Feihe 19 Inch TV Review – Pros & Cons

Feihe 19 Inch TV, LED Widescreen TV with Digital ATSC Tuners

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As per most users, the Feihe LED TV is a good TV because it shows nice picture quality. However, the audio quality is not very good. So, you may need to connect an external speaker for better audio experience. Some users reported that the audio jack is not controllable via the menu. Some user had problems with the remote control too. Please know that it doesn’t come with the AV cable but the manual says that the AV cable is included. Also, if you try to use a third party remote control, it may not work, so you may have to use two remote controls if you have connected a device to this TV. Read more…

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Proscan PLDED4016A 40-Inch 1080p Full HD LED TV, black

Proscan PLDED4016A 40-Inch 1080p Full HD LED TV, black

$263.33 @ Amazon.com (Save 12%)

Product Description

Proscan is the leader in entertainment and televisions. This Proscan 40 inch LED HD TV has everything you and your family are looking for in a new television set.Voltage : 120 volts (AC)

The television comes with a built in ATSC tuner. You won't ever have to worry about paying for cable or satellite anymore. With the Proscan television set, you'll be able to receive HD program for free over the airwaves

If you want to connect to an external device,'s fine too! The television set has several options to connect including HDMI, VGA, Audio/Video, PC Audio, Headphone, Coax, and an RF Output

The set is sleek in design as well. Not only does it perform well, but it looks good too! It's ready to mount on the wall and you will be ready to watch in no time

The screen is easy to view at any angle and in the room will be able to watch. You'll love watching your favorite shows, movies and sports events on your new Proscan set

Wattage: 65.0 watts

Product Details
Model #: PLDED4016A/PLDED4016A-D/PLDED4016A-B
Warranty: Limited warranty
Size: 40-Inch
Color: black
Dimensions: 10 X 35.8 X 41.5 inches (Length X Width X Height)
Price: $263.33 (Save 12%)
Proscan PLDED4016A 40-Inch 1080p Full HD LED TV, black

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