LG HF65LA Review, Pros & Cons

LG HF65LA Review, Pros & Cons
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In the LG HF65LA review, you will learn about its features, capabilities, pros and cons. I am able to see that the HF65LA model is one of the popular short throw projectors. It can give you a 60-inch screen at just 5-inch distance, which is really an amazing short throw capability of the LG HF65LA projector.

Long Lamp Life

A long lamp life means good return on the investment. This projector has an impressive lamp life of up to 30,000 hours, which means it will last for many years. It has a long lamp life because it is based on an LED illumination system. Well, the light source is capable to display nature-like colors and it increases the lamp life too. Of course, the LED lamp is far better than the conventional lamps that do not last for a long time.

Bluetooth Speaker Connectivity

Who does not like a wireless connection in a device? According to the LG HF65LA review, this projector can be connected to a Bluetooth speaker or sound system very easily. Of course, you can establish a stable connection with your home audio speakers, other handy speakers wirelessly. I can say that this is a good time to experience the big-screen movie with the big sound.

Wireless Screen-Share – according to the LG HF65LA review, the projector allows Wi-Fi connection that can the best option for the screen sharing requirement. You can easily share screen from your cell phones onto a large screen. Of course, the Wi-Fi connectivity supports both Android and Windows platforms. >>> View on Amazon <<<

Key Specs and Features

Product name LG HF65LA
Connection options VGA, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, HDMI
Screen size up to 100 inches
Brightness up to 1000 lumens
Contrast ratio 150000:1
Aspect ratio 16:9
Batteries Two AAA batteries included
Brand LG
Model number HF65LA (2019 model)
Product physical size 5.04 x 5.2 x 12.2 inches
Item weight 4.2 lbs
Resolution 1080P
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4-Corner Keystone Correction

The four-corner keystone correction is perfect for the image alignment related tasks. Users will be able to adjust the each corner of the picture according to their preference.

Hassle-Free Setup

Most projectors on the market require mounting brackets but you will not need mounting brackets to setup this projector. You can easily set it on a surface that can be at a few inches distance. Just after the placement, you can connect it with the video source and home audio to enjoy the cinematic experience.

The HDMI Connection

For the multi-purpose connection, the HDMI is a good connection way. You can easily connect the LG HF65LA projector to your favorite devices such as a gaming console, Blu-ray player, laptop and other portable devices. Well, in any projector, the HDMI port is really very useful because you will require it everywhere. Let me remind you the full form of HDMI, it is High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

The delivery box contains an LG HF65LA projector, a power cord, an advanced remote control, batteries and an owner manual.


  • The ultra-short throw projector is good for a medium size room.
  • Users enjoy a large-screen movie from few inches away.
  • The Bluetooth connection works expectedly.
  • Fair brightness level for a dark room or a little ambient light
  • It features WebOs 3.0 that has many Apps.
  • Easy to navigate magic remote
  • Nice sleek design, lightweight and portable
  • Good sound, rated 4 out of 5 by many users
  • Sharp 1080p image

Please read the list of pros and cons written above. I am sure the pros and cons will be very helpful to understand the product’s performance.

FAQs – LG HF65LA Review

Does LG HF65LA come with a 3D capability?

No, it does not have the 3D function. You can check the older model, which is LG PF1000U for the 3D feature as well.

What is the maximum picture size without compromising the 1080P resolution?

The maximum picture size would be up to 100 inches. And, you do not compromise on the resolution projecting at any distance. For example, at a 20 feet projection distance, you will get the same 1080p resolution, but you may have to compromise on the brightness.

Can I connect this projector with a Denon receiver using the HDMI port?

Yes, you will be able to connect to a Denon receiver using the HDMI port as many users have done it without a problem.

Can I watch in the day without dimming the lights or closing drapes?

You will need low ambient light environment to watch the picture clearly because the projector has just 1000 lumens brightness. For the brighter picture, you have to adjust the ambient light accordingly. >>> View on Amazon.com <<<


In short and according to the LG HF65LA review, this is a solid projector with good build quality and many impressive functions. As you can see, it has wireless connection capability so you do not have to face the wire connection related stuffs for most of the projection tasks. You can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options to configure external sound, and connect with your smartphones. In the LG HF65LA review, there is a section of pros and cons, which will give you an overall idea on this projector. You are encouraged to read the pros and cons as well.

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