FATORK Mini Projector Review – DLP 5G WiFi Pico Projector

Many good things are available in this projector; please keep reading FATORK Mini Projector Review to know the fact.

First, it is a mini projector that can be referred as a pico projector as well. It can easily fit in your pocket, on your palm as it has a size of just a small soda can.

Second, apart from a small size, it is a wireless and internet projector. The projector features 5G+ and 2.4G Wi-Fi connection for the easy and delightful connection with your wi-fi-enabled devices.

Third, as per FATORK Mini Projector Review and product description, it is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector. Therefore, what I want to say is that a DLP projector is far better than an LCD projector because the DLP projector has a greater light efficiency and color adjustment capabilities.

FATORK Mini Projector Review – DLP 5G WiFi Pico Projector
FATORK 5G WiFi DLP Smart Portable Movie Projector

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Picture Clarity, Portability & Wireless Connectivity

As per FATORK Mini Projector Review, from this projector, you can expect a clear picture at a small projection distance.

150 ANSI lumens brightness – the projector has 150 ANSI lumens brightness, which is perfect for a dark environment. In fact, from the manufacturer, it is recommended to use in a dark setting, to get the good brightness performance. Of course, users will enjoy brighter and the finest pictures compared to an LCD projector.

Projection distance and image size – as per the manufacturer, you get a maximum screen size of up to 114 inches from the projection distance ranging from 1.64 feet to 9.85 feet.

A soda can design – users are able to enjoy moves, YouTube videos and their favorite TV shows anywhere in their houses because it is a mini projector in a soda can design. In fact, the soda can design has given it a unique look and compactness.

Built-in battery – FATORK Mini Projector has a built-in rechargeable battery that runs for approx. 2.5 hours in one charge. That means, you can watch a full movie in just one charge. It can also be very helpful for outdoor projection needs.

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fatork mini pico projector built-in battery

Keystone correct – the mini projector by Fatork has an automatic keystone correction feature (vertical +/- 40-degree). Therefore, using the vertical keystone correction feature, you can easily adjust the image size and correct other properties of an image to obtain it as per your preference or needs.

Wi-Fi connection (5G & 2.4G) – you can access its wi-fi capability to pair devices. Therefore, you have the utmost portability and flexibility to connect devices anywhere you want. As mentioned, it has the latest 5G Wi-Fi connection capability so you will not get an issue related to the device compatibility as well as the transmission speed. Of course, the Wi-Fi connection feature supports popular operating systems such as iOS, Android and others. >>> Check Price <<<

Key Features & Specs

Product name FATORK 5G Projector
Display resolution 1080P
Wireless capabilities WiFi 5G / 2.4G
3D capability Yes
Display technology DLP
Image brightness 7500 lux
Connection options USB, HDMI, Screen Mirroring and Wi-Fi
Item weight 0.86 lbs
Accessories included A remote control, triangle bracket, DC adapter and an HDMI cable
Projector type Pico mini projector
Availability View on Amazon

A spec table has been displayed upside. The table has key features and specifications of Fatork mini projector. You can see it is a wireless projector with a 3D capability. And, the projector has various connection options like HDMI, USB and WiFi.

fatork pico projector 5g wifi screen mirroring

Safety, Compatibility and Customer Service

Dustproof lens – for the safety of the projector lens, it uses a closed technology, which makes the projector lens a dust-resistant lamp. More importantly, you will not see any black lines, spots on the lance. This has been possible with the help of an advanced technology used in this projector.

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USB & HDMI ports – FATORK Portable Projector is equipped with USB & HDMI ports. Therefore, it is a widely compatible device. You don’t have a problem for connecting your preferred electronics such as gaming machines, DVD devices, television boxes, USB drives, computers, laptops and other devices. Of course, you can use this tiny DLP projector for many occasions like outdoor parties, birthday parties, friends gathering for football matches, home theater entertainment and more.

Customer service – Fatork offers a reliable customer service to satisfy its customers. I am sure; you will not have a problem with the Fatork customer service team.

Pocket projector specialization – the brand has gained a specialized knowledge in making pico projectors. It has a wide range of good-quality projectors at affordable prices. Therefore, the Fatork customers always receive the best value for the money.

12-month after sales service and life-time tech support – you can avail a 12-month customer service and a permanent technical support if you buy this projector. Therefore, if you have a problem, please try reaching the customer service or technical support team to get a solution. Your query will be solved within 24 hours. >>> Check Price <<<

automatic vertical keystone correction


  • A small size in a soda can design
  • Built-in speaker is better than expected
  • Quick setup without the need of an external speaker
  • A battery powered projector gives an added portability.
  • Wireless capability for the ease of use and convenience
  • Overall, a good product
  • Clear image production, perfect for movies and TV shows
  • Wi-Fi connection is very good and fast.
  • The battery lasts reasonably.
  • A small price point
  • Too many connection methods including wired and wireless connections
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  • It does not have a USB-C port.
  • It may not perform good in a daytime environment.
  • The focus wheel is not very convenient to use.

Pros & cons are an important aspect to evaluate a product, especially an electronic product. Therefore, the main pros and cons of FATORK Mini Projector have been written above. Please read the pros and cons carefully to understand the product deeply.

Conclusion – FATORK Mini Projector review

At the end of the FATORK Mini Projector review, I will say that the Fatork pocket projector is a popular unit because numerous users have liked it and bought it because it is made in a unique design (soda can), it is a pico small-size projector with many advanced features. It comes with various connection ports such as HDMI, USB and Bluetooth 5G functions. Therefore, you will not have a limitation related to the device connection.

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