Sceptre X328BV SR 32 Inch 720p LED TV Review

Sceptre X328BV SR 32 Inch 720p LED TV Review

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Please know that the Sceptre is not as popular as other TV brands but its products are quite popular, particularly this 32-inch TV. I am able to see the review counts and users’ comments on the Amazon selling platform. Based on what I read and researched this TV, it can be the best affordable basic TV. I am saying “basic TV” because in the product description, it was written that it is not a smart TV.

The Sceptre 32-inch TV measures 28.78 x 18.39 x 7.95 inches with the stand, so I assume it is a great TV for a bedroom. And, as mentioned above, it is a 720p TV. It is capable to deliver the best quality picture though. In fact, an HD TV is not bad in regards to the picture quality. Other great display features are 5000:1 contrast ratio, LED display technology and 60 Hz refresh rate. Since it is packed with all the good display features, you will not question its picture quality.


I read a user review. He said that he had been using this Sceptre 32-inch TV for more than a year without an issue. The person bought this TV because it had a wide range of input ways. Yes, it has 3 HDMI ports including an MHL supported port. It has a VGA port and composite inputs. So, it was quite easy for him to establish a connection between this 32-inch TV and his phone using an HDMI connector. He can use the VGA port to connect his computer to this TV.

As per this user, the picture quality is quite good. He operated the TV at 0 for the sharpness, which delivered good picture quality without the artificial sharpening effects. However, the Sceptre 32-inch TV has various adjustment setting options, which can be used for various configurations. The sound quality is acceptable but if you compare it with the picture, the sound quality needs to be improved. Please note that the headphone output is a bit noisy. And, this TV is solidly built. However, you should handle it carefully to give it a long life. With all the qualities and capabilities mentioned above, the Sceptre 720p TV can be the best value for the money. Read more…

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