Lolieo 1080P Projector Review

Lolieo 1080P Projector Review

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Lolieo 1080P projector looks impressive because it is a highly popular movie projector that comes at a low price. In this projector, the only downside I see is the unavailability of wireless connection. Yes, this Lolieo movie projector does not have a wireless capability.

The Lolieo outdoor projector has many good features such as 1080p native resolution, 380-ansi brightness, 15000:1 contrast ratio, up to 240 inches display size, built-in stereo sound chamber and a wide variety of connection ports. This projector has connection ports such as HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, TF and more to connect almost any device you have.


As per a customer on Amazon, he bought this Lolieo projector to show some AtmosFX clips of skeletons on his window. This projector worked perfectly for him. He also bought a large projector screen and a tripod stand for this Lolieo movie projector. He says that this Lolieo projector works perfectly with his Google Chromecast device ad Nintendo Switch. He has configured this beautiful projector in his living room for most of the projection related things. He happily said that this Lolieo 1080p projector is also very good for a daylight environment too. During the day projection, he needs to hang up some blackout curtains as well. Read more…

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