Optoma HZ39HDR Review – Laser Home Theater Projector

Let me introduce Optoma HZ39HDR to you. I call it a feature-rich projector as it has many advanced features. Please keep reading the Optoma HZ39HDR review to know what benefits you will get from this projector over others on the market.

The laser projector has many good capabilities like 4K input, HDR, 4000 lumens brightness, 1080p native resolution and 1.3x zoom feature.

Optoma HZ39HDR Review - Laser Home Theater Projector
Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Projector

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4K Input, Laser Light and 4000 Lumens Brightness

These days, laser projector is in a high demand. Therefore, you should know about Optoma HZ39HDR, which is a laser projector with 4000 lumens brightness and 4K input resolution.

4K input – the Optoma HZ39HDR projector can accept a 4K HDR input because the projector is based on HDR10 and HLG technologies. These technologies can aptly show brighter whites and deeper black levels for an impressive visual.

Laser light source – as per the manufacturer, the laser projector uses DuraCore laser light source. In fact, it is a cost-effective feature because it increases the overall projector life for up to 30,000 hours. More importantly, the projector will require less maintenance than others because it is an IPX6 dust-proof rated for the long lasting engine.

4000 lumens brightness – as per Optoma HZ39HDR review, the projector delivers impressive brightness. The 4000 lumens brightness is an impressive capability. The projector is good for multiple places such as game rooms, family rooms, theater rooms, backyard and more.

Key Features & Specs – Optoma HZ39HDR Review

Product name Optoma HZ39HDR
Brightness 4000 hours
Contrast ratio 300,000:1
Keystone correct  30° (+/-) vertical keystone correction
Display resolution 1080p native and 4K input support
Throw distance 120-inch image from 10.5 feet distance
Lamp life 30,000 hours (laser light source)
Connectivity HDMI, VGA, MHL, audio, USB, micro-USB
Built-in speaker 10W built-in speaker
3D Yes (displays 3D content from almost any 3D sources like Blu-ray, disc players, 3D broadcasting etc.
Easy installation features 1.3x zoom and +/- vertical keystone correction
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The spec table gives you important information related to the Optoma HZ39HDR projector. Please read the specs and features to understand its actual capabilities. The projector has 4000 lumens brightness, 1080p native resolution, multiple connection ports, 3D capability and more.

1080P Native Resolution, 300,000:1 Contrast Ratio and 1.3X Zoom Capabilities

A 1080p projector with 300,000:1contrast ratio can deliver cinema quality picture without any doubts.

1920 x 1080 native resolutions – Optoma HZ39HDR UHD projector has 1080P native resolution and 300,000:1 contrast ratio with 4K input. Therefore, you can expect a clear and detailed image from this projector. You do not have to downscale or compress for getting the sharp and clear images.

1.3X zoom capability – for the installation ease, the projector has 1.3x zoom option and +/- 30° vertical keystone correction. Therefore, users will not have difficulties for the projector setup. It can project a 120-inch picture from approx. 12 feet distance.

Perfect for movies and gaming – as per Optoma HZ39HDR review, the projector is compatible with the latest generation devices. It can easily connect to the latest 4K UHD HDR media players, gaming machines and other digital devices. After the successful connection, users will be able to enjoy big images and their favorite content with impressive color and detail.

HDMI dongle support – it can smartly connect to a 4K UHD HDMI dongle like Google Chromecast Ultra, Fire TV Stick 4K, Apple TV 4K and many others. Well, this is really a good and handy feature to play games, stream videos and share content.

FAQs – Optoma HZ39HDR Review

Does Optoma HZ39HDR output to true 4K resolution?

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No, it downscales to 1080p. Even at the 1080p resolution, the picture looks impressive.

Does it have a digital zoom?

It has both an optical zoom and digital zoom. However, it is not recommended to use digital zoom for the installation purposes because it just manipulates the image on screen not the actual screen size.

Does the laser light source use a color wheel or separate color laser lights?

It uses a 4-segment color wheel (RGBY).

Does it have a surrounding sound?

No, the projector does not have the capability to output a surrounding sound. You need to connect an external sound system for the sound.

How hot does Optoma HZ39HDR get, because I have poor ventilation in my room?

According to some users, the projector does not get very hot in use. Therefore, you will not find such heating issues.

Does it support lens shift?

Optoma HZ39HDR projector supports image shift for horizontal and vertical shifts.

In the FAQs table above, you can find important questions and answers. These FAQS are related to display resolution, zoom feature, color wheel, audio and many others. Please read the FAQs to understand the actual capability of the projector. >>> Check Price <<<


  • Good picture quality
  • Impressive brightness, good for a well-lit room
  • Good for gaming as it has a low input lag.
  • The laser projector can last for many years.
  • It is quiet.
  • The remote feels good in the hand for many users.
  • It uses less power (highly efficient).


  • It has rainbow effects.
  • As per some users, it has a poor quality lens.
  • It does not have a wireless capability.
  • The sound is not very good. You may need to connect external speakers.
  • Some users reported that it does not work with Alexa very well.
  • Setup features are limited.

In the Optoma HZ39HDR review, pros and cons are an important section. These pros and cons are written above. Please read the pros and cons carefully to understand the actual performance and capabilities of the projector. I see the projector has cons more than the pros. Therefore, personally, I will not like to go with such products. If you want to buy this projector, please research more on this. >>> Check Availability <<<

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Conclusion – Optoma HZ39HDR Review

In short, Optoma HZ39HDR has 1080p native resolution and 4K input support. The projector has 4000 lumens brightness, which is perfect for both dark and bright environments. It uses a laser light source so it will run for years compared to an LED projector. However, as per the pros and cons, it does not appear a good projector because it has too many cons. Please read the pros and cons section to find out the truth. I hope Optoma HZ39HDR review was helpful to you.

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