BenQ MH733 Review – 1080P 4000 Lumens Business Projector

BenQ is one of the popular projector brands. It makes a wide range of projectors in different prices. In case, you like BenQ and want to buy a BenQ projector, please read BenQ HD733 review, to know if it may be a buyable product for you.

Well, overall ratings and reviews look impressive to me. But, on the opposite side, some of the users are not very happy because the projector didn’t perform as expected for them. Therefore, I advise you to read the pros and & cons which are mentioned on this page below to understand it very well.

BenQ MH733 Review – 1080P 4000 Lumens Business Projector
BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector

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Image Specifications & Projector Setup

4000 lumens brightness, 16,000:1 contrast ratio & 16:9 aspect ratio – well, to produce a beautiful image, the projector depends on its brightness capability, contrast ratio and the aspect ratio as well. In this projector, you can see it has 4,000 lumens brightness that makes it a good projector for even a daylight environment. The 16,000:1 contrast ratio is superb. The users will be able to see every detail clearly.

More importantly, BenQ MH733 projector gives you an option to change the brightness level based in the different input signals. Therefore, the best brightness performance, you should use an input signal which outputs at the native resolution of the projector.

The setup ease – As per BenQ MH733 review, it is flexible to setup because it has many features that help setup easily. For the easy setup, it has 1.3x zoom function, 2D keystone correction and the vertical keystone correction is automatic.

Key Features & Specs

Product name BenQ MH733
Brightness 4000 lumens
Native resolution 1080p
Contrast ratio 16,000:1
Built-in speaker 1 x 10W speaker
Item weight 2.5kg
Item dimensions 296 x 120 x 221 millimeters
Display technology DLP
Connectivity ports VGA, USB and MHL
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Please read the table, which is placed above. The table contains key features and specifications of BenQ MH733. As per the features and specifications, the BenQ projector looks impressive because it is based on a DLP display technology, has 4000 lumens brightness, VGA, USB and MHL connection ports. >>> Check Price <<<

Long Lamp Life and Network Control Features

15000 hours lamp life – BenQ MH733 projector has a long lamp life of up to 15,000 hours. Therefore, it greatly reduces the cost of ownership because it will last years after years.

Network control capability – the projector has advanced network control features like AMX, Crestron and PJ-Link. These features are LAN based features to achieve the highest level of network control.

Comprehensive presentation capabilities – as per the BenQ MH733 review, the projector has many connection solutions that include QCast App compatibility, USB capability, network projection feature, wireless USB dongle compatibility etc. With these wide ranges of network options, users will enjoy the utmost projection flexibilities.

BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector connection ports

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A clean operation – with this projector, you have the flexibility to attach various devices wirelessly. Therefore, you will not require cable related issues and enjoy the clutter-free setup and projection.

What is in the box? – BenQ MH733 projector comes included with a power cable, remote control, user assistance CD, user guide, warranty card, VGA cable and a lens cover.

BenQ projector accessories

FAQs – BenQ MH733

Is BenQ MH733 projector compatible with HDCP to watch content from iTunes?

To access iTunes, you need to buy an adapter. The projector has an input for such adapters.

Does the projector come with a remote control?

Yes, it comes with a remote control. It is a feature-rich remote control. Using the remote control, you will be able to adjust screen parameters, corners, access volume control and alter inputs. More importantly, using the remote control, you will be able to adjust contrast, color just like a standard TV remote control.

What is the recommended projection distance to get a 120-inch screen?

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The recommended projection distance is 11.5 feet to obtain a 120-inch screen. For full details on the projection distance vs. image size, please refer to the user manual. If you do not have a user manual, you can easily download it from the BenQ’s official website.

Does BenQ MH733 come with a timer to schedule turning on / off every day?

No, it does not come with a timer for such purposes but you can use the sleep timer as well.

Does it have a Wi-Fi capability?

No, it does not have a Wi-Fi capability.

Some of the main questions and answers have been written above. If you are a new user or a future buyer of BenQ MH733 projector, these questions and answers will be very helpful to you. This FAQs section contains many questions and answers related to remote control, timer, wireless capability, projection distance, image size and more. >>> Check Price <<<


  • The zoom and keystone features work as expected.
  • Impressive brightness capability
  • The brightness level can be customized as per the requirements.
  • Easy to install
  • Several inputs
  • The image is very sharp and bright.
  • Short throw distance
  • The menu is simple and easy to understand.
  • It delivers good document presentations.
  • Many people liked the capability of playing in daytime.
  • Easy to use
  • As per some users, it is the best, quietest and brightest projector.
  • 120 inches maximum screen size is not bad.
  • It is perfect for a home theater system as well as a conference room.

Pros and cons are an important part of an electronic product. Knowing the pros and cons will be very helpful as it help in taking the buying decision. As per the BenQ MH733 review, the projector has many pros and a few cons, which means it is a good projector to buy. Many users have appreciated its capability on brightness, connectivity options, easy setup and easy to use.

Conclusion – BenQ MH733 Review

In the conclusion of BenQ MH733 Review, I will like to tell is that this projector looks impressive from many aspects such as brightness, color performance, picture quality, user friendliness, connectivity options and more. Additionally, the projector comes from BenQ, which is a popular name for a wide range of apt projectors. Well, BenQ is a global brand name; it sells projectors all over the world. More importantly, BenQ has decades of experience in making quality projectors that are very suitable for a home theater system, business presentation and casual entertainment requirements.

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