Hiwill 100W 2.1 Ch Soundbar for Smart TV Review – Pros & Cons

Hiwill 100W 2.1ch Soundbar for Smart TV, Sound Bars for TV with Subwoofer

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As per a user, he bought this sound system recently and he was looking for something else because sound quality was not acceptable to him. He said that his granddaughter complained about the sound quality. So, this user suggested spending your money on some other sound bars from other brands, not this. He clearly said that he would not recommend this product. However, he easily got a full refund, so this shows that the customer service is very good.

Another user wrote his review and he made the review’ heading like “Sound bar with oomph”.  This user was looking for a low price sound bar for is living room TV, and this sound was perfect as per his budget. He said that the unit measured 16 inches long and 4 inches wide. He said that the sound quality from the wired subwoofer was good. However, he had to give some time to learn various functions of the remote control to get the best results. As per his experience, the sound quality was pleasant, thought it had only 3 sound output modes. The 3 sound output modes are movie, game and music. He said that for the price, it was a good sound system. However, he was able to buy this product with a 30% discount coupon, so he got a good deal. Read more…

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