Ismua Projector Review, Pros & Cons

Ismua Projector Review, Pros & Cons
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In this Ismua projector review, I will try to give you as much details as possible. The most important things about this projector are the super low price and ultra-portability. You can easily go with this mini projector anywhere you want to go. The price is really very awesome, I can say that anyone can afford to buy it. Please check the price on Amazon as well.

Here, I am going to explain some of the main characteristics of this projector. The features such as display resolution, audio capability, screen size, unit size and the connection options.

The Projector Size

According to the Ismua projector review, it is a super portable unit. You can easily put it in your small bag and go anywhere you want. For the students, it will not take up too much space in their room. Well, how small is it? According to the Amazon product description, the item dimensions are just 6 x 4 x 2 inches. More importantly, the Ismua mini projector looks awesome in a MintGreen color.

480P Native and 1080P Support Resolution

Well, I admit that the 480p display resolution is not very impressive but you also have to think of the low price. To buy this mini projector, you just have to pay the price in a $$ range.

However, the 480p native resolution projection device has 1080p support, which is very good. It means the projector takes 1080p input and gives you 480p output, I hope it is now clear to you.

Of course, you will enjoy the good quality picture just like a home theater. According to the product creator, it delivers impressive viewing experience. >>> View on Amazon <<<

Key features and Specs

Product name Ismua VF210
Brand name Ismua
Model number VF210
Color White and Green
Product dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 inches
Item weight 1.68 pounds
Screen size 22 inches to 170 inches
Installation methods Front, rear and Ceiling
Resolution 480P native, 1080P support
Connection options USB, HDMI and AV
Blue-light reduction technology Yes
Built-in speakers Yes
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Internal Speakers and Large Projection Screen

According to the Ismua projector review, it has built-in audio system that outputs clear sound. Well, I am sure, you will listen clearly but it may not be the outstanding audio as well. In case, you need good sound, you are free to connect your own external speakers for the better sound and quality.

The Isuma mini projector gives you screen size between 22 inches to 170 inches. You can easily customize the picture size as per your demand and enjoy the cinematic experience that comes from this low price mini projector.

Very Safe to Eyes

The viewer will not experience eye fatigue from viewing content using this mini projector. It is very safe to the human eyes. Yes, it is very safe because the unit uses a Blue Light Reduction technology to minimize the blue light that is being thrown in front of your eyes. Such eye safety projectors are good for students, kids and elderly. Apart from being an eye friendly device, the Ismua mini projector is also good for the better sleep at night. From watching longer hours on this projection device, your sleep will not be disrupted.

The Connection Options

As per the Ismua projector review, it comes with popularly used connection ports like USB, HDMI and AV. Therefore, users can use these connection ports to connect various types of multimedia devices including laptop, computers, televisions, iPads, gaming machines, DVD players and more.

Using the wide range of connection options, you will not face any difficulties related to the connectivity. You can easily use this projector for watching movies, playing games, home theaters, parties and outdoor projection requirements. >>> View on Amazon <<<

The important pros and cons of the Ismua mini projector are written above. To me, it seems a low-price projection device that delivers average performance. This can be the best outdoor projector as it has a mini size. From the list of pros and cons, I am able to see two things such as the low price and the ultra-portability.

FAQs – Ismua Projector Review

The unit gives no signal when using a USB-c to HDMI cable, how can I get the signal?

It may be that the USB-c to HDMI adapter has a USB interface. If this is the case, you need to connect to a 5V/1A power supply device.

Another possibility is that the HDMI adapter does not support your device that is why it is unable to give the signal. In this case, please contact the HDMI adapter seller.

Is it chargeable? Or, do I have to supply power to the projector?

It is not rechargeable. The projector needs to be plugged in for the power supply. Well, you can use a power bank to provide continuous power to the unit.

Does it support an Apple TV?

Yes, according to the Ismua projector review, it works with an Apple TV.

The FAQs are written above. Some of the main questions are answered. In case, you are the future buyer of the Ismua mini projector, you are encouraged to read the questions and answers. Well, here you can read some of the important FAQs related to the connection problems, device compatibility and power supply. For more FAQs, please visit as well.

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Conclusion – Ismua Projector Review

In short, it is a small size unit that comes at a small price. Being a low-price projection unit, it has all the features and capabilities to entertain you at home or outside the home. Taking the benefit of its portable profile, you can easily travel with it and use it wherever you want.

According to pros, cons and the Ismua projector review, it is highly recommended to buy seeing the current low price tag. To buy it, please check the availability on the popular shopping website. >>> View on Amazon <<<

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