Roconia 9000LM Review – Roconia 1080P Projector

Reading the Roconia 9000lm review will be helpful to understand its features and capabilities from the users’ views. In the review, you can find a pros & cons section that will be very helpful to decide whether the projector is a buyable product or not.

I see that the price and features are very good because it is priced competitively and comes with capabilities like 9000 lumens brightness, wireless connection options, advanced cooling system and a long-lasting projector bulb.

Roconia 9000LM Review - Roconia Projector
Roconia 9000LM Review

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9000LM Brightness & 10,000:1 Contrast Ratio

As mentioned above, the projector has 9000 lumens brightness, which can be good for the light-on viewing. Other display features are 10,000:1 contrast, NTSC color expertise and 1080P display resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). With the help of all these features, the projector is capable to produce a clear and sharp image in varieties of settings. As per the Roconia 9000LM review, it gives you a large picture size of up to 300 inches. Therefore, you can enjoy theater-like visuals and these visuals are not harmful to the human eyes as well.

Bluetooth 5.0

The Roconia 1080P projector uses the latest Blutooth technology (Bluetooth 5.0). Apart from the Bluetooth wireless connection, you can enjoy the flexibility of other connections too. Therefore, the users are able to connect this projector with their devices wirelessly. You can enjoy wireless Bluetooth speaker connection, phone connection and many others.

Roconia 1080P projector has built-in dual HiFi stereo speakers and SRS audio system for the best audio experience. With the help of its wireless capability, you can connect your audio devices anywhere and anytime. Well, the product description says that the built-in audio has clear tone and high-quality audio for the best hearing experience. >>> View on Amazon <<<

Key Features & Specifications

Product name Roconia Q6
Brand name Roconia
Model number Q6
Brightness 9000 lumens
Contrast ratio 10,000:1
Aspect ratio 4:3 / 16:9
Wireless functions Dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0
Lamp life 100,000 hours
Max screen size 300 inches
Native resolution 1080p
Support resolution 4K
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The important specifications are mentioned here. You can see it has good specifications related to the brightness, resolution, screen size, aspect ratio and the lamp life.

Dual-Band WiFi Connection

In the Roconia Wi-Fi projector, you can enjoy dual wifi connection. It has 2.4G/5G WiFi connection with the faster transmission speed. According to the Roconia 9000LM review, the WiFi connection is very stable, fast and efficient. Therefore, with the help of the dual-band WiFi connection, you will be able to connect all those devices available on Android or iOS platforms. You can also enjoy the screen-mirroring and Airplay features to mirror your phone content to view on a large screen. As mentioned, the projector supports up to 300 inches large screen.

100,000 Hours Lamp Life

The LED lamp life is approx. 100,000 hours. Such longer lamp life projectors are hard to find in such a small price. Therefore, it can be a win-win deal without any doubts. According to the Roconia 9000LM projector review, it is perfect for many applications in parties, a home theater, small meetings, playing games and may be other applications as well. The lamp life is longer because the projector consumes very less electricity. It is based on the latest LED technology and the smart ecological technology that make it deliver good picture and increase the overall projector life. In case, you encounter a problem in the Roconia 1080p projector, please contact the dedicated customer service team. This product is supported with a 3-year after-sales service. >>> Check Price <<<

According to pros, cons and the Roconia 9000lm review, the unit has various cons a few pros. Therefore, I will say to research more on this product before you buy it. It has serious issues with the wireless connections, the cooling fan and some of the Apps.

Cutting-Edge Cooling System & Multiple Connection Ports

The Roconia projector is based on an efficient cooling system because high-class raw materials have been used to build this unit. Therefore, the projector is capable to illuminate the system heat build-up resulting into a reduced fan noise. Well, the manufacturer claims that this projector reduces the fan noise by approx. 80% to give a comfortable listening and viewing experience.

The multiple connection ports are dual-HDMI, dual-USB, an AV, a VGA and a 3.5mm audio jack. Using these connection ports, you can connect endless devices to the Roconia Q6 projector. Users are able to connect devices such as televisions, external speakers, gaming machines, USB flash drives, laptops, computers, iPhone, tablets and more.

The package contains a Roconia 5G projector, a carrying bag, an HDMI cable, an AV cable and a power cord.

FAQs – Roconia 9000LM Review

Can I connect my iPhone 13 to the projector?

Yes, you can connect a smartphone to the projector via the WiFi connection. Please connect when the projector shows “waiting for projection” page then open the screen mirroring function of the phone and select projector model to connect. In case, you encounter a problem, please contact the technical support team for the help.

How can I use the keystone correction function?

You can use the keystone correction feature very easily. In case, the top and bottom of the screen are not clear, please rotate the keystone button and focus knob until it is clear enough. You have to work with both Focus and Keystone to get the clear picture.

Is it a good outdoor projector too?

Yes, this unit can be used outside without a problem. It comes with impressive brightness of 9000 lumens so it will work in many lighting conditions.

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The FAQs are a part of the Roconia 9000LM review. I hope these questions and answers are helpful to you. These questions are answered directly by the manufacturers. You can see these questions are related to keystone settings, visibility for the outdoor projection requirement and smartphone connection. >>> View on Amazon <<<

Conclusion – Roconia 9000LM Review

In short, the Roconia 9000lm review tried to answer some of the most important questions. To me, it seems a high-class projector that comes at a competitive price. As mentioned earlier, the projector is full of advanced features and capabilities. You cannot ignore the 9000lm brightness, 100,000 hours of lamp life, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, the built-in speaker and a wide range of connectivity options. With all these features, the Roconia projector can be the best unit to purchase considering the current price. If you have a question on the Reconia 9000lm review, please feel free to comment on this page.

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