RIOWOIS Sound Bar Review – Pros & Cons – Surround Sound System

RIOWOIS Sound Bar, Sound Bars for TV, Soundbar, Surround Sound System Home Theater Audio with Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 for PC Gaming

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  • Great sound quality for the price: Many users were impressed with the sound quality, especially considering the affordability.
  • Rich and immersive sound: Users describe the sound as rich and filling the room, creating a surround sound experience without additional speakers.
  • Easy setup and use: Setting up and using the soundbar is straightforward and convenient.
  • Multiple connection options: Supports Bluetooth, AUX, optical, and coaxial connections, offering flexibility for various devices.
  • Powerful bass (optional subwoofer): The model with the subwoofer delivers strong bass, although some find it a bit excessive.
  • Good value for money: Many users felt they got a great deal for the features and sound quality.


  • Bluetooth connectivity issues: Some users experienced crackling and stuttering issues with Bluetooth connection, requiring them to use a wired connection instead.
  • Limited remote control: The remote doesn’t control the TV, and bass adjustment on the remote only works with the subwoofer model.
  • No difference in sound modes: Some users reported noticing no difference between the movie, music, and news sound settings.
  • No power indicator on subwoofer model: The model with the subwoofer lacks a power indicator light.
  • Bass might be too strong for some: While praised by some, the bass might be overpowering for others, and there’s no easy way to adjust it without the subwoofer.


The RIOWOIS Sound Bar offers good sound quality and value for money, especially for those on a budget. However, be aware of potential Bluetooth connectivity issues and the lack of control over bass without the subwoofer model. Consider your priorities and budget before making a decision. Read more…

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