Epson Pro EX7260 Review – WXGA 3,600 lumens 3LCD Projector

Please read Epson Pro EX7260 Review if you want to buy a big brand projector. The projector has many good capabilities to appreciate. Moreover, users have also given a good rating to this Epson projector.

This is a wireless Epson projector with a WXGA display resolution. And, it supports a wide range of wired and wireless connections. Please keep reading the Epson Pro EX7260 review to know it well.

Epson Pro EX7260 Review - wxga 3600 lumens projector

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Display Features (Color, Brightness and Display Resolution)

Color – Epson Pro EX7260 Projector can give you a vivid color experience even in a well-lit room.

WXGA resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) – the projector has 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution, which is considered two times more than the SVGA resolution. Well, such display resolutions are perfect for HD-quality picture experience and projecting from a widescreen laptop.

3600 lumens brightness – well, the 3600 lumens brightness capability is perfect to operate in dark as well as bright environments. As per the manufacturer, it delivers a good performance even in a well-lit room. With the help of the vivid colors and 3600 lumens brightness, users will experience impressive color accuracy and brightness.

Key Features and Specifications – Epson Pro EX7260 Review

Product name Epson Pro EX7260
Display resolution 3600 lumens
Connectivity MHL, HDMI, USB, Ethernet and wireless connections
Display technology DLP/LCD
Display resolution WXGA (1280 x 800)
Item dimensions 9.9 inches length, 11.9 inches width and 3.6 inches height
Item weight 5.5 lbs
Built-in speaker Yes
Keystone correction Auto vertical keystone correction and easy slide horizontal correction
Lamp life Up to 10,000 hours
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Please read the specs and key features of Epson Pro EX7260. To me, the features look very impressive. The projector has 3600 lumens brightness, WXGA display resolution, auto vertical keystone correction, built-in speaker, 10,000 hours lamp life and more. >>> Check Price <<<

Connection Capabilities (Wired & Wireless)

Wireless connection – you can take benefit of its wireless capability. As per the product description, the projector is very good to project from a laptop, tablet or Smartphone.  With the help of these wireless capabilities, you do not have to go through the hassle of wire connections.

Wired connection – Epson Pro EX7260 has many connection ports including Ethernet, MHL and HDMI. Users are able to share HD videos directly from their devices such as tablets or streaming devices. It supports MHL-enabled devices for different purposes like screen mirroring and charging as well.

HDMI port – the Epson projector supports HDMI-enabled devices. You should know that an HDMI connection is a standard connection of today’s generation. It is perfect for digital video and audio with just one cable.

FAQs – Epson Pro EX7260 Review

Does it deliver a good performance even in a room where natural light is coming?

Yes, it is good for even a bright place or a well-lit room. The 3600 lumens brightness is very impressive. Many users have confirmed it.

Why does not Epson Pro EX7260 have audio output?

If you are experiencing audio related issues, please contact the tech support team for the help because it is not a normal problem.

Can it be mounted to a ceiling?

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Yes, but you need to alter the settings for the ceiling projection.

Can I project in 4:3 ratio too?

Yes, you can.

Can I be able to invert the picture so that it can be mounted upside down?

Yes, the picture can be inverted as well, please check the settings for the same.

Does Epson Pro EX7260 have full color?

Yes, it has full color. Actually, for the color related things, it delivers an awesome performance.

Are the projector legs stable?

Yes, they are very stable.

Can I play using the USB port?

Yes, many users are doing it without a problem.

Can I know the wireless range?

Epson Pro EX7260 has approx 50 feet wireless range.

The above mentioned list of FAQs is a part of Epson Pro EX7260 Review. Please read the FAQs to understand this Epson projector on a practical view. The FAQs contain questions and answers related to important aspects like connectivity, mounting types, colors, brightness and more. >>> Check Availability <<<

epson pro ex7260 projector comes with accessories


  • You will love this projector because it works great.
  • The color performance is quite good.
  • Very easy to setup
  • It doesn’t overheat.
  • The projector supports hassle-free HDMI and wireless connections.
  • The built-in speaker has adequate sound.
  • For many users, it is a good value for the money.
  • Fantastic picture
  • Super bright and vivid colors


  • The fan runs a little loud.

The pros and cons are written in the section above. Actually, they are an important part of Epson Pro EX7260. Please read the pros and cons to understand its actual capabilities from the users’ point of views.

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Conclusion – Epson Pro EX7260 Review

At the end of Epson Pro EX7260 Review, I will say it is one of the fantastic Epson projectors. It is highly rated and positively reviewed on various selling platforms. The projector has a good brightness level to survive in multiple environments, be it dark or bright. The Epson projector comes at an appropriate price too. I hope Epson Pro EX7260 Review was helpful to you.

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