BenQ V7050i Review – BenQ Short Throw Projector

In BenQ V7050i Review, you are going to learn about its capabilities from the users’ prospective. The review has a section of pros and cons that will be very helpful to understand the actual performance of this projector. In fact, the pros and cons are just one aspect of the BenQ V7050i review, you will learn of other aspects such as the advanced features, the hidden characteristics that are hard to find and the final verdict. According to the product description, it is a 4K laser projector with 2500 ANSI brightness. It has several good features such as multiple connection options, 3-year warranty and much more.

BenQ V7050i review
BenQ V7050i Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Ultra-Short Throw Projector – BenQ V7050i

We already know how beneficial an ultra-short throw projector can be. BenQ V7050i gives you a 100” screen from a short distance of just 8.7 inches. For the accurate measurement of projection size and projection distance, the unit features a built-in guider. Therefore, it is easy to decide a screen size and the distance by a novice user as well. The setup related tasks are very easy because the BenQ projector comes with an installation guide (visual directions), which gives a great installation ease for the DIY enthusiasts.

The Real 4K Competence

BenQ V7050i is an upgraded version to give you the 4K resolution. Yes, it is a true 4K projector because the actual display resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels which are translated into 8.3 million pixels. Therefore, the BenQ projector is very good for the good picture clarity. In fact, the BenQ V7050i review also suggests that the picture clarity is impressive.

More importantly, users can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment in a bright room because it has 2500 ANSI lumens brightness, which is based on DMD ECD for the greatest viewing comfort. >>> View on Amazon <<<

Key Features & Specs of BenQ V7050i 4K Projector

Product name BenQ V7050i
Brand name BenQ
Model number V7050i
Brightness 2500 ANSI
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160 – 8.3 million pixels)
Short throw Yes (ultra-short throw – 100” picture @ 8.7” distance)
Display technology DLP
Connection ports USB 3.0, D-sub, HDMI, 3.5mm audio
Warranty 3 years
Product dimensions 27.16 x 21.96 x 13.5 inches
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The main specs of BenQ V7050i have been mentioned above. You can see the impressive 2500 ANSI brightness, 4K resolution, various connection options including HDMI, USB and more. This projector is supported with a 3-year warranty and excellent customer service team.

BenQ V7050i – A DLP Projector

DLP is the leader because it is used on most cinemas and digital IMAX theaters. With the help of the DLP technology, the projector is capable to deliver sharp and clear images. Apart from DLP, it uses a cinematic color technology, which is known to get the maximum DCI-P3 color space, which is used in various movies for the good display performance.

The Award Winning Movie Projector

The BenQ V7050i has received Editor’s Choice Award from many popular reviews websites including Projector Central, ProjectorReviews and others. Therefore, it can be the best movie projector because it has a wide color gamut and it is based on the leading HDR-PRO technology for delivering the vibrant color performance. It comes with a FilmMaker mode, which is very good for the movie night entertainment.


  • Impressive brightness (good for well-lit rooms)
  • Color and clarity are phenomenal.
  • True 4K capability
  • It comes with an Android dongle.
  • Good customer service from BenQ
  • Overall, a high quality product
  • Good short throw capability (get 100-inch picture from just 8-inch distance)
  • No rainbow effect


  • Price is a little higher than expected.
  • For the best performance, you need an ALR screen.

The above mentioned pros and cons are a part of the BenQ V7050i review. You can see this projector comes with many pros related to picture quality, connectivity, short throw capability, brightness and color. You can expect a good customer service from BenQ as well. On the down side, the projector has a high price as mentioned by many users. And, for the best picture performance, you need to use an ALR screen. >>> View on Amazon <<<

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BenQ V7050i Review of 3-Year Warranty

Well, it is true that this projector comes with 3 years of warranty. It is a long period warranty against your investment. You can see most projector manufacturers offer just one-year warranty. Well, with the 3-year warranty, users enjoy the greatest level of relief. More importantly, a dedicated customer service team (US based) is always available to serve you if you got a problem. Please know that Netflix is not supported by this projector. Therefore, the Netflix viewers can watch Netflix externally using their laptop (internet browser) and via the HDMI connection.

FAQs of BenQ Short Throw Projector

Does this projector support 110V AC or 220V AC?

BenQ V7050i has power rating of 100V AC to 240V AC (50/60 hz). Typically, it consumes 480W electricity. I hope your question is answered.

Does it come with an LAN port or an option for LAN dongle?

No, it does not have a LAN port for the internet connection. Optionally, you can connect this smart projector with an Android TV that supports QS01 dongle and supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi connection.

Does it support 3D content?

Yes, BenQ V7050i supports 3D content also.

Does it have a rainbow effect?

No, it does not give a rainbow effect. It produces a great quality picture.

Where is it made?

BenQ is a global brand, headquartered in Taiwan. It has various branches in many regions including Asia, Europe, and America. For more information on BenQ, please visit the official website: as well.

The most important questions have been answered. Please read the FAQs to understand this product. In the QAs of BenQ V7050i Review, you can get answers on questions related to connectivity, BenQ as a brand, 3D support and some operational issues. >>> View on Amazon <<<

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In short, BenQ V7050i is one of the most performance oriented 4K projectors. It comes with various advanced features that meet the current-generation needs. From this projector, you can expect a clear picture and sound. The true 4K projector is supported with a longer warranty period of 3 years with a responsive customer service team. The price looks very competitive to me but some users say that it is a little higher than expected. I hope the BenQ V7050i review was helpful to you.

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