SWZA Projector Review, Pros & Cons

On this page, you will read a full SWZA projector review. The review will give you an overall picture of the product including features, capabilities, pros and cons. Well, most of the review content is taken from various users’ reviews from various marketplaces. At the time of analyzing the reviews written by the users, I had to do the hard-work to identify the fake reviews and I only considered those reviews, which are written by the genuine customers.

First, the projector price looks awesome; it is in just $$ range. I bet you cannot find such projectors from other brands in the same price range. Most importantly, it comes included with a high-grade projector screen to save you some money on the purchase of a movie screen. The SWZA 1080p projector has many good features like brightness, contrast ratio, large size screen support, built-in speaker and a long-lasting projector lamp.

SWZA Projector Review, Pros & Cons
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100 Inches Projector Screen Included

Well, to save you some money, SWZA has included a high-class projector screen in the package. Therefore, you do not have to buy a screen separately. The 100-inch movie screen shows the multimedia content very clearly.

However, the picture comes from this SWZA projector is not just 100-inch, but it is from 32-inch to 170 inches. According to the product description, 5 feet to 20 feet projection distance is needed to produce the picture size from 32 inches to 170 inches. Well, the 170-inch is a good screen size, will surely give you a home theater experience.

1080P Native Resolution (1920 x 1080P)

In fact, native 1080p is a standard resolution, which is considered the appropriate display resolution to watch most types of content. However, in the market, you can find 4K, 8k projection devices that will give you more clarity than the 1080p projectors but you have to pay higher than what you pay for a 1080p projector.

According to the SWZA projector review, the 1080p display resolution of this unit is far better than the 720p resolution. Well, the 1080P FHD native resolution with the 5000:1 contrast ratio can produce better and sharper images compared to the 720p resolution projectors. The SWZA 1080p projector is perfect for the large-screen entertainment, gaming and various streaming channels. (>>> View on Amazon <<<)

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Key Features & Specs

Product name SWZA V509
Brand name SWZA
Model number V509
Audio Built-in 5W speaker
Light source LED light
Lamp life 60,000 hours
Brightness 300 ANSI lumens
Display resolution 1080P
Projector screen Yes (a 100-inch projector screen included)
Country of origin China
Projection size 32 inches to 170 inches
Projection distance 1M to 5M
Connection ports USB, AC, AV and Audio output
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The main features and specifications are mentioned in the above table. If you want to buy this projector, please read the table carefully. The table has all the important features and specifications you may want to know about.

The Built-in Speaker

You can see that the low-price projector has a built-in speaker also. Therefore, you may not need an external speaker to hear the sound that comes from the projector. According to the manufacturer, it is equipped with a high-class speaker that has characteristics such as deep sounding bass, clear and pleasant sound. More importantly, the fan noise is greatly minimized to give you an uninterrupted service. It has the good volume control capability to give you the utmost sound flexibility. Therefore, such projectors are perfect for presentations, businesses, education, home cinema, gaming and other multimedia entertainment.

The Connection Options

According to the product description and SWZA projector review, it has many connection ports like USB, audio port, AC, AV etc. Therefore, you will not encounter a problem related to the connectivity. You can easily connect devices such as laptops, computers, televisions, Fire Stick, DVD players, smartphones, gaming consoles and more.


  • The picture adjustment may be a little complicated as it is not a smart projector.
  • Low-quality remote control
  • The design is not suitable for some of the mounting types.

Please read the list of pros and cons written here. According to the pros, cons and SWZA projector review, it comes with many pros such as a low price, a screen included, has good picture clarity. Additionally, it is a superb portable projector that can be used as an outdoor projector as well. However, the unit has some cons too. The cons are the low-quality remote control and the picture adjustment may be a little complicated as well. (>>> View on Amazon <<<)

LED Light Source, 60,000 Hours Lamp Life

The SWZA 1080p projector uses an LED light source and it has a great lamp life of more than 60,000 hours. Apart from the long lamp life, it has good brightness of 300 ANSI and a good range of colors to deliver clear and vivid picture to entertain you anywhere and anytime. Well, the 60,000 hours lamp lifespan will last years after years. Therefore, you are going to grab a good deal because it comes at a super low price.


Does it give a fan noise?

Yes, it gives a little fan noise and there is no way to overcome it. But, after a while, users will get habitual to it. I can say that it has a little fan noise, which you have to consider.

What type of projection method is supported?

According to the SWZA projector review, it supports front and rear projection.

Can I use this projector for gaming?

Yes, you can use it for gaming but it has very low refresh rate of just 15 Hz. Therefore, it may be a little difficult to play games on this projector. Some gamers mentioned that the playing game is a miserable experience as it has a low refresh rate.

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Some of the main questions related to the SWZA projector have been answered above. If you own this projection device or you want to buy it then reading the FAQs will be very helpful. According to the FAQs, the projector has a little fan noise that you have to consider. Additionally, this unit does no deliver good performance for the gaming because it has a low refresh rate. (>>> View on Amazon <<<)

Conclusion – SWZA projector review

At the end, I will say that it is a super low price projector that has good features and delivers good performance too. The budget projector comes included with a screen so you do not have to buy one separately. However, it has a little annoying noise that may be a problem for some users. Many users get accustomed to it because a little fan noise can be ignored as well. Additionally, it may not be a good gaming projector because it has a low refresh rate. Therefore, due to the low refresh rate, the picture movement is badly affected. I hope the SWZA projector review was helpful to you.

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