ViewSonic PG707X Review, 4000 Lumens Projector

The ViewSonic PG707X review says that it is an average performance projector that has both pros and cons. Please keep reading to understand its capability. In this unit, you can find many good capabilities including the brightness, which is superb for any lighting condition.

The DLP projector comes with many advanced features including 1.3x optical zoom, 4000 lumens brightness, low input lag, easy connection and a good price.

ViewSonic PG707X Review - 4000 lumens projector
ViewSonic PG707X Review

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300 Inches Max Screen Size

Users of PG707X can enjoy a big screen entertainment because it has a screen size of up to 300 inches. As mentioned earlier, the projector has a huge 4000 lumens brightness therefore it is really a good projector to view a clear and bright picture on a large screen. Well, the manufacturer says that this unit is capable to deliver a theater-like picture in both dark and light atmospheres.

A projector screen is not included with this package so users need to have a good-class projector screen to enjoy the best quality pictures.

The Versatility

As mentioned above, the 4000 lumens projector can be the best projection device for not only entertainment, but also business presentations. It will work in offices and classrooms because it has great display features. Apart from the 4000 lumens brightness, it has a good display resolution of XGA 1024 x 768 pixels (native resolution) and it is an easy to use projector. Most importantly and according to the ViewSonic PG707X review, the projector is based on an exclusive SuperColor technology that offers varieties of colors to deliver nature-like images. Therefore, with all these good display capabilities, PG707X is perfect for varieties of settings and any lighting environment. You can use it for business presentations, class-room presentations, meetings, video games, watching movies and much more. >>> Check the price <<<

Key Features & Specs of Viewsonic PG707X

Product name Viewsonic PG707X
Brand name Viewsonic
Model number PG707X
Connection ports USB, HDMI VGA
Brightness 4000 lumens
Display resolution XGA 1024 x 768
Color technology Exclusive SuperColor technology
Built-in speaker 10W built-in speaker
Max screen size 300 inches
Zoom function 1.3x optical zoom
Lamp life Up to 20,000 hours
Input latency 16ms
Accessories included Power cable, VGA cable and remote control
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Some of the key specs are written above. You can see it has good brightness of 4000 lumens, 20,000 hours of lamp life, 1.3x optical zoom, 300 inches projection screen, 10w built-in speaker, and multiple connection ports such as VGA, HDMI and USB.

The Color Profile

According to ViewSonic PG707X Review, the projector has a good capability to produce natural and vivid images because it has good color profiles. First, it has a dynamic lamp control attribute. Second, it has a six-segment color wheel. These two are directly related to the color accuracy of the projector resulting in beautiful image production. The projector has a wide color varieties to deliver beautiful and stunning pictures.

SuperEco – The Energy Efficiency Feature

In any projector, if the energy consumption can be optimized then it will result in an extended lamp life. Therefore, ViewSonic comes with SuperEco (an energy efficiency feature). In the SuperEco mode, users can reduce the brightness by 70-perent to minimize the power consumption and to extend the overall projector’s lamp life. Well, Viewsonic says that this is a great capability to reduce the total cost of ownership.

The Mounting Flexibility

If a projector is mounted properly then it can get rid of bad-quality and distorted images. Therefore, ViewSonic PG707X Review says that it comes with a 1.3x optical zoom lens. The 1.3x zoom feature is for providing a great level of mounting flexibility. Users are capable to place the projector at any desired location and they still get a large and beautiful image.

Apart from the 1.3X optical zoom function, it comes with horizontal/vertical keystone correction feature that is a great picture adjustment feature. It helps in eliminating crooked and distorted pictures.

Low input latency – users are able to view smooth pictures without any delay. The projector has a low input latency of just 16 milliseconds. Therefore, this capability is perfect for providing a frame-by-frame action at a good speed.

Long lamp life – ViewSonic PG707X Review says that it has a long lamp life. It is also confirmed by the manufacturer too. According to the product description, if the projector used in the SuperEco mode, the projector lamp will last for more than 20,000 hours. Therefore, you do not have to think of the lamp replacement for more than 10 years. >>> View on Amazon <<<


  • For a user, the remote control didn’t work.
  • A user complains that the technical support is unable to fix their problem.

The PROS & CONS are a part of ViewSonic PG707X Review. Some of the key pros and cons have been written above. You can see the projector comes at a good price. It has a good brightness of 4000 lumens. The projector has a user friendly design. Many users say that it is easy to use and easy to install. On the downside, some users say that the remote control didn’t work while some say that the technical support is not helpful.

The Connectivity Options

Users of ViewSonic PG707X can enjoy the flexible connection options because it has various connection ports including USB, HDMI and VGA. Therefore, it works with most modern media players so users will be able to link a wide range of entertainment devices. They can connect their personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, TVS and many others. For the connection convenience and to save a little money, Viewsonic sends you all the required accessories such as a power cable, a VGA cable and a remote control.

FAQs – ViewSonic PG707X Review

How can I make the screen smaller without moving the projector closer to the screen?

No, without moving the projector, you cannot resize the screen. Please know that the image size is based on the projection distance. Therefore, if you want to make the image smaller, the projector needs to be moved closer to the screen.

Is this an 110V or 220V projector?

Viewsonic PG707X supports a voltage range from 100V to 240V (+/- 10%), 50 / 60 Hz. So it is good for both 110V and 220V electricity supply.

At what distance can I get a 100-inch picture?

The projector needs to be placed at a distance of approx. 11 feet to produce a 100-inch image. I hope your question is answered.

Is this a good projector to show photos from USB?

No, ViewSonic PG707X cannot display photos from USB.

On Amazon, I saw two cases such as PJ-Case-008 and PJ-Case-011, which one works with this projector?

With ViewSonic PG707X, the PJ-CASE-008 case would work.

The above displayed FAQs are a part of ViewSonic PG707X Review. These questions are taken directly from the users and future customers. Please read the list of FAQs to know the answers of some of the general questions related to this projector. >>> Check Availability <<<

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Conclusion – ViewSonic PG707X Review

In short and according to ViewSonic PG707X Review, the projector looks good from many sides. It comes at a competitive price. It has many advanced features that you may not find on the market in the same price range. Most importantly, it is a Viewsonic product so you can expect a good quality in this product. This can be a versatile projector that can be used for entertainment, business presentations, playing games and much more.

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