WEMAX Go Advanced Review, Pros & Cons – 600 ANSI 1080P Projector

In this post, you will read WEMAX Go Advanced Review, which gives you information on key features, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages. Mainly, the PROS & CONS section is very important so please read the pros & cons to understand this projector from the users’ point of views.

I am going to give you a rough idea on capabilities. It is a short throw 4K supported projector that has 1080P native resolution. It has the latest wireless features including dual-WiFi and Bluetooth 5. Therefore, such projectors are great for multiple purposes like business presentations, watching movies and playing games.

WEMAX Go Advanced Review, Pros & Cons - 600 ANSI 1080P Projector1

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The Physical Size (Thickness, Weight & Portability)

As per the product description, it is approx. one-inch thick and lightweight (1.7lb). Therefore and according to WEMAX Go Advanced Review, it is the best portable projector, which is perfect for travelers. You can go with this WeMax projector anywhere you want. Taking benefit of its utmost portability, one can use it in offices, homes, travel, conference and more. In fact, the manufacturer says that the projector lets you project anywhere you want. Of course, no compromises to the portable profile of this projector.

ALPD Laser Technology

The WEMAX projector uses ALPD laser technology. It is the kind of display technology that is adopted by famous theaters globally. Therefore, it results in high-quality images, impressive brightness and exciting color gamut. Well, the manufacturer says that this is an industry-leading technology that is adopted by this WeMax 4K projector. In short, ALPD technology means impressive picture with impressive light efficiency, impressive brightness and wider color gamut.

Key Features & Specifications – WEMAX Go Advanced Review

Product name WEMAX Go Advanced
Brightness 600 ANSI lumens brightness
Connection ports USB, USB type-c, HDMI, 3.5mm audio
Wireless connection Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) and Bluetooth 5.0
Native resolution 1080p
Item dimensions 8.62 x 4.61 x 0.98
Built-in battery YES (Up to 1.5 hours of battery life)
Operating system Android 9.0 smart system
Display technology ALPD laser technology
Thickness Less than one inch
Screen size 120-inch screen size
Built-in stand YES
Brand name WeMax
Model name WeMax Go Advanced
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Prime features and specifications are mentioned in WEMAX Go Advanced Review. The specifications and features look very impressive. It has 600 ANSI lumen brightness, 120” screen size, ALPD display technology, WiFi and Bluetooth connection, Android 9.0 system and more.

The Display Performance

In WEMAX Go Projector, you can find 1080P native resolution, 600 ANSI lumens brightness and 16.7M distinct colors. These display attributes look good to me and I am sure, they will help deliver vivid images without any doubts. One thing, I would like to mention here is that the 1080P resolution is totally apart from other similar projector’s resolution because the 1080P resolution is based on a DMD chip for the enhanced picture production. I hope WEMAX Go Advanced Review answered the question of display attributes of this projector in details.

Wireless and Wired Connection Options

In WEMAX short throw projector, you have great connection flexibilities as you will be able to connect your preferred devises wirelessly or with the help of a wire. It allows many ways to connect as it has connection ports such as USB, HDMI, Bluetooth 5, dual-Wi-Fi, Airplay and Miracast. Therefore, you will be able to operate this projector anywhere and anytime. Amazingly, the USB port can be used for both device connection and power supply. >>> View on Amazon <<<


  • It is worth what you pay for.
  • Impressive build quality
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perform well enough in ambient light
  • 4K support capability
  • Internal battery
  • Ability to power by a PowerBank
  • Availability of various Apps
  • ALPD display technology is superior to XGIMI, DLP etc.
  • Excellent picture quality and brightness
  • Bluetooth for external speaker works excellently
  • Good price
  • It doesn’t run loud or hot.


  • The built-in speaker sound is not very good.
  • The onboard launcher is not very good.

In WEMAX Go Advanced Review, pros and cons are the main part. Please read the list of pros and cons to get an overview on this projector. To me, it looks impressive. To use various Apps, you do not have to use an external device because it has the built-in system for that. The ADLP display is far better than others. Most importantly, it delivers good quality picture with impressive brightness.

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Advanced Screen Adjustment Features

If you own WEMAX Go Advanced, you don’t have to go through the hassle of the display setting complications because the projector adopted advanced picture adjustment technologies such as TOF focus and keystone correction. These settings will be very helpful to get rid of display adjustment related difficulties. Therefore, users will be able to customize the picture very easily without spending too much time. In fact, such advanced projectors are perfect for businesses, office file presentations and travelers alike.

Bluetooth 5.0 and Smartphone Companion

According to WEMAX Go Advanced Review, users are able to enjoy high speed Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth capability of this projector comes with many benefits over similar projectors on the market. It has a wide range, high data transfer speed and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Therefore, you will not experience a delay in the Bluetooth connection. You can easily connect a Bluetooth speaker and headphone and you receive a longer runtime with the less energy consumption.

Moreover, the WeMax projector can be the great smartphone companion because it comes with built-in wireless connection options. Therefore, users will not have a problem to share files and multimedia content on a large screen. Such powerful advanced projectors are perfect for sharing files, chat with others on a big screen and more.

FAQs – WEMAX Go Advanced Review

What can I do if the audio isn’t working with Firestick?

If the audio is not working with Firestick, you can access the audio settings to change it. Please go to Settings, Display & Sounds, Audio, Surround Sound, PCM. In case, you are unable to do it, please contact the customer support for the help.

Can it project a 4K image?

Please know that it has 4K supported resolution, while the actual native resolution is 1080P. Therefore, what you see on the screen is 1080P content. However, it has the capability to take the 4K input as well. I hope your question is answered.

Can I install Netflix, Hulu and other apps without additional attachments?

Yes, you can install these channels without additional attachments. WeMax Go has built-in smart system that can install Aptoide TV. After that, you will be able to install your desired Apps using the Aptoide TV. I hope it was helpful to you.

Does it support ceiling mounting?

Yes, it can be hung from the ceiling but it does not have the option for that. You need to use your own tool to hang upside down.

The FAQs are a part of WEMAX Go Advanced Review. In this section, some of the prime questions have been answered. It contains questions and answers related to app installments, ceiling mounting option, display resolution and Firestick audio. >>> Check Price <<<

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Conclusion – WeMax Go 4K Projector

As per WEMAX Go Advanced Review, the WeMax 4K projector has many good things that may not be found in other projectors in the same price range. The competitive price is one thing. It has many good things such as the brightness to watch picture in an ambient light, the picture quality is excellent. It has a good built quality and it comes with various connection features for the greatest level of connection flexibilities using connection wire or the wireless capability. I hope WEMAX Go Advanced Review was helpful.

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