Nebula Capsule 3 Projector Review

NEBULA by Anker Capsule 3 Laser 1080p, Mini Smart TV Projector

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I see those users who bought it for their traveling needs are very happy. Yes, because of the small size, this Nebula Anker projector is an awesome projector for the travelers. Apart from being a great travel-friendly projector, the picture quality is very good and crisp on a smaller screen. Since it is a 1080p projector, it has the standard picture resolution, which was liked by its users.

From the device connectivity views, it is an awesome projector. You can easily connect to a laptop or your desired devices. More importantly,  it is an Android based projector, so it is awesome as per its users. However, it has a bit input lag as well. And, since it has a built-in battery, it is a great portable projector. You should know that the battery lasts for more than 2 hours, so it is great for watching a full movie. Of course, you can keep it plugged in for the longer hours programs, or use it as per your requirements. Also, most of the users are very happy with its sound performance because the sound is very good and loud. Read more…

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