Lejiada 100 Inch Projector Screen Review

Lejiada 100 Inch Projector Screen Review

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The main purpose of writing Lejiada 100 Inch Projector Screen Review is the highest popularity of the product. It is very popular because it comes at a super affordable price. Therefore, if you are looking to buy an affordable projector screen, please know more about this Lejiada screen. I am sure you will not waste your time if you give some time to read about this 100-inch projector screen.

As of now, I am able to see this Lejiada projector screen is available in three sizes to choose from. These sizes are 100 inches, 120 inches and 150 inches. Of course the price varies depending on the size you choose. If you go with the larger one, you would be paying more than what the smaller one costs.

This projector screen is made of a high grade material that makes it durable. It is made of soft and stretchy thick polyester fiber to ensure the best picture performance and the durability of the screen. Since it is made of high-grad polyester material, you will not see spots on the screen. Of course, you will enjoy the best viewing experience if you have this Lejiada foldable projector screen.

Further, it gives a 160° wider viewing angle. So, it is a highly flexible projector screen. You don’t need to sit directly in front of the screen, you just need to select the most comfortable viewing posture to enjoy the movie night. It supports double-sided projections so it is a good projector screen to be viewed by a group of viewers.

The users of this Lejiada projector screen enjoy the highest level of portability, ease of use and easy installation. It comes with 18 mounting holes for the installation ease and it can be folded in small size and put it in your backpack or suitcase without any damage. More importantly, this low price projector screen comes with all the necessary tools like hooks, ropes and stickers so it is really very convenient to setup within few minutes. And it is not very complicated, anyone can install it with the help of included accessories. Read more…

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