

Artograph Flare 450 projector has the only way to charge the battery is via the DC port, which is located at the rear side of the unit.

Is there an SD slot?

No, the projector does not have an SD slot; it has a TF-card slot.

Does it have a zoom lens?

No, it does not have a zoom lens. You have to move the projector forward and backward to adjust the picture size.

What type of lamp is used in this projector?

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The projector has an LED lamp that has approx. 30,000 hours lifespan.

Is there an arm to mount to a table to use vertically?

Yes, there are many such arms on the market. Please check Manfrotto 244N Variable Friction Magic Arm, 244RC Variable Friction Magic Arm Quick Release.

The list of questions and answers in the FAQs section can be helpful to understand the scope of Artograph Flare 450 projector. Therefore, please read each question and answers in the FAQs to understand the actual capability of this art projector. In fact, the main purpose of writing Artograph Flare 450 Review is to give you as much information as possible to help you take the right buying decision.

artograph art projector


  • Sharp image projection
  • It comes with all the accessories as advertised.
  • Good packaging
  • Small size
  • Easy to mount
  • HDR10 capable
  • UHD resolution
  • Good focus capability to achieve the required precision


  • For a user, it was difficult to make an image stay on the screen.
  • The touchpad is very touchy; it is hard to work with.
  • As per some users, it is hard to control the zoom related stuffs.
  • The remote is cheaply made.
  • It does not come with a detailed user guide.

The pros and cons are a part of Artograph Flare 450 Review. You can read the pros and cons of this art projector to understand the product from the users’ point of views. Personally, I will say that this is an average performance projector. With this projector many users are happy and many users are unhappy. Therefore, I can say that it has both positives and negatives. On the positive side, the projector delivers a sharp image. It comes with all the required accessories and has multiple ways for the connection. Most importantly, it is easy to mount and it is HDR10 capable. On the negative sides, some users say that it comes with a low-quality remote control. The touchpad is not very user friendly. >>> Check Availability <<<

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Conclusion – Artograph Flare 450 Review

At the end of Artograph Flare 450 Review, I will say that projector is good but not excellent as many users are unhappy. You can read the pros and cons to understand from users’ point of views. It is good that the projector offers many connection ways so you will not have a problem for the varied connection needs. You will be able to connect Photoshop to import images. It h is a UHD projector, which is also HDR10 capable. However, there are many things that do not work as per the users’ expectations. These things are the remote control, the touchpad, the zoom feature. And, it lacks a detailed user guide as per some users. I hope this Artograph projector review was helpful to you.

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