Epson Home Cinema 880 Review – 3LCD 1080p Projector, 3300 lumens Brightness

Reading Epson Home Cinema 880 Review will be very helpful to understand overall capabilities of this projector. Almost all Epson projectors deliver outstanding performance. Their looks are elegant that keep them apart from the crowd. Well, not only the look, but also the overall capabilities are considerably very good. Therefore, I highly recommend going with the popular Epson projectors.

Epson Home Cinema 880 is a 1080P projector, which is perfect for multiple purposes like watching movies and playing games. The main capability in this projector is the brightness. It has 3300 lumens brightness, which is perfect for both dark and bright environments.

As per the Epson Home Cinema 880 review, the projector delivers stunning picture quality, high brightness for day and night viewing, good color accuracy, easy setup process and impressive dynamic contrast ratio.

 Epson Home Cinema 880 Review - 3LCD 1080p Projector

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3300 Lumens Brightness Produces Bright Pictures

For the impressive image performance, the projector has 3300 lumens brightness, which is huge for delivering ultra bright images in both daylight and dark conditions. The 3300 lumens brightness applies to both color and white brightness attributes. Therefore, images produced by this Epson projector are far better and more natural than the images come from ordinary projectors.

Eye-pleasing picture quality – Epson Home Cinema 880 is very good at delivering detailed 1080p images. It is capable to provide detailed images because it has a fast data processing capability, which is improved for gaming and sports content delivery.

3LCD technology – for the improved color brightness, Epson Home Cinema 880 projector is based on a sophisticated 3LCD technology. This advanced display technology delivers improved RGB color elements for every frame. Therefore, users will be able to receive good color accuracy and improved color brightness. Please know that the image would be free from any rainbow effects and color defects unlike other projectors on the market.

Integrated picture skew sensor – the Epson projector has a way to analyze picture automatically. It has a built-in picture skew sensor that can make corrections to the keystone related stuffs to deliver a square image at a fast speed. Well, such capability may not be available in an ordinary projector. >>> Check Price <<<

Features & Specs

Product name Epson Home Cinema 880
Brightness 3300 lumens
Display resolution 1920 x 1080
Display technology 3LCD
Connection port HDMI
Contrast ratio 16,000:1
Item dimensions 15 x 14 x 6.25 inches
Item weight 7.9 lbs
Warranty 2-year limited product protection & lifetime tech support
Built-in speaker Yes
Color mode Four color modes such as Dynamic, Bright Cinema, Cinema and Natural
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Important features are mentioned in the table above. Please read the features and specifications to understand the Epson Home Cinema 880 projector. You can see the projector has high 3300 lumens brightness, 16000:1 contrast ratio, 2 years replacement guarantee, 3LCD display technology and a portable profile. With all these features, the projector can deliver outstanding performance. This also has been confirmed by many users.

projection distance epson home cinema 880

Connectivity Things

For an easy connection to your preferred devices, Epson Home Cinema 880 Projector allows HDMI connection. Users can easily connect their streaming devices, media players, gaming machines and all those HDMI compatible devices. In fact, an HDMI connection method is very popular for device connectivity. You often find this connection port in laptop, gaming consoles, media players and many other devices.

Well, from users’ point of views, the projector has limited connection ways. It should have at least a USB port to connect with all those USB based devices. Personally, I wish it would have multiple connection ports to make it more portable.

Easy setup – users have mentioned in their reviews that this projector is very easy to setup. Therefore, I am sure, you would not have a problem to setup this projector. Keeping ease of use in mind, the projector comes with a built-in speaker so that you will not require an external speaker for the audio. Therefore, now is the time to enjoy the great sound and HD entertainment at home. >>> Check Price <<<

2-Year Guarantee

You do not need to be afraid of the projector defects because Epson provides 2-year limited protection on this Epson Home Cinema 880 projector. Therefore, the projector comes with a guarantee of full unit replacement with free tech support for the life of the projector.

Users have appreciated the 2-year limited product protection plan because it gives full guarantee to your hard-earned money. I am sure that hardly any projector comes with a full replacement guarantee for 2 years.

Comparable Epson home cinema projectors – please know that the same guarantee benefits can be availed from other Epson home cinema series projectors such as Home Cinema 880, Home Cinema 1080, Home Cinema 2200 and Home Cinema 2250 projectors. As a side note, these home cinema series projectors from Epson are highly popular. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy these projectors.

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FAQs – Epson Home Cinema 880 Review

Does Epson Home Cinema 880 have the capability to resize screen without moving the projector?

No, it doesn’t have the capability to resize the screen without moving it because it has a fixed lens. To fulfill this requirement, you can go with an identical projector, which is Epson Home Cinema 1080, which has the capability to resize the image without moving it.

Can I connect my devices to Epson Home Cinema 880 wirelessly?

No, it does not come with Android TV so you will not be able to connect your devices wirelessly. However, it does have a wireless function, which is for Epson specific wireless display for computers.

You would be able to connect your devises wireless by using a separate adapter. A simple Google search would help you solve this problem.

Is it possible to project images without a shadow if someone stands between the projector and the wall?

No, it is not possible. If someone stands between the projector and the screen, it will project a shadow.

How is the picture quality? Can I read text on the screen clearly?

Yes, it has good picture quality so you can easily read text on the screen.

How many years does the bulb last?

According to a user, the bulb lasted for more than 5 years.

How much distance do I require to get a 100-inch screen?

One user is getting 118-inch screen at approx. 10 feet distance. Another user is getting 80-inch screen from approx. 12 feet distance. Roughly, it delivers screen size wider the farther. However, you lose a little in quality.

The above mentioned questions and answers can be very helpful to understand the Epson Home Cinema 880 projector. You can see, the FAQs contain questions and answers related to throw distance, bulb life, picture quality, connection flexibilities and screen size adjustment. If you are a future buyer of this product, please read the questions and answers carefully to understand this product. >>> View on Amazon <<<

at a glance epson home cinema 880


  • An elegant look
  • Good brightness (perfect for even a bright room)
  • It is simple to use.
  • Full featured remote control
  • Excellent display resolution
  • Clear picture
  • Good for watching movies and business presentations
  • Excellent bulb life: some users mentioned that the projector bulb lasted for more than 5 years.
  • Epson is a big name for a wide range of quality projectors.
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to setup
  • It is smaller and lighter than other Epson Home Cinema models.
  • Vibrant image production
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  • Limited mounting options as some users have difficulties for the ceiling mounts.
  • Not very good for gaming as it has considerable input lag
  • Limited connection port; it has just one HDMI port.
  • Epson Home Cinema 880 has fan noise louder than the 3010 model.

The pros and cons tell that it is one of the good projectors from Epson. Most of the users are happy with the overall performance. As per Epson Home Cinema 880 Review, the projector delivers good brightness so it can be perfect for both dark and bright environments. It has good display resolution and colors so you can expect a good looking image from this projector.  The sound quality from the built-in speaker is very good. However, you can connect an external speaker for the louder sound as well.

Conclusion – Epson Home Cinema 880 Review

In short, Epson Home Cinema 880 Review covers important aspects like picture quality, brightness, connectivity, sound quality, installation methods and more. This projector looks elegant and delivers good picture and sound performance. Therefore, it is recommended to buy. The 3LCD 1080P projector has high 3300 lumens brightness, which is perfect for dark as well as bright environments. Most importantly, Epson makes this projector so it is guaranteed that you get a quality product without any doubts.

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