Optoma GT5600 Review – Ultra Short Throw Projector

There is no doubt that Optoma is one of the top projector brands worldwide. Therefore, I am writing the Optoma GT5600 review. I am able to see that it comes with many advanced display features, connection features and installation features. For the overall performance, I scanned numerous users’ reviews on various selling platforms, the reviews look pretty impressive to me. Please keep reading the Optoma GT5600 review to know more about this ultra-short throw projector.

Optoma GT5600 Review, Pros & Cons
Optoma GT5600 is an ultra-short throw projector!

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The Display Features

To produce a good quality picture, several display features play important roles. In this projector, you will be able to find many impressive display features such as 3600 lumens brightness, 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 1080p display resolution. With all these features, the Optoma home theater is capable to deliver incredible picture quality. Of course, users will be able to receive brighter and sharper images compared to other short throw projectors on the market.

The Short Throw Capability

The main benefit of using an ultra-short throw projector is space efficiency in the room where it is installed. With the help of the sort throw profile, users will be able to place the projector very close to the wall or the screen resulting in space saving, easy cable management and the projector image is not affected from the foot traffic as well as objects.

The projector enthusiasts will be able to view their favorite content in the 100-inch size, which is projected at a few inches distance because it is based on an ultra-short throw lens. More importantly, this projector is produced by Optoma so you get a good quality projector at a reasonable price. >>> View on Amazon <<<

Key Features & Specs

Product name Optoma GT5600
Brand name Optoma
Model name GT5600
Display resolution 1080p
Contrast ratio 20,000:1
Brightness 3600 lumens
Short throw YES – 100-inch screen from 10.3 inches distance
Audio 16W built-in speaker
Lamp life Up to 15000 hours
Keystone correction Auto keystone & 4-courner correction
Connection options HDMI, 3.5mm audio-in/out, VGA-in/out, RS-232C, RJ-45, USB
Input lag 49ms
3D support Yes (1080p content supported)
Display technology DLP
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The important specs are mentioned above. You can see that Optoma GT5600 comes with good brightness of 3600 lumens and 20,000:1 contrast ratio. It has a long lamp life of up to 15000 hours. The projector has many advanced features including the auto keystone & 4-corner correction, ultra-short throw projection and a wide range of connection options.

The Lamp Life of Optoma GT5600

According to the product description and the Optoma GT5600 review, the projector has a long lamp life. Users will be able to receive its service for more than 15000 hours. You know?  If you use the projector for 4 hours daily then it will last for more than ten years. Therefore, I want to say that this projector has an energy efficient feature that is capable to increase the lamp life.

The Keystone Capability

A keystone correction capability is very helpful in the image setup. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a sharp and detail image, the keystone feature is for you. Optoma GT5600 features 4-corner keystone correction feature which is good for the hassle-free setup to view the detailed images. In case, the projector moves a little accidently, the image will refocus instantly because it is an advanced projector.

Screen Sharing

Users can enjoy their multimedia content directly from their iOS or Android devices. The screen mirroring feature is very helpful to transfer your smartphone content onto a large screen. Thanks to the USB display connectivity that is available in this projector as per the Optoma GT5600 review. Well, the screen mirroring / sharing feature is really a good capability in this projector because in some occasions, the tiny phone screen is not very useful, users need to view on a large screen for some specific reasons or the greatest level of entertainment. >>> View on Amazon <<<


  • Great picture quality
  • Ultra-short throw projection
  • Appropriate price
  • No mounting required
  • Very easy to setup
  • Good brightness: can work in even a bright room.
  • Low input lag

According to pros, cons and the Optoma GT5600 review, the projector has mixed reviews. The cons are more than the pros. The projector has many cons related to audio, fan noise, remote control and product description. However, on the positive side, it is very easy to setup and it delivers clear picture. It has good short-throw capability and the price is also very good.

The 3D Capability

Those users who want to view 3D content, the Optoma GT5600 can be the best projector for enjoying 3D contents. It is able to show real 3D picture from many 3D sources like 3D broadcast services, gaming machines, 3D Blu-ray disc players and more. While watching the 3D content, you will not experience any lagging issue because it has a fast refresh rate of 144 Hz. Therefore, the 3D enabled Optoma projector can provide smooth images that don’t have the annoying flickering issues. Please know that you will require a 3D glass to view the 3D content.

HDCast Pro – The Wireless Feature

According to the Optoma GT5600 review, it supports HDCast Pro device for the wireless sharing and presentations. The wireless device, i.e., HDCast Pro is sold separately. You will also require a WUSB adapter, which you need to buy separately. In fact, the HDCast Pro 1080P HDMI MHL device works with many operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows that have Mirecast or Airplay.

FAQs – Optoma GT5600 Review

My projector has a loud fan noise, is this normal?

No, it is not normal. You need to find the cause. Please contact the Optoma support for the help.

Is it a good projector for office presentations?

No, it may not be a good projector for the document presentation related works because it does not have the features required for document presentations. You should look for other models of Optoma projectors.

Does it have image flickering issues?

According to the Optoma GT5600 review, it does not have the image flickering issues. In case, you experience such issues, please try to change to Bright Mode and see if the flickering goes away.

Can I projector on a smart-board?

Yes, you can projector onto a smartboard with white or black surfaces. You may need to play with the color adjustment feature.

Some of the main questions related to Optoma GT5600 have been answered above. If you wish to purchase this unit, reading the questions and answers may help a little. The QAs are related to fan noise, business presentation, image flickering issues and whiteboard projection.

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Conclusion – Optoma GT5600 Review

In short, if you want to buy this projector, please read more reviews on Amazon where users are allowed to write their review directly. I am able to see that this projector has many issues. That is why, I advise to research more on this before you buy this product. Instead of various disadvantages, which are written above, the Optoma projector comes with many pros too. These pros are related to the good brightness, good picture quality, good price and the easy installation. I hope Optoma GT5600 Review was helpful to you.

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