Optoma EH412ST Review – Short Throw 1080P Business Projector

Optoma is a big name for a wide range of projectors for many purposes like entertainment, gaming and business presentations. Today, I am going to write Optoma EH412ST Review. Therefore, please keep reading the review to know about this projector.

If I talk of its main capabilities then I will say that it is a short throw and bright projector. Well, these capabilities are very important in a projector. Optoma EH412ST has 4000 lumens brightness, 15000 hours lamp life, 1080p display resolution and a wide range of connectivity options. With these capabilities, it can be the best gaming projector without any doubts.

Optoma EH412ST Review - Short Throw 1080P Business Projector
Super Bright 4000 Lumens | Business Presentations, Classrooms, or Meeting Rooms

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4K HDR Input, 4000 Lumens Brightness and Short Throw Projection Distance

Well, Optoma EH412ST users are happy with the above mentioned capabilities. The high level of brightness, short throw projection distance and 4K HDR input are highly demanded features in a performance oriented projector.

4K HDR Input – seeing the trend, the 4K HDR input is very suitable in this projector. Users will be able to enjoy 4K content from their preferred devices. After a successful connection, they can enjoy bright whites, deeper black levels and vibrant colors.

4000 lumens brightness – Optoma EH412ST has amazing 4000 lumens brightness, which means a good brightness performance even in a well-lit room. And, since it is a multi-purpose projector, so it would be perfect for many places like conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms as well as training rooms.

Short throw projection distance – the short throw capability is a highly demanded capability by most of the users. As per Optoma EH412ST Review, it can produce a 120-inch screen from approx. 5 feet distance. It has a throw ratio of 0.5:1. Well, such projectors are very good for those who have limited space in their rooms because a short throw projector allows placement closer to the screen so it is perfect for rooms with limited space.

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Key Features & Specs – Optoma EH412ST Review


Product name Optoma EH412ST
Brightness 4000 lumens
Lamp life 15000 hours
Display resolution 1080P
Connection ports Dual-HDMI, VGA, USB, RS232 and audio
Short throw ratio 0.5:1 (120 inches image from 4.5 feet distance)
4K HDR input Yes
Contrast ratio 50,000:1
Built-in speaker Yes (10W speaker)
Color profile sRGB & REC. 709
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Key specs of Optoma EH412ST have been written above. You can see the projector has many good features and specifications including the 4000 lumens brightness, 1080p display resolution, 50,000:1 contrast ratio, 15000 hours lamp life and many others. >>> Check Price <<<

Long Lamp Life, Multiple Connection Options and Built-in Speaker

Many projectors have limited connection options but Optoma EH412ST comes with extensive connection options along with a built-in speaker and a long lamp life.

Long lamp life – the projector has a long lamp life of up to 15,000 hours. Therefore, a long lamp life means a cost-effective product. Well, the manufacturer says that an average of 5 hours of viewing time every day will let the projector last for more than 8 years.

Various connection choices – as per the product description, Optoma EH412ST projector has a wide range of connection options like dual-HDMI, VGA, USB and audio.

Built-in speaker – Optoma EH412ST features a built-in speaker of 10 watts. Therefore, this is very handy for the installation and the increasing the portability of the projector. Users will be able to setup this projector without needing an external speaker. More importantly, the built-in speaker has considerable sound for a small / medium size classrooms as well as meeting rooms.

FAQs – Optoma EH412ST Review

Does it have a digital zoom function?

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Yes, it has a digital zoom function but it is not recommended to use the zoom function in this type of short throw projector because it may lower the quality of the picture.

Does it have holes for the mounting?

Yes, Optoma EH412ST Projector has holes at the bottom of the projector to secure a mounting bracket onto it and hang it from the ceiling.

Optoma EH412ST is good as a business projector; will it work for a home theater setup?

Yes, it is good as a home theater projector too. It can produce a large 120-inch image from just 4.5 feet distance. Therefore, it is perfect for limited space rooms and a home theater setup as well.

Does this projector have a horizontal keystone or lens shift?

Yes, it has the horizontal keystone as well as lens shift features. In fact, it is very adjustable as per your requirements.

Can I use this short throw projector at a 20 feet projection distance?

No, the projector will not be able to project properly from such a long distance.

Some of the main questions have been answered. I hope these questions and answers related to the Optoma EH412ST short throw projector will be helpful to the new customers as well as existing customers. Well, I see that this Optoma short throw projector is very popular among its users for its many features and capabilities.

vertical keystone correction of optoma eh412st business projector


  • Some users say that the built-in speaker is not very good.
  • It lacks proper information for the setup.

The key pros and cons are written in the pros & cons section, which is an important part of the Optoma EH412ST review. As per the pros & cons, the projector has a good short throw capability, impressive brightness and it is very easy to use the lightweight projector. >>> Check Availability <<<

Conclusion – Optoma EH412ST Review

At the end of Optoma EH412ST Review, it is one of the popular Optoma short throw projectors. Apart from the impressive short throw capability, the unit has impressive brightness of 4000 lumens. It can be perfect for a well-lit room. And, it can also be perfect for many projection needs such as business projection, education projection, gaming and entertainment.

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