BenQ GV30 Review – Wi-Fi Portable LED Projector

If you love BenQ for projectors and now you are looking for a portable projector, please read BenQ VG30 Review.

This projector has gotten a unique design and has many things to entice you. Please keep reading.

First of all, it is a feature-rich portable projector. It has many advanced features like Wi-Fi capability, Android TV 10, auto focus, vertical keystone correction, ChromeCast support and more.

BenQ GV30 review - LED Portable Ceiling Projector with 135 Rotating Angle Projection
BenQ GV30 review – LED Portable Ceiling Projector with 135 Rotating Angle Projection

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Cinematic Picture Quality, Bluetooth Speaker and Ceiling Projection

Clear picture – the BenQ GV30 projector delivers picture that is acceptable by most of its users. You should know that the picture quality of a projector largely depends on its display resolution, brightness capability and the operative system as well.

2.1 channel speaker – users can hear a quality sound that comes from the 2.1 channel Bluetooth speaker. It has 2 x 4watt midrange tweeters and BW woofer. The audio is perfect for a personal use. In case, you need an audio for a group of people, you may need to attach an external speaker as well.

Ceiling projection for the comfortable movie experience – BenQ GV30 has a wide projection angle that gives a great level of projection flexibility. Apart from the wide projection angle, it has autofocus and vertical keystone correction features. Therefore, the BenQ portable projector is good for ceiling as well as floor projections.

Key Features & Specs

Product name BenQ GV30
Connection ports HDMI, USB
Display resolution 1280 x 720
Brightness 300 ANSI lumens
Wireless features AirPlay, Chromecast
Lamp life 30,000 hours LED lamp life
Built-in battery YES
Battery life 150 minutes
Color 98% Rec. 709 wide color gamut
Item weight 3.52 pounds
Availability View on Amazon

Key specs and features are written in the table above. From the above mentioned table, you will get information related to display resolution, brightness, battery, color technology, wireless features etc. Please read the table carefully as it would be very helpful in taking the buying decision.

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Easy & Fast Setup, Vibrant Color, Picture Modes and Wireless Capability

Easy setup – for the setup related stuffs, BenQ GV30 projector is very good because it is very easy to setup with the help of 135° projection angle, vertical keystone and auto focus features. You can see that it has all the capabilities that are very helpful for an easy setup.

Picture modes – as per the manufacturer, it comes with different picture modes (optimized), which are further fine-tuned by Cinema-grade colors with 98% rec. 709 wide color gamut to produce nature-like colors. Therefore, users are able to receive cinematic experience from different places like bedrooms, offices and patios etc.

The wireless capabilities – as per BenQ GV30 review and the product description, it  has Android TV, Chromecast, AirPlay that support many operating systems like MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows.

Highly portable – the users of BenQ GV30 projector enjoy the highest level of portability from this projector because it has connection ports like HDMI, USB-c that support most of the devices. More importantly, the projector comes included with a carrying bag and required accessories. >>> Check Price <<<

BenQ GV30 review - hdmi - usb-c ports wifi connections

FAQs – BenQ GV30 Review

Can I rotate this projector without the magnetic base?

Yes, you can but for the steady rotation, it is suggested to use it with the magnetic base. Please be careful to check the speaker hole; it should not be covered by the magnetic base. Well, you are fine with the tripod mounting without the need of the magnetic base.

Can I know what capacity pen drive is supported by BenQ GV30 projector?

BenQ GV30 does not have a problem with the pen drive below 128GB capacity. Please know that the disk format needs to be NTFS, FAT or FAT32.

Can I use this projector as a Bluetooth speaker?

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Yes, you can. It has the Bluetooth capability. Therefore, it can work as a speaker as well.

Can I buy a new remote if I lost the remote control?

Yes, you can. But, for this, you need to contact the customer service team.

Can I use BenQ GV30 for PowerPoint presentations?

Yes, you can. Please know that you need to use your laptop for the PowerPoint presentation. Please know that the USB-c port of this projector does not support a PowerPoint file format.

Can the projected image be flipped vertically or horizontally for a rear projection requirement?

Please know that the projector supports many projection types such as front table, rear table, front ceiling or rear ceiling.

How long does the battery take to be fully charged?

It is advised to charge for at least 3 hours. When it is fully charged, the projector can be used for up to 2.5 hours.

The important questions and answers are written in the FAQs. It is advised to read the FAQs if you are a future buyer as well as an existing user. The FAQs contain questions related to the Bluetooth speaker, installation, compatibility, PowerPoint file support and more. >>> Check Price <<<


  • Easy to use
  • Great picture quality
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Good battery life
  • It runs cool.
  • Great color balance
  • Easy setup
  • App support
  • Highly portable
  • A battery powered projector
  • It included Firestick to watch Netflix and other similar things.
  • You can connect it with your phone and stream videos directly from your phone without needing a remote.
  • Many users loved the design and portability.


  • As per a user, the picture cannot be made smaller from a distance. It has to be moved closer to get a smaller picture.
  • Overpriced as per some users
  • The brightness should be improved.
  • The speaker is not very powerful; good for only a single person.

The pros & cons have been written above. These pros and cons will be very helpful to those who want to buy the BenQ GV30 projector. To me, it seems a good projector because it has received many positive reviews along with some negatives too. I liked that this projector is easy to use, easy to install and it delivers a good picture as well. It also has many apps that would be very helpful for the greater amount of entertainment possibilities.

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Conclusion – BenQ GV30 Review

In short, BenQ GV30 review gave you information related to its important aspects such as what users liked, what users didn’t like, frequently asked questions, important features etc. You can see the projector has a unique look that made it highly popular. Most of the users have liked the unique look of BenQ GV30 projector. Apart from the unique design, the projector delivers a good quality picture, good audio and it has many advanced features. Pros and cons have been written above. These pros and cons will help you understand this product very well.

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