LG PF610P Review – 1080P CineBeam LED Projector

The main purpose of writing the LG PF610P review is to tell you the important aspects of this LG projector. You will know what existing users are saying about it. Therefore, please keep reading.

You can see it has impressive features such as 1000 ANSI lumens brightness, 1080P display resolution and many entertainment apps like Disney+, YouTube, and Apple TV etc. Users are able to enjoy the wireless mirroring capability via the MiraCast option.

Most importantly, this projector is from LG that means it is a good quality projector without any doubts. The projector users will enjoy an FHD picture in 1080p display resolution with appropriate brightness as it has 1000 ANSI lumens brightness. You will be able to watch a screen size ranging from 60 inches to 120 inches. Well, a 120” maximum screen size is a suitable screen size for the best quality entertainment.

LG PF610P Review - Portable LG Projector
LG PF610P 120” Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED Portable Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector, 1000 ANSI Lumen

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FHD 1080P Display Resolution & 1000 ANSI Lumens Brightness

1920 x 1080 pixels display resolution – users of LG PF610P FHD projector can receive the best class entertainment experience just like a movie theater. The FHD projector gives vivid shades and utmost clarity when it comes to the good looking pictures.  Of course, users can enjoy the nature-like pictures without any doubts.

1000 ANSI lumens brightness – well, LG says that the projector users can light up their entertainment with the help of the 1000 ANSI lumens brightness. With this 1000 ANSI lumens brightness, you will get bright images and outstanding visibility. This projector can deliver the best brightness performance even in a moderate ambient light environment. Therefore, users are capable to enjoy watching movies even in a moderate light condition.

Key Features & Specs

Product name LG PF610P
Brightness 1000 ANSI lumens
Display resolution 1080P
Maximum screen size 120 inches
Built-in apps Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, Apple TV, Wireless Mirroring, MiraCast and more
Display technology DLP
Image contrast ratio 150,000:1
Item dimensions 8.9 x 2.7 x 7.6 inches
Item weight 3.7 lbs
WebOS Yes (Exclusive WebOS 5.0)
Availability View on Amazon
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Some of the main features and specifications are written above. Please read the table of features and specifications to understand what the projector comes with. To me, these specs look very impressive.

120 Inches Screen Size, Screen Mirroring and WebOS 5.0 Options

120-inch maximum screen size – well, the 120-inch max screen size is not bad for a large-size picture show. At this screen size, you will be able to enjoy at the fullest by watching action, drama and adventure. Of course, it will give you a movie theater experience.

Mirroring or streaming content – users are able to stream content from the compatible iOS devices because this projector features AirPlay 2. They can also connect the compatible Android Smartphone with the help of Miracast App. Additionally, users are able to pair their devices via the Bluetooth connection options. Therefore, the users have many ways to connect their devices such as iOS devices, Android devices, speakers, headphones and audio equipment.

WebOS 5.0 – according to LG PF610P review, WebOS 5.0 works perfectly. It is an LG’s exclusive feature, which is very useful to discover new content or revisit your preferred content and organizing your favorites in a location. Therefore, the projector users are capable to search, select and stream content very easily. >>> Check Price <<<

FAQs – LG PF610P Review

Can I use my MacBook to Airplay?

Yes, this projector has the AirPlay function that supports MacBook and other devices. You will be able to share photos, videos and other content.

Does this projector work with a broadcast TV?

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No, LG PF610P projector will not work for such requirements because it does not have a built-in ATSC tuner for receiving OTA. It also does not have an F-type 75-Ohm coaxial connector to connect with an indoor or outdoor antenna.

Can I watch YouTube directly without pairing any devices?

Yes, the projector has premium content providers that include YouTube and other apps but you need an internet connection for that.

Do I need a 2-prong or 3-prong power outlet?

You need a 3-prong outlet to connect LG PF610P projector.

Can this projector handle an 18-feet throw distance to project a 100-inch screen?

No, it is not possible because the maximum recommended distance is approx. 9 feet for a 100” screen.

Some of the main questions have been answered. Please read the questions and answers which are written above. I am sure these questions and answers will be very helpful to understand this projector. Well, to give you the full details on this product is the main purpose of writing the LG PF610P review.


  • A lightweight projector for a tripod mounting
  • Good contrast and color reproduction
  • It has many connectivity options.
  • It can be a good projector for a home theater system.
  • Excellent image quality and brightness
  • It has a clean design.
  • Easy to setup and use
  • The LG WebOs works well.
  • Dual HDMI ports and other required connection ports
  • A small form factor
  • It works well in an ambient light environment.
  • It does not heat.

Well, pros and cons are an important aspect of a product. Therefore, the important pros and cons have been written above. These pros and cons are taken from users’ reviews. I advise you to read the pros and cons to understand LG PF610P projector very well. In fact, writing the pros and cons are the main purpose of writing this LG PF610P review. >>> Check Price <<<

Conclusion – LG PF610P Review

At the end of LG PF610P review, I would say that countless users have appreciated its performance, the brightness capability, the picture quality and the multiple connection methods. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy. The 1080P projector has 1000 ANSI lumens brightness, which is good for both dark and bright environment. It can be a great part of your home theater system. The price looks reasonable to me.

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