LG HU715QW Review – Short Throw CineBeam UHD 4K Projector

In case, you are looking to buy a laser projector from a trusted brand then you can check LG HU715QW as well. This projector has many good features for an exciting viewing experience. It is a DLP short throw projector that can be a great part of the smart home theater system. To find out the truth, please keep reading the LG HU715QW review.

Well, first of all, please let me tell you that a laser projector requires a heavy investment. Therefore, every projector buyer should have an aim to buy the best one from a trusted brand. In regards to the LG HU715QW projector, the projector has attracted mixed reviews consisting both positive and negative reviews.

LG HU715QW Review - ultra short throw projector
LG CineBeam UHD 4K Projector HU715QW

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Ultra Short Throw Capability and 2500 ANSI Brightness

An ultra short throw projector is in a high demand today because you can easily setup in a limited space room. And, there are many other benefits of an ultra short throw projector. On the other hand, the 2500 ANSI lumens brightness is amazing for watching movies and playing game in dark as well as bright environments.

0.22 ultra short throw ratio – with the 0.22 short throw ratio, users will be able to get an 80-inch screen from just 5-inch distance. Therefore, you can setup this projector in any room taking benefit of the ultra short throw profile of LG HU715QW projector.

2500 ANSI brightness – with the help of the 2500 ANSI brightness, the projector has the capability to show nature-like images. You do not have a problem whether you want to watch movies, play games or enjoy TV shows. Because of the impressive brightness capability, LG HU715QW delivers a great color performance even in a well-lit room. Of course, users will be able to enjoy vivid home theater experiences.

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Key Features & Specs – LG HU715QW Review

Product name LG HU715QW
Brightness 2500 ANSI
Display resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 )
Short throw ratio 0.22 ultra short throw ratio
Built-in speakers Yes (20W + 20W stereo speakers)
Built-in streaming apps WebOS 6.0.1
Display technology DLP
Image contrast ratio 2M:1
Item weight 26.4 lbs
Item dimensions 21 x 12.4 x 6 inches
Screen size 80 inches to 120 inches
Light source Laser
HDR Yes (HDR10 and HLG)
Magic remote Yes
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Important specs are written in the table. The specs look good. It has 2500 ANSI brightness, laser light source, HDR10, built-in 20W speakers, 4K UHD resolution and many other good features. But, as per the LG HU715QW review, the projector didn’t perform as per the expectation. >>> Check Price <<<

Real 4K (3840 x 2160), Built-in Streaming Apps and Stereo Speakers

With the help of these rich features such as 3840 x 2160 display resolution, built-in streaming apps and dual stereo speakers, LG HU715QW projector can deliver impressive picture and sound performance.

3840 x 2160 Pixel Display Resolutions – if you calculate 3840 x 2160, you will find that it is four times more than FHD display resolution. Therefore, LG laser projector is capable to give the exceptional picture detail that can be very helpful to render nature-like colors and images.

WebOS 6.0.1 – with the help of the built-in streaming apps, you will be able to enjoy your favorite content from various channels like YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV+ and many others as they can be accessed on WebOS 6.0.1.

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Stereo speakers – LG HU715QW 4K projector comes with dual stereo speakers of 20-watt each, plus 2.2-channel included Quad Woofer. Therefore, the exceptional audio capabilities will surely produce deep bass and rich audio for the 40-watt audio requirement. More importantly, you will notice very low screen vibrations, which can be ignorable. Therefore, it will give a feel of a movie theater.

LG CineBeam projector - uhd short throw projector

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  • Nice picture, crisp and clear image
  • Good sound
  • Impressive short throw capability
  • Useful for multiple applications like home theater and TV etc.


  • Some users experienced the fan was unable to keep the projector cool.
  • Some users faced screen edge adjustment issues.
  • A user complained that the color balance switches randomly.
  • It is a little heavy weighted projector.
  • For some users, the projector started turning off by itself after few weeks.
  • Many users reported that they received a defective unit.
  • Many users are unhappy with the purchase; they are regretting.

The pros and cons are a part of LG HU715QW review. It is encouraged to read the pros and cons to understand this product from the users’ point of views. Personally, I see this projector has many negative reviews. I see projector has many serious issues. Therefore, it is advised to research more on this product before you press the buy button. >>> Check Availability <<<

Conclusion – LG HU715QW Review

At the end, the LG laser projector has many rich features as per the product description but the projector fails to deliver an acceptable performance. I researched and found that many users are regretting after buying this projector. Pleases read the pros and cons, which are written above. The pros and cons will be very helpful to understand the real capability of this projector. Personally, I will not recommend buying this projector.  Actually, the main purpose of writing LG HU715QW review is to show you the truth.

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