LG HF60LA Review – LED Full HD Cinebeam Projector with Smart TV

Please read LG HF60LA Review to understand its actual capabilities from the users’ point of views. I scanned various users’ reviews on the LG HF60LA projector. After scanning many reviews, I found that the LG projector has received mixed reviews. However, the positive reviews/points are more than the negative points. More importantly, it is an LG product so it is reviewable here. Actually, my main aim is to write on some of the branded products. Please keep reading the LG HF60LA review to know its capabilities, features and specifications.

Key features – the LG 1080P projector has many good features to offer to its users. It has various connectivity options like USB, HDMI and Bluetooth. The 1080p projector has 1400 ANSI lumens brightness, up to 120 inches projection size, DLP display technology and it is compatible with LG Smart TV.

LG HF60LA Review - LED Full HD Cinebeam Projector with Smart TV

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Display Capabilities (1080P Resolution, 1400 ANSI Brightness and TruMotion Technology)

You can see LG HF60LA has amazing display features. It has 1400 ANSI lumens brightness, TruMotion technology and 1080P standard display resolution.

1080p display resolution – users will be able to view an HD quality picture because the projector has 1080p display resolution and 1400 ANSI lumens brightness. More importantly, 1080P display resolution is widely used in various display devices. At this level of display resolution, you will be able to see clear pictures.

1400 ANSI lumen brightness – the 1400 ANSI lumen brightness capability is not bad. You will be able to operate this projector even in a daylight environment. However, you may have to close the windows and doors for the clear visibility. I wish it would come with more brightness capability.

TruMotion – the TruMotion technology in LG HF60LA Projector is very helpful for a smooth picture production. In fact, the manufacturer says that the picture is extremely smooth and fluid. The LG projector has an advanced video processing technology and MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation), which are very helpful to give video frames silky and buttery smooth motion.

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Picture adjustment – LG HF60LA has 4-corner keystone technology. This capability is very helpful for the picture adjustment. Users will be able to correct the annoying picture distortions for the best projection experience. More importantly, the users will the able to adjust the picture at all four corners manually.

smooth display trumotion technology - lg cinebeam projector review

Key Features & Specifications – LG HF60LA Review

Product name LG HF60LA
Display resolution 1080P
Brightness 1400 ANSI lumens
Display technology DLP
Connectivity options USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Gaming mode Yes
Smart features Yes
Lamp life 30,000 hours
Image contrast ratio 150,000:1
Item weight 3.3 lbs
Item dimensions 8.7 x 5.2 x 3.3 inches
Max image size Up to 120 inches
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Important specs are written in the spec table. The spec table is a part of LG HF60LA Review because it contains main capabilities of the product. Therefore, it is highly recommended to read the spec table to understand this projector. To me, the specifications look good. It has 1400 ANSI lumens brightness, 1080p display resolution, 150,000:1 contrast ratio, up to 120 inches screen and more. >>> Check Price <<<

30,000 Hours Lamp Life and Wireless Screen Share

LED lamp – the LED lamp of this projector has a life of approx 30,000 hours. The long lasting lamp is based on the powerful LED light source, which is very helpful to display nature-like colors. The manufacturer says that the lamp will last for about 10 years if it is used 8 hours daily. Therefore, the users do not have to worry about the lamp replacement.

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Wireless screen sharing options – users are able to watch various favorite channels, share videos, multimedia content and more over a Wi-Fi function. Please note that the wireless option is for only Android and Windows devices.

External speaker connection – you can connect an external speaker wirelessly. Users can transfer sound directly from the projector to Bluetooth-based speakers, sound system and headphones effortlessly.

FAQs – LG HF60LA Review

How many frames does this projector handle?

It handles 60 fps.

What is the input lag for gaming?

I cannot say exactly but the projector has a gaming mode that is good for the gaming related things. Please know that the Bluetooth audio output is not supported in the gaming mode.

Will it work with a UHD input and can it output in 1080p resolution?

No, it will not downscale.

What type of tripod is recommended?

With LG HF60LA, any tripod will work. However, it should be sturdy. The users have to take care of the safety related things.

Can I mount it to the ceiling?

Yes, LG HF60LA is a ceiling mountable projector. However, you need to find ceiling-type bracket with M4 x L8 mm screws.

The FAQs are a part of LG HF60LA Review. In the FAQs, key questions are answered. You will find questions and answers related to mounting, gaming mode and more.

The pros and cons are a part of LG HF60LA Review. It is highly recommended to read the pros and cons to understand LG HF60LA Projector from a user’s point of views. To me, the projector looks very good because it is capable to deliver a good picture and sound. It is also very easy to setup. However, many users complained that they have difficulties to access some of the apps. >>> Check Availability <<<

Conclusion – LG HF60LA Review

At the end of LG HF60LA Review, the projector has both pros and cons. It has pros more than cons. Therefore, you can buy it but please research more on this. It is a 1080p projector that has 1400 ANSI lumens brightness and a gaming mode. The projector is very easy to setup. However, some users faced problems related to mounting.

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