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I decided to write Samsung Freestyle Projector Review because it is full of good features and it is getting good popularity on the internet. Yes, the Samsung Freestyle projector has many audio features like TV Sound to Mobile, Sound Mirroring, and Adaptive Sound etc. Other good features are Ambient Mode, App Casting, Instant On and Bixby. Well, I will talk of each feature in Samsung Freestyle Projector Review, please keep reading.

samsung freestyle projector review - 100 inches smart projector
30 to 100 inches picture size

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The greatest level of entertainment flexibility – the Freestyle portable projector is a great way to watch videos and play games. In just one click, the projector is capable to serve your favorite apps and entertainment services at a reasonably fast speed.  Therefore, the Samsung Freestyle projector gives you a great way to stream your shows and play various games, act with your exercise programs and do a lot of things.

External battery pack – the Samsung Freestyle projector can become more portable with the external battery pack.  With the external battery pack, you will not require an outlet. This is really amazing when it comes to portability. Therefore, now is the time for the large-screen entertainment/experience anywhere you go. You are able to explore a lot of possibilities. You can enjoy your preferred movies, games indoor or outdoor.

Round-shape design – the round-shape look of this projector keeps it apart from the crowd. People have liked this unique look, which makes it portable, lightweight and gives a unique look.

Picture size – according to the product description, the Samsung Freestyle Projector gives you screen sizes ranging from 30-inch to 100-inch. More importantly, the projector has a good capability to optimize various screen related elements like screen size, auto focusing, image leveling and more.

Hassle-free Setup

For the setup related things, you don’t have to do much. I would say sit back and let it do the setup related stuffs. The Samsung Freestyle projector does many setup related things automatically. It can adjust the picture as per your requirement. It has features such as auto focus, auto keystone, which can do the setup works in minutes. Therefore, the Samsung projector can easily optimize the screen size, levels the image even when it is pointed to an angle. You don’t have to invest much time in the setup process, just sit and enjoy your preferred shows, anywhere and anytime. >>> Check Price <<<

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Features & Specs

Product name Samsung Freestyle Projector
Screen size 30 inches to 100 inches
Built-in audio Premium 360 Sound with Alexa
Special features Bixby, app casting, TV sound to mobile, adaptive sound and sound mirroring
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Display technology DLP
Brightness 550 lumens
Image contrast ratio 300:1
Connection port HDMI
Item dimensions 3.7 x 4 x 6.7 inches
Item weight 1.8 lbs
Color White
Brand Samsung
Model TM2261S
Warranty 1-year on parts and labor

Main features and specs have been mentioned in the table above. The table contains information related to brightness, connection port, contrast ratio, display properties, color, size, warranty and more.

Premium Sound

According to Samsung Freestyle Projector Review, the projector delivers a good-quality audio that fills the room with the good quality sound. Well, the manufacturer calls it 360 Sound, which gives a theater-like feel. The ear-pleasing sound comes from the built-in speaker and the bass enhancers that are featured in this lovely projector.

Of course, the users will enjoy powerful audio anywhere they go. Such premium quality audio is perfect for a birthday party, tailgating and more. Well, the built-in speaker has the capability to send good quality sound waves in almost all directions to give you a theater-like audio experience.

Smart Features

SmartThings App – according to Samsung Freestyle Projector Review, it has a SmartThings app, which is perfect for enhancing your viewing experience. The beauty is that it works with a mobile phone camera. Therefore, you can adjust many picture related things right on your phone screen. More importantly, it has a Smart Calibration feature that automatically detects your environments like the color of the wall, lighting environment so that it can deliver an impressive picture. >>> Check Availability <<<

Smart entertainment – it gives you a way to a smart entertainment because its users are able to enjoy some of the benefits of Samsung Smart TV. Yes, the users can access the streaming apps; hear their preferred playlist, access voice assistants and more. Therefore, users are able to work, watch and learn from anywhere they want.

Voice assistants – as per Samsung Freestyle Projector Review, it is very easy to control the projector by speaking word commands. There are various voice commands for popular functions such as playing a video, pausing video, starting a playlist and more.

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FAQs – Samsung Freestyle Projector Review

What is the warranty?

Samsung freestyle projector comes with one year of warranty on parts and labor when the projector is purchased from an authorized dealer.

Can I connect this projector to a laptop?

Yes, you can connect to a laptop using the micro-HDMI port.

How much capacity does the external battery should have to use with this projector?

You can connect this projector to any portable battery charger with 20V DC output power or 50W output power.

Can I broadcast to two Freestyle projectors from a laptop wirelessly?

Yes, it is possible but you need to make sure that the laptop supports dual connection. Therefore, it totally depends on the laptop’s capability.

Can I screw it into a tripod stand?

No, the Samsung Freestyle projector is not intended to be mounted on a tripod or a wall.

Does it support a stereo sound?

Yes, Samsung Freestyle projector features both Mono and Stereo sound modes. For the audio related stuffs, the projector has 360 Sound, where the 5-watt speaker delivers sound waves in every direction for a great listening experience.

How much is the noise level on this projector?

Samsung Freestyle Projector has a noise level of 30dB.

What chargers are compatible with the Freestyle projector?

The projector may work with any USB-C cord with a power clock cord. For an example, you can use Apple MacBook computer charger as well.

Please read the above mentioned FAQs. These questions and answers will be helpful to understand Samsung Freestyle projector’s capabilities. In this section, important questions are answered. Therefore, you can get answers related to charger compatibility, mounting, noise level, connection port, using an external battery and more.

The shipping box – the box contains a Samsung Freestyle projector (TM2261S), user manual, power cable and a lens cap.


  • From Amazon, the product is shipped in a good condition.
  • Many users say that the projector is compatible with their most of the Samsung devices.
  • It has a 360 Sound feature which works very well for the sound related stuffs.
  • Samsung Freestyle Projector is small and lightweight in a unique design.
  • The included power cord is long enough.
  • Easy to setup
  • It works with an external battery.
  • Built-in streaming apps for various popular channels like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more
  • Highly durable
  • Keystone and color adjustment are better than expected.
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  • The price is a bit high.
  • A little slow processing speed
  • Not short throw
  • Not good for a bright room

The prime pros and cons on Samsung FHD HDR Smart Projector have been written. This projector has both pros and cons. However, the pros are more than the cons. Therefore, I highly recommend it for buying. The Samsung projector has good keystone and color adjustment features. It is very easy to setup. Most importantly, it is uniquely designed so it looks very good. On the downside, Samsung Freestyle Projector is not very good for a bright environment and the price is a bit higher than it should be. >>> Check Price <<<

Conclusion – Samsung Freestyle Projector Review

In Samsung Freestyle Projector Review, I tried to cite an overall picture of the product. You can see, the projector has many smart features that keep it apart from the crowd. It has 360 Sound, which support both Mono and Stereo sound. Of course, users will enjoy a theater-like sound experience. More importantly, it works with an external battery so it becomes a highly portable projection device.

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