Epson EF100 Review – Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV

Buying a display device requires a lot of research and reading users’ reviews to understand the product from users’ point of views. Well, a display device can be a TV, projector, monitor, mobile phones or any device that has a display screen. Projector is also a display device because it has to display a picture on a wall or screen. In case, you are looking to buy a budget projector from a trusted brand, please read Epson EF100 Review as well. This projector is packed with many good features and it has attracted good reviews and ratings from its users. Please keep reading the Epson EF100 review to know it very well.

Key features – when we talk of key features, the projector has many good features to offer to its viewers. It has a Bluetooth connectivity option, 1280 x 800 display resolution, LCD display technology and up to 150 inches projection screen.

Epson EF100 Review - Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV

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Built-in Audio, Android TV and 150 Inches Good Picture Quality

The built-in audio system – Epson EF100 has an integrated speaker that speaks very clearly and loudly. The speaker also has a bass-reflex property to deliver a high quality sound. Apart from delivering a high quality audio, it has a 3.5mm audio port for the external speaker connection.

Android TV – the projector has an Android TV, which can be the best choice to watch various channels like HBO, Netflix, ESPN, YouTube and more. It comes with an easy remote control with a voice search function to the operation simplifications.

Up to 150 inches screen – the max 150 inches screen size is not bad. You will be able to enjoy a stunning and bright picture on up to 150 inches screen. You can project on even a wall or a projector screen. Of course, from Epson EF100, you get a colorful and bright image.

Key Features & Specs – Epson EF100 Review

Product name Epson EF100
Brightness 2000 lumens
Display resolution 1280 x 800
Display technology LCD
Android TV Yes
Built-in speaker Yes
Projection size Up to 150 inches
Brand Epson
Model number EF-100B
Projection technology MicroLaser array projection technology
Item dimensions 9.1 x 8.3 x 3.6 inches
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Important features and specifications have been written in the spec table. This spec table is a part of Epson EF100 Review. Therefore, please read the spec table carefully to understand the projector very well. To me, the projector looks very powerful because it has 2000 lumens brightness, integrated sound, up to 150 inches screen, Android TV and a low price.

2000 Lumens Brightness, 3LCD Display Technology, MicroLaser Projection Technology

With the help of these impressive technologies, Epson EF100 Projector is capable to deliver a good-looking picture in any setting. You can see, the projector has 2000 lumens brightness, 3LCD display technology and it is also a laser projector too as it is based on a MicroLaser projection technology.

2000 lumens brightness – with the help of the 2000 lumens brightness, the Epson laser projector is capable to display HD content with impressive brightness (2000 lumens). Please know that the 2000 lumens brightness is for both color and white pictures. In fact, the manufacturer says that the LCD projector is capable to provide an exceptional viewing experience because it has a new standard in its class.

3LCD technology – an LCD projector is very good to display pictures clearly. It displays RGB color signal for every frame. Therefore, users will receive impressive color precision. Please know that with an LCD display, you will not experience some of the common issues like rainbow effects, color brightness issues and other similar display issues.

MicroLaser projection technology – as per the Epson EF100 review, it is an Epson laser projector because it is based on a MicroLaser projection technology (multi-array laser diode technology). It is very helpful to give an impressive brightness level and at the same time it enhances the black density. Consequently, the projector users get an exceptional quality image, which is better than other projectors in its class.

Compact design – as per Epson EF100 Review, the compact design projector is very easy to use. In fact, Epson says that it is designed keeping simplicity in mind. This projector has a clean and compact design that looks like a modern projector in silver and white colors. Well, such color combinations will surely be suitable for any room decorations. >>> Check Price <<<

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FAQs – Epson EF100 Review

Is it bright enough to see in a sunny day?

No, it is not much bright for a sunny day. However, it is good for a cloudy day or a room with closed windows. Of course, in a dark environment, it delivers an impressive brightness performance.

Can the picture size be adjusted without moving the projector physically?

Yes, it is possible to adjust the picture size without moving the projector. It has a digital zoom function for the picture adjustment related things. However, it is better to move the projector to make the picture size adjustments.

What will happen if I try to watch on a 200-inch screen?

Up to 150-inch screen size, you will get a good picture. Beyond 150 inches, you may have to compromise on the picture quality. As per some users, the resolution is not full HD so the pixels are noticeable if you try to enlarge the picture.

Is it a good projector to pay movie anywhere?

Yes, it can play movies anywhere you want.

Can you connect a surround sound system to this?

Yes, you can connect a surround sound system via the Bluetooth option if your system has the Bluetooth capability. You will not notice the lag very much.

Does it produce heat too?

It produces very little heat. You can barely hear the fan. In fact, it is a well-built projector that runs quietly.

Important questions and answers are written in the FAQs section. In fact the FAQs section is an important part of Epson EF100 Review. This section has questions and answers, which are taken directly from the users. Therefore, these questions and answers will be very helpful to understand this projector practically.

epson ef100 projector


  • Limited zoom capability
  • The Bluetooth option is only good for a head phone connection.
  • No lens cover

The pros and cons are an important part of Epson EF100 Review, Please read the pros and cons carefully to understand the product from a user point of view. I see many users have appreciated its picture performance capability. It is a well-built projector that will last for years. In fact, some users say that the projector is far better than a TV. >>> Check Availability <<<<

Conclusion – Epson EF100 Review

At the end of Epson EF100 Review, the projector has many good capabilities to deliver an impressive picture. More importantly, it is a laser projector that comes at a low price. Many users are happy with this projector. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy. Please buy this projector if you need an LCD laser projector with 2000 lumens brightness. It also has a Bluetooth option for the speaker connection.

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