BenQ EH600 Review – 1080p Portable Smart Business Projector

There are some top brands of projectors. These brands are Optoma, BenQ, Epson, LG and more. Among all these top projector brands, I feel BenQ has the first position. There are many aspects that BenQ focuses on, to make their product quality products, which are not only quality products, but also affordable products.

Coming to BenQ EH600 projector, I can say that it is good for many purposes like business, education and entertainment. The projector has many good features like 1080p native resolution, DLP display technology, wireless mirroring feature, built-in business app, USB reader and 3500 lumens brightness.

BenQ EH600 Wireless 1080p Portable Smart Business Projector

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Built-in Business Apps, Wireless Mirroring and USB Reader

As mentioned earlier, it is a great business projector because it has integrated business apps, wireless mirroring capabilities and a USB reader.

Built-in business apps – as per the product description, BenQ EH600 has business apps like TeamViewer, Blizz (a video calling app) and FireFox internet browser to browse websites and more. With the help of these business helpers, BenQ EH600 can be a good business projector for meetings with your clients, training your employees and increasing the overall productivity of the business.

Wireless mirroring – the BenQ business projector has a wireless mirroring capability too. More importantly, the wireless mirroring capability will work with many devices such as Windows based devices, Android based devices, iOS based devices and more. It is very easy to connect with different devices with the help of step-by-step information and on-screen menu.

USB reader – BenQ EH600 projector can read a USB drive, the USB reader supports multiple file formats including various image files, text files, PPT files and other Microsoft based files. Personally, I liked this feature because you can simply use a USB drive to present various files on a large screen without disconnecting your PC or laptop.

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Key Features & Specs – BenQ EH600 Review


Product name BenQ EH600
Display resolution 1080p
Display technology DLP
Projector type Business projector
Brightness 3500 lumens
OS compatibility Windows, Android and iOS
Built-in business apps Yes (Blizz, TeamViewer and FireFox)
Keystone correction Vertical keystone correction
USB reader Yes
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Important specs are mentioned in the table above. Please read the list of specs to understand this projector very well. BenQ EH600 Projector has 1080p display resolution, 3500 lumens brightness, DLP display technology and it is compatible with many operating systems like Windows, Android and iOS.

1080P Native Resolution, 3500 Lumens Brightness and Over-the-Air Update

BenQ EH600 Projector has 3500 lumens brightness and 1080p native display resolution. And, a new firmware update is done over the air.

1080p resolution display and 3500 lumens brightness – from BenQ EH600, users get full HD 1080p resolution and 3500 lumens brightness. Since the brightness level is high so it is capable to deliver a good readability performance. Therefore, it can be the best business projector.

An award winning projector – BenQ EH600 is a winner of Best of 2019 as a business/education projector by Projector Central.

Over-the-air-update – the firmware can be updated over the air whenever a new firmware is introduced.

Built-in business apps – BenQ EH600 business projector has many integrated business apps. These apps are Blizz (perfect for a video conference call and sharing files), TeamViewer (for remote access) and the Firefox browser (to browse internet websites). >>> Check Price <<<

FAQs – BenQ EH600 Review

Does it come with a remote control?

Yes, BenQ EH600 comes with a remote control that is very powerful to operate this projector.

Can it be mounted to the ceiling?

Yes, it can be mounted to the ceiling. Please make sure that you have to buy the compatible mounting kit from BenQ for the mounting purposes.

What is the contrast ratio of BenQ EH600?

As per the manufacturer, BenQ EH600 has FOFO contrast ratio of 10,000:1.

Can it be good for a daylight presentation?

Please know that this projector is made for indoor presentation. However, you can use in a daylight environment as well but you may get poor visibility.

Can I install the Zoom app for video conferencing?

As per the manufacturer, it is recommended to use an external source device for the 3rd party apps availability.

Important questions are answered in the list of FAQs. It is advised to read the FAQs to understand this business projector very well. Please know that these FAQs will be useful for both new customers as well as existing users.


  • Good brightness
  • Impressive picture clarity
  • For many users, it is a dependable business projector.
  • Users loved the ease and quality.
  • Smart Control app to use Smartphone as a remote
  • Supports a wide range of files such as JPEG, PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.
  • Many productivity apps are pre-installed.
  • It has the popular TeamViewer remote support app.
  • FireFox browser for PC-free web access


  • The fan is a bit noisy.
  • As per a user, the remote has a limited range.

The above mentioned pros and cons are the main part of BenQ EH600 Review.  Please read the pros and cons to understand the product very well. To me, it looks like a high quality projector. It delivers a good quality picture and it is easy to use. The business projector has many built-in apps that can be great for the business presentations. >>> Check Availability <<<

Conclusion – BenQ EH600 Review

At the end of BenQ EH600 Review, I will like to mention here is that BenQ EH600 is a business projector with many good features and capabilities. The brightness is very good. The contrast ratio and resolutions are also good. More importantly, many users have liked it and have given good reviews and ratings. I hope BenQ EH600 Review was helpful to you.

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