Denon AVR-S660H 5.2 Chanel AVR Review

Denon AVR-S660H 5.2 Ch AVR - 75 W Ch (2021 Model), Advanced 8K Upscaling, 3D Audio

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I read various users’ reviews. Most of the users are in the favor of this device. It works well with TV and PS4. It delivers amazing sound, and it is very easy to setup. I read a review of a user, who was using this AVR with their Polk Audio Monitor XT35 and XT70 with no problems.  You can buy this unit to replace your old 5 channel surround sound system as well. In this device, you can see a turntable input jacks, which are great as per most users.

Many users bought this Denon AVR to replace their Yamaha AVR. The user said that after plugging in the receiver, he was immediately prompted to connect it to a TV and couldn’t go further without the TV connection. This was not liked by this user because he was forced to connect to a TV for the most basic audio use. Finally, the user was able to solve this problem with some research. Therefore, if you want to buy this unit, please talk with the seller about this issue and if all the doubts are cleared then buy it. Read more…

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